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Refreshing myself in Baba’s love and silence makes me a Sensible King # 15

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_15 Mohini_Didi June 15, 2022

Om Shanti!

How is everyone? Yeah, you are seeing the change because we are in Peace Village. We have a beautiful family from all the centers of the USA, main instruments, and support team. They will be together here for a few days. So, is everyone happy? Yes, doing well? Very good! Do you feel some change or some of the experiences of creating Golden Aged sanskars? I know it took time in the beginning, but I keep listening to the harmonious relationships with nature, with the animals, birds singing. I know in some places you can't hear early morning birds singing, but yes, in New York, and here in Peace Village, we hear beautiful music, and also experience the fragrance of nature. The water doesn’t have fragrance yet like in the Golden Age when everything is so natural. Now we have to think about herbal oils and so many herbal things. Everything had been extracted from nature. Gold, silver, copper, every metal had been taken out from the elements. So, all the elements have lost their minerals. You have to drink mineral water now, not even regular water, even if it's filtered, but it's not very healthy. Even the cleaning that happens is also using some kind of chemicals. In the Golden Age there will be harmony of nature, and they said that you're walking with animals, looking at each other. I know that in Peace Village sometimes we have a whole family of bears, mother with the children. If you start walking together with them, Do not make them aware, because they are scared of human beings, and human beings are scared of them. In the town, they taught us how to live in harmony with all kinds of animals and they will not hurt you.

So, this harmonious personality you know, it's very interesting to see how my harmonious personality is visible by harmonious relationships with everyone, with everything in life, whether it is nature, animals, and people. All of that is because of inner harmony, and inner harmony comes when there is a deep connection of both silence and harmony. Generally, people observe silence for half a day or a few weeks, but how do I integrate silence? Whenever I need it or whenever I can do it, just be in silence? No, it is silence of mind, silence of the intellect especially, because all the time, the intellect is working. Of course, we could say it is for service, but then we're not accumulating. It's important for the self to have an accumulation of all the treasures. Of course, Baba said that it's not just for keeping in the locker, it has to be used in a worthwhile way. Still, the self has to feel the pull of all treasures. We all are at different stages, but give yourself this power of silence. I find that when the mind is silent, your power to discern increases. When you think too much, you're not able to discern. Of course whatever is in the past, we always say it’s Drama, but still, I have to pay attention to see that my power to discern increases. I like that in the Golden Age, there will be kings, but they will be sensible. That means, they will not be very judgmental, like quickly they judge people, quickly they look at things and start coming to conclusions.

I like when they say that a sensible person listens more and talks less, because you're trying to understand, make sense of it, and see the benefit. What is Baba teaching us? What is Drama teaching us? It's like the power to absorb knowledge. It could be like too many points, and intellectually you speak and you repeat them, but when it comes to practical life or being sensible, of course contemplation is required, but silence is very important. So, I would suggest that tomorrow we do the practice the whole day. Do whatever you have to do, karma yoga or meeting or whatever, but internally, keep the aim that you can even listen in silence. I have found that we can be very loving, we can be very involved, but if we are not equally detached, there could be a lot of wasteful thoughts. When I am detached, I trust Drama, and I know that everything will be beneficial. When we have a lot of thoughts, it affects our body also, because the energy of the mind is important to sustain the elements of the body. Baba is responsible, I am just a helper. I am just a helper of Baba, it's not my task. Baba's task, Baba will do, and I am just cooperating, I am just a helper. So, this way, internally in harmony, also in silence, is one of the important sanskars of a sensible king. The king just sits on the throne and knows that everyone will operate or do whatever is right, he doesn't interfere in every minute and everything. So, all these powers will come through harmony and inner silence.

Om Shanti


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