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Purity - The Father's Blessings #3

The_Greatness_of_Purity_3 Mohini_Didi August 3, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy? Okay? Yes, we feel blessed by Baba. He chose us and gave us the blessing of purity. We feel this as a blessing because we don't have to make hard efforts. Maybe efforts, but not like hatha yoga, forcing ourselves. We find it very natural to live the life of purity. It's because of Baba's blessings. Do you feel it's Baba’s blessings? What does Baba want from us? Baba says that we should have newness every day. What newness? Definitely we have to take care of this tail, the tail of ‘sometimes’. So what can we do that we should be consistent? It may not be 100 percent, let's say 70 percent, but that 70 percent should be consistent. That is practical, that's possible. Then from 70, we reach 75, and that should remain consistent.

I remember Didi Manmohini used to say that when you get an elevated thought, a pure thought, bring it into action immediately. We used to say, “Didi, but we have to think about it.” She said, “As you keep thinking, the intoxication will keep reducing, and that power will not be there. When the thought comes, it has a lot of power.” It's true, but there are some who have thought that once I have told Baba, once I have committed, I should not change my mind. Now that is something not only new, it is using blessings and being consistent. Think more about what other kind of tail of sometimes there is. One is definitely in your own power of thoughts, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and then it reduces. Brahma Baba, for 39 years, maintained his love, his enthusiasm, his faith, courage, everything. He was very consistent, and because of this, all of us are able to see him as a good example. I never saw Brahma Baba a little bit more quiet than he should be, or having less enthusiasm. I knew it's his connection with Baba that must be helping him to maintain and be consistent.

Purity is a blessing, and purity is such a great power, because when you have purity, it should become our natural nature, and religion, and aim. Then you start seeing, a pure thought doesn't have just vibrations, but it touches, it goes very far. It's not only to people around you, but so many will feel it. The seed of pure thought is very powerful. So, I just feel that naturally I am pure, my nature is pure, my religion is purity. Not only that, but for changing Iron Age to Golden Age, tamopradhan world to satopradhan world, the power of purity is required. I remember that when I heard the words that God needs the power of purity to transform the world, I felt very good. It's not that I'm living pure for myself, but the power of purity is being used by God to transform this Iron age into the Golden Age. That makes me feel very valuable also. So, God is using purity for transformation of the world. Recently, someone shared that she understood, when you are in nature you like it, beautiful trees and flowers, but it's not only that I have to take from nature, but what can I give to nature? So she says that when she walks around, she always feels that she's spreading the vibrations of purity to nature. Baba says, “You have to change the five elements from tamoguni to satoguni.” So, whatever we are doing, walking, talking, moving around or doing any kind of action, our purity not only spreading vibration but it's definitely as Baba says, creating a new world, creating our kingdom of purity. Some of the things that are happening we can see it, witness it, but there are some things that are invisible, but it's the power of purity that is making it happen.

When we have virtues from purity, that means there is a lot of peace, patience, or courage, and that is connected with purity or fearlessness. You know this is Dadi Prakashmani’s month. She was really fearless, not only with human beings but animals and nature. This fearlessness is from purity. What we are doing now, living pure, creating everything pure, it’s going in the opposite direction than the world, right? Which direction is the world going? More vices, more impurity, everything false, a lot of greed, a lot of attachment, that's the current world. You can easily flow with the current right? You get in the water, then you don't have to do anything, the current will carry you, but if you have to go opposite the current, that means everything pure, everything truth, everything honest, everything elevated. That is opposite the current, and requires more strength. Without Baba's blessing of purity, I don't think we can do it. Baba wants us to be honest. Baba wants us to be truthful. Baba wants us to practice everything that is clean. That's only possible because of Baba’s blessings. I remember that even to give Baba's knowledge as it is, is going against the current. So every step is opening up to the truth, and now people are willing to accept that truth also.

So, we have to finish this tail, we have to be consistent, and be very natural with purity, no effort. When you remember that it’s Baba’s blessings, it will help you. Especially that freedom from the cage of one's old sanskars, they just emerge and use our organs. Sometimes it is through drishti, sometimes through words, sometimes through attitude. The more I practice soul consciousness, that's the natural purity. My original eternal stage, that's my religion, and I am going home to the land of purity. We are creating the world of purity, and my connection is with One Father who is ever Pure, and the Purifier. So, with these thoughts, I am natural in purity, and my connection with Baba takes one second. If I have to speak the words of knowledge or words of blessings, it is very natural. I don't have to prepare for it. I am feeling myself at home, in the incorporeal home, naturally. So, look at all aspects of purity. Generally they say, that a student life should be the pure one, knowledge can only stay in the pure intellect because it's nectar. So, just feel how natural the purity is, make it natural. Tomorrow when you think about it, you will find yourself very natural, and you will see the difference in your own self. Your whole day, you will find that newness also, because the feeling of purity is very natural. Take this gift from Baba, ‘the blessings of purity’, and make it very very natural.

Om Shanti


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