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Purity - Use in a worthwhile way #17

The_Greatness_of_Purity_17 Mohini_Didi August 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is trying to explain to us the concept that is believed in the path of worshipping, the bhakti of merging in God. What Baba is saying is that you can merge in love of God, not in God. So, they think that liberation means that the soul gets merged, in a way loses identity. It's like a drop of water that goes back in the water. That's how they believe that the soul will be merged in God. That means you won't come back and take any births. Baba explains to us that at the Confluence Age, you get liberation. Our liberation is not only going home, but Baba said that we are free from all bondages, and merged in the love of God. Then even when you are reborn or you descend, you take birth in the Golden Age, that birth is also free from bondage. Some use the word fruition, which means the reward, what you have accumulated from the elevated actions of the Confluence Age, the inheritance that you get from God. So you have a life, but there is freedom, there is no bondage, no vices, and that's the life of deities.

As soon as we heard about jivan mukti, becoming a deity, of course it's coming in the cycle. Actually it is in all the four ages until the end of the cycle because of our purity, life in the Confluence Age, free from the bondage, and there is an accumulation of the nature of peace, happiness, love. We go through the cycle, but still our degrees don't go down like other souls. It's like you start with 18 carat gold or you start with 24 karat gold, and every time you make an ornament you have to add some alloy. First is the alloy of silver, then copper, then iron. Those who descend in the Copper Age, their alloy starts with copper, and then it goes to iron. That is why the concept of purity appealed to us, even at a young age. We accepted, and we are making efforts to claim jivan mukti. We understand very clearly that yes, the soul will be taking birth but it will be the life of just experiencing the fruition, that is, what we have accumulated at the Confluence Age.

Baba is telling us about the Greatness of Purity. There are people who do a lot of charitable work. They use their time, they use their money, they use their body to do some charitable works, but what we are doing now is completely different. Baba has created this Yagya, and to sustain the Yagya, we use our time, we use our thoughts, we use our money, and body. So it's not only a donation, it's not only charity, but it is using our energy in a worthwhile way, especially energy in the form of thoughts. We use our thoughts to be in Manmanabhav, we use our thoughts, elevated thoughts, for our own self improvement. We use thoughts for planning, emerging some good plans for unlimited service of the world. When we are using something for the Yagya, the Yagya sustains the souls and makes them worthy, makes them deities, and helps them to be servers. Just think how our thoughts are being used for service, and are being used in a worthwhile way. When it comes to our time, we study, we do Amritvela, we do tapasya, and of course karmayoga. Our wealth is not just from donations.

Let's see whether it is Baba’s homes worldwide, or Baba’s homes in Madhuban. When we go there, Baba’s children go there, 20,000, 25,000 go, they require accommodation, they require food. So, a new project we had taken, I think 2-3 years ago, was about hygiene. Three years ago, whenever all the double foreigners went, 70% of them used to get sick, get diarrhea or something. So we thought there must be some reason. Of course they said it is because they eat lots of fruit, which is not good because all the fruits, everywhere these days, are injected with some medicine, some hormones, so that grapes can be bigger, coconut can be sweeter. So we thought ok, and we told them not to eat too many fruits, but then our attention went on water and it's now almost 3-4 years, we got all the tanks cleaned, all the water pipes cleaned, and now it's such a big project. Companies have been hired to maintain water purifiers, and it’s quite a big project. We are almost finished and nobody gets sick now. I mean it's a few definitely, but before it was like everyone, and sometimes they had to put them on drip so that they don't get dehydrated by not drinking. Now there is another new thing that has come up, how to increase our capacity of septic tanks, and to recycle. So, some more projects have been started. Whatever we contribute, I always say that this is the place where there are governments and they take taxes, but you don't get what you really need, like facilities for common people. Whenever you go to Madhuban, everything is improving. They put everything they get into improving conditions for Baba's children. When we used to go to Pandav Bhavan, every year Baba used to get every room, what we called at that time a ‘whitewash’. All the rooms used to be clean and now they have different kinds of paints. So, whatever we do, is used for us, used for all Baba’s children.

When I came to know about the cleaning department, how many laborers we have, it's quite a huge department. The brother who buys vegetables and milk, says that truckloads come everyday, minimum 5000, and the food is cooked for them. So, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk everything has to come. I'm just giving an example that whatever we contribute is for sustaining us and sustaining everyone. Always have this thought that it’s pure, pure money, everything is pure. Definitely it's being used in a worthwhile way. Just be careful about the thoughts, we shouldn’t waste our thoughts. Sometimes they go to waste. Whatever we give, we think about how it is being used. I am involved now, so I know that it's being used properly, it's being used in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti

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