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Purity - The Way to First-Class #6

The_Greatness_of_Purity_6 Mohini_Didi August 6, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is happy? So, Baba actually gives certificates for awareness and the power of awareness. Awareness is ‘smriti,’ and ‘samarthi’ means our capacity. Whatever we have to do or think, we were able to do. Baba gave us some homework. He said that there is still time. Purity is easy because it's natural. Brahma Baba got this thought from Shiv Baba which we all got also. As a soul, eternally, I am pure, and impurity is not mine. I am a pure soul eternally. While on this journey, in the cycle of taking birth and rebirth, we acquired, because of body consciousness, a lot of impurities. Actually, once you have this feeling or realization, then you meet Baba, Shiv Baba, through Brahma Baba. When I sat in front of Baba and took drishti, because of Baba's purity, He was not just being viceless, but He was in that incorporeal stage and angelic stage, together with Baba. I had such an experience of purity, and I found that all impurities were being removed. I am liberated from there. Now, it's a big task, not only of course to have experience with Baba’s grace, Baba’s blessings, but to maintain that purity throughout the Confluence Age through our thoughts, words, and actions. Baba says that relationships, lots of past karmic accounts, sanskars are based on that.They emerge in the form of feelings or ideas. I know internally, in the mind, that I am pure. I have nothing against anyone, I have good wishes. However, in practice, I am not able to maintain that purity all the time.

Brahma Baba was able to do this. Baba says to remain unshakable in your mind in connections. Brahma Baba was able to maintain an unshakeable stage because of purity. I don't think he ever thought, “Will I be victorious?” or “What will happen to the Yagya?” Like these days, so many of us say, “What's the future of your Yagya?” Every time we met Baba, if we had a subtle question, Baba said, “It's Baba’s Yagya. Baba will sustain the Yagya. Baba’s bhandara will be full.” He had answers that had 100% faith. Now that's purity. It's our own subtle doubts that create questions. You would be surprised that when I talk to seniors in Madhuban, they just feel that we are limited. The Yagya is so big now, and they just say, “It's God, Baba is taking care of the Yagya.” So, the quality of thoughts, it's not impurity like you get very angry or greedy or attached, but subtly, the questions come. Just imagine if Brahma Baba was wavering like this. What must be happening? What will happen to all of us or Dadi Prakashmani? Every time it's Baba’s wonder, it’s Baba’s miracle, Baba is making things happen.

One day I asked Dadi as she was traveling to Chile with me, “Billions of souls are there, just imagine the destruction of so many people.” She smiled, and looking from the window of the plane, there was an ocean of unlimited water. She said, “What does it take for so much water to clean everything?” She was saying this with so much conviction, that all the elements together, will take care of Baba’s task for the pure world. The impure world has to end. Baba said that there is a way the world has to be cleansed, everything has to be clean. One time Baba said that all the elements are together, trees and water, and air and fire, so many kinds of natural calamities happen. For Baba, they are not calamities. So, we also have to see that this is how the elements will take care. Human beings, even if they destroy and kill, they can’t clean. They create more destructive things and you see wherever is going on in the world, we have so many, broken structures, broken buildings. What can one big wave of water do? This is the ego of many, where they think, “This is my land, this is mine.” Baba had been telling us that there will be transformation of nature through our drishti on one side, and the furious form of nature on the other side. Both will be happening. I always say that whenever nature is not happy, it’s trying to give us some signal. Like yesterday, when Baba said that when there is purity, nature is transformed to help you, to support you, to sustain you. When there is impurity, then nature revolts also. That means there is this basic internal conviction that purity is the main power. I am pure, elements are pure, everything is pure, and that is called eternal and then original. Original is all pure, Golden Age, satopradhan.

So, creating this awareness of purity as my eternal and original stage will definitely help. Whenever, because of any impurities, some obstacles come, it could be within the family, it could be from nature. I noticed that even if you have a little bit of wasteful thought, you will see the obstacle. Either you will get the news that is not good, or you will have to do something that you don't want to do, or is unnecessary. Be very careful that your thoughts are not creating obstacles on your way. Use the power of purity and always create very powerful thoughts, elevated thoughts. Keep people, anyone, all the souls, in your heart as very pure souls, all the souls are pure. With all the accumulated layers, that's a lot, and I think everyone is making effort. So, Baba gives us homework, but also, he tells us how. Maintaining the awareness that I am a pure soul, eternally and originally, will really help you. Our own Brahmin life is the joyful outcome, the results of purity, pure thoughts, words, actions, and relationships. So take number one There are still some number one seats we can claim every day. It's not a question of “I've already claimed.” Baba says that there is still time. You know we can claim number one.

Om Shanti!

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