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Put On Your Angelic Costume In A Second #13

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_13   Mohini Didi             January 13, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Everyone okay, Avyakti Parivar? One needs to understand the benefits of being in angelic form. When do we need them? Why do we need them? There are many different stages, whether it is seed stage, bodiless stage, or angelic stage. Is it to play part in that stage, or is it to help the souls in that stage, or is it mansa seva? So it is necessary for all of us to do some more reflection and be clear in our intellect. What's the benefit, why do I need it? Then you prepare that by practicing it very often. Today, I was listening to one of the interviews of Sujata with Doctor Pratap, and it was on compassion. He was saying that compassion is more human than divine because in the Golden Age, you don't need compassion. So within the family, care and cooperation is very important. Care is more about having feelings of love for each other, not just physical care. In Brahman culture, one of the important things is food. Brahmins don't eat anywhere, so most of the time we offer toli or snacks or some food. So what are human qualities, and what are angelic qualities? Once Anthony Strano wrote something on the difference between human and angel. People don’t know what angelic quality is. One of the things for angels, they say that they help, they reach in time and give you help, but they don't expect anything in return. Human beings have this nature that I have been good with you, but you did not have time to express gratitude. You keep saying I have been so good, I've been caring, but you never say thank you, or I didn't see any kind of expression of that return of the care. So human beings always have these expectations of return, but the angels do actions without expecting any return. Oh I have been so kind to other people, but they didn't show any kindness. Kindness is my quality, and I should just use it. So, an angel is not expecting, just giving whatever the angel has. 

It's very interesting, can I change my dress within a second? I read the signal, and it is through awareness, change of awareness in less than a second. I am not human, I'm an angel. Of course, an angel can fly, a human being cannot. Angels do good and then go. They always say that angels bring the message. So, it says to put on your angelic costume in one second. Just as in a physical way you change your clothes, in the same way, renounce any awareness of your corporeal form, and become a subtle angel. The second big difference is physical costume and subtle form. Become a subtle angel and put on your angelic costume in a second. You need to practice for this over a long time, only then you will pass in the final moments. Three or four days before Brahma Baba became Avyakt, he was very quiet. So the sisters were thinking, why was Baba so quiet? He would walk around, do what he had to do, give directions, and finish writing his letters. So many questions they discussed like, “Did Baba know that he was leaving? If he knew, why didn't he tell us?” Of course the answer Baba would give was that ‘if I tell you, you will pull me, you won't let me go’. So his switching from corporeal to angelic was very nice, very pleasant. In the same way, if you practice to go beyond, to be subtle, be angelic. Angels always reach at the time of need. Whatever movement you need, you see the angel is there. They bring not only messages, but also gifts. Like blessings, any kind of good wishes, it is the angels who really can do it. That is why we serve, and sometimes take service from others, but mansa seva is very important for each other. Mansa seva is love, care, fulfilling the needs of the person, especially emotionally belonging, belonging to the family. You have to keep your dress ready to change, you have to try to keep it, and practice wearing it. So, it is very beautiful to change awareness, angelic subtle from physical. Nothing should really pull me and that is why, even now, when we sit in Baba’s remembrance, you should see what is pulling, and what is breaking my link of memory. What kind of thoughts are there? Then correct it, change it, or make it proper. So tomorrow's homework is to change the costume and become angelic in a second. Let's see how we practice and what our experiences will be tomorrow. 

Om Shanti

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