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Purity - Tilak and Elevated Fortune #7

The_Greatness_of_Purity_7 Mohini_Didi August 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone, okay? Doing well? You all must have noticed that we revise Avyakt Murli for six days and we take just one point every evening. Like when Baba said, “Baba is the Ocean of Love, but today, He has become an image of love.” So, I was reflecting on when Baba said that your face, your drishti, your image, should be an image of love. Even if I am a master ocean of love, for other souls to experience love, I have to be that image. My face should also show God's love, or love for the soul. Whatever the situation or people's behavior, Baba is saying that our face and drishti, actions, should be very loveful. Baba used to say of Brahma Baba, in Hindi, ‘khansi meri sakhi hai’. You know I found this with the Dadis, too. When there is loveful drishti, then you create the world of love around you. So, this whole week we will pay attention and keep a chart. Was I loveful? An image of love?

Once, a few years ago, I was traveling on Air India. So the person sitting next to me said, “Ma'am can I ask you something?” I said, “Sure, what do you want to ask?” “Are you in love with someone?” So I smiled. I said, “Yeah, I am in love with someone.” “Can I ask you a little more?” So, then I kept telling him that I'm in love with God. He said, “From your face, when you smile, I could feel that you are in love with someone.” Then another time, there was a Muslim priest from Lucknow. He was sitting next to me and he had a lot of questions. “When will we reach?” and other little things. I keep giving answers, and then I would remain quiet. He said, “You have a very high character, and it seems it's coming from God.” In Urdu, they call it ‘mizaz’. Mizaz is like your nature, your temperament. So, you don't have to say anything, it is the ‘image’. It is important to maintain our image of love, image of combined form, image of being bestower of blessings. This time, when I was traveling, Bhumiben was sitting at the back, a little far. So, this air hostess wanted to help me. I said, “Ok, I will hold your hand.” Then I said, “Thank you.” She said, “I should thank you because my whole body got healed. Please call me whenever you need help.” So, it's not only when I give knowledge of soul and Supreme Soul that they will have an experience. We can serve through our image, through our presence. So, practice this whole week, because practice will make us an embodiment. This morning’s Murli was about Love for Baba is to become like Baba, and to become like Baba, you have to listen carefully. I heard that I am the Ocean of Love, but I become the Image of Love in front of the children, and you all also have to be the image of love. It's very beautiful.

So, we had been reading, talking, practicing, reflecting on complete purity or power of purity. In my awareness, to have this combined image of myself as bestower of blessings with the One who is also Bestower of Blessings. Whenever I think of combined form, I always think of BapDada. Brahma Baba’s face was always sparkling, very cheerful, full of enthusiasm and courage. So many adverse situations came in front of Brahma Baba, but his face never changed because he was an image, and because he had the awareness, smriti, ‘ShivBaba is with me.’ The same happened with Dadi Gulzar. Once Dadi was sitting on the bench outside History Hall. Myself and some double foreigners were around Dadi and we said, “Dadi, when we see you, we just remember Baba.” She was smiling and said, “Oh, I'm very happy then’” We said, “What effort do you make?” She said, “Actually, you all come to me to take drishti, it’s not from me, you come to meet Baba, you want to experience Baba. So, I have to have this awareness that Baba is with me.” So, everything is really in awareness.

This morning Baba said not to have the awareness of ‘I’ or ‘mine’. “I did this.” “This is my center.” “This is my bhandara.” No. This is ShivBaba’s bhandari, Brahma Baba’s bhandara. When you have that awareness, not ‘I’ but Baba, it will always be not only full, but overflowing. You don't have to think about how or with what Baba fills it. So, this combined awareness of ‘I and Baba’, I think we can do it anytime. Whatever we're doing, Baba is with me. We all have experience, but while talking now, I'm thinking that this should be a magical experience, that you are doing everything in a combined form. He is Almighty and He is with me. I am master almighty. I liked it when yesterday Baba said in the bhog message, “Every helper of the Yagya should consider oneself to be a right hand.” You cannot separate a hand from the body. So, it’s a combined awareness. Not only am I a cooperative soul, but I am combined with Baba. So, from that awareness, it's not just what souls receive from me but we become an instrument, and they feel that they are receiving from Baba. I never owned self-respect, self-image before. I was saying that we don't really ever depend on God's mercy. I always look at Baba, not His mercy, but His love. So then, what does Baba say? “Yes children, claim. Claim your inheritance as much as you want. That's what I have come for, to give everything to all of you.”

So we'll be celebrating Rakhi, and we will be doing it almost the whole month. So, just feel that Baba is tying Rakhi, using His hand, and through drishti, take the souls to Baba. Let them experience that closeness to Baba, because there are many souls who have some little internal struggles and difficulties, but the experience they get, they will feel very light and also joyful, because they will find it so easy. So, when we are combined, there is a canopy of protection over us and it is like, if you are wedded, no one will look at you. If you are single, then Maya also is there. So, I think that all of us have to just create the awareness of being combined. My tilak is there, and my fortune is there, and that's what I have to use as the power of protection, power of purity, and the canopy of purity. So, keep that in mind for tomorrow, that will be our churning, that will be our practice. That will be like power and also experiences. How I can create a loveful world around me by being loveful, the image of love, attitude of love, my drishti, my eyes or vision towards love, my interaction with everyone with lots of love. This will be our day for tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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