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Receive respect by giving respect #13

Harmonizing_Sanskars_13   Mohini_Didi         April 13, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Beautiful weather, very nice here at Shantivan, lots of activities and conferences are going around in every campus. One of the beautiful things in India, they call it different professions, different professionals, groups are together. The atmosphere is beautiful and whatever Baba is saying to us you could see that it is happening practically. There is an atmosphere of love and respect and feeling very close to each other. So, Baba is giving us a signal, that you like everyone to respect you, talk to you with respect, everything they should do with respect. We should always remember that to receive respect you have to give respect. Although we give respect, Baba is saying that as you move closer to one another, also continue to give respect to one another. The more respect you give, the more the whole world will respect you. You will receive respect by giving respect, then the harmonizing of sanskars will become easy. So how do we connect with harmonizing sanskars and giving respect? Respect is a quality that touches the soul such as the mind and heart, and when something touches you, then hearts become very close.  When it is something that hurts you, you will not be able to give respect or come close to that soul. So, I like it very much that Baba is saying that we should come closer and respect each other. Generally, they say to respect ideas, respect everyone’s point of view, and their opinions. Respect is very important. How do we practice that?  First, I think one of the ways is through drishti. Every soul is a loveful soul, a peaceful soul. I look at the soul as peaceful as loveful, so in a way those vibrations will definitely come through me and the soul will feel the belonging, soul will feel very much loved. I think every soul requires that because there is so much bitterness in the world over little things, but you all have to go above and beyond and respect each other. Then we can remain close and loving to each other so that all the conflicts and the beautiful world is created, which Baba is doing through us. Through our dharnas and inculcation of virtues, such a world will be created where there is closeness in relationships, and respect through thoughts, words, and actions. 

Om Shanti

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