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Purity - True Vaishnavs #16

Greatness_of_Purity_16 Mohini_Didi August 16, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

So, when we say we are well, then we have to ask, “Are we merged in Baba’s love?” Tomorrow morning at Amritvela, keep that thought or even from this evening, “What is exactly the experience of being merged in love?” I think many of you know you go on the beaches in the water, they call it being immersed. Like deeply you are just in the water. So, Baba is the Ocean of Love and I just remain merged in love. I remember I used to practice before, just no other thought. Baba says, “You will not be attracted, and no one else will be attracted to you.” Also, I like when Baba says, “You have this stage at the Confluence Age.” There is a saying: as is the end, so will be the beginning. That means the birth that I will take in the family, there will be just love, only love, birth after birth, Baba says. So, just thinking of carrying the sanskar but at the Confluence Age, creating the sanskar. As much as this awareness is there, and also in our drishti and in our words, interactions with others, it creates the sanskar, and that sanskar, I will carry. From here, we go Home, but then we descend into the Golden Age. So, Baba is preparing us for the Golden Age, and complete purity is one of the main attributes of the Golden Age. So, think and feel, I am slowly saying it and trying to feel that I am creating the sanskar. I am carrying the sanskar and I am feeling that the family I will be born into will be a royal family, because of the personality of royalty. So, when I am in that family there is a lot of love, there is only love. Very beautiful thoughts Baba is giving us.

One time, Baba gave us a very good example of how you can merge. If everything is white and another white thing is ther, you can merge, and you will not be visible, separate, but you cannot merge white and black. So, I remember what practice I did, and now again revising it, that I am a loveful soul. Baba is the Ocean of Love. As much as you can think of and create the awareness of you being a loveful soul and Baba is Ocean of Love, you will be able to merge. When I am disturbed, I am upset, I am not peaceful, I can’t merge in the Ocean of love or the Ocean of Peace. Whatever merging experience you want to have, first you have to become aware of being an embodiment of that quality and say it. It’s alright to think in the mind that ‘I am a loveful soul’ or ‘I am a peaceful’ and become that. Then you will feel like taking a dip in the ocean, like you just go in the ocean waves of love. Now, how long can I stay in that? Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour? I remember doing it, and I will do it, like you are merged for half an hour, 45 minutes. So tomorrow at Amritvela, we can focus on that and create that experience. Those who like going in the ocean, you can’t stop them. They have so much pull. I remember whenever we go, if they see water, that’s it, they will just go and jump in the water because of the pleasure, the comfort, whatever feelings they have. Once we have experienced this, those feelings take us back into the ocean of water, and the Ocean of love. I am loveful, and then I go and just be merged in Baba’s love.

Baba has been talking so much about love. So, it's not only awareness. You would be surprised that even a little child is sensitive. If you are not happy with the child, you look at the child, and the child will feel it. If you are happy, you are loveful, you will see how the child feels happy. You are not doing anything, only looking at the child with love. Even with nature, watering the plants with love, or just keep throwing the water on the plant. When there is pure love, there is a lot of nurturing that happens. Even to nurture one’s own self, first you have to love your own self. Don’t ever get disappointed with your self. I remember, as young Brahmins, when we were given certain assignments, I would say, “I have not been able to do it properly.” So, I would come to Didi and say, “I don’t think I can do it.” She would say, “No, you can do it, you have to do it, just concentrate more, focus more.” She never allowed us to give-up. Next time, do it with love, because when there is love, I think the mind, heart, and brain are all together. Otherwise, the heart is somewhere else, the brain is somewhere else. We are split. So, when there is love, there is nurturing. When there is love, there is joy. Internally, when you think that Baba loves me, God loves me, there is strength, there is courage, and many qualities emerge. Then you experience the love of Baba. Then again, to experience love, you have to be in love. Even with human beings, you want to be loved, but you are not loveful. You will never experience love, even from parents.

One of the aspects I like very much in purity is the clan. “Which clan am I in?” I belong to the Godly family, the Brahmin clan, and become a deity. So, as much as there is this awareness, that will be visible in the personality, and that definitely will help others also. Those who belong to this clan, they get attracted. I remember that many years ago when we used to go to India, we used to be in transit in Germany or sometimes London or wherever. If we saw anyone in white clothes, that person would come running, “Oh there are BKs, there are Baba’s children there, and they feel so happy. Then we would sit together and we would open our food packets and share with each other. We would share drishti, toli, so much joy, meeting ones from the family or clan. In those days, there were very few Brahmins who would go to Madhuban, and if you see anyone at the airport, even in India, immediately there is so much joy. So, always remain aware of your clan, your family. It is not difficult, and we will do that and remain merged in Baba’s love, and I think we will see the effect the whole day. It is not only when we are sitting, but after that also we will see what experiences come, and we'll share tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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