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Purity – Temple of living Saligrams #23

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Power_of_Purity_23 Mohini_Didi August 23,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Very good! While listening to Avyakt BapDada, I was thinking, what is the importance of seeing Baba and listening to Baba? We have heard this Murli many times. What is the benefit? You feel Baba’s presence. You feel like you are with Baba, and also, listening to Baba creates great intoxication. Baba is talking about the fortune of celebrating a birthday with the Father. Baba gives us congratulations, and we give Baba congratulations. So, internally, it is not just listening about fortune, but one feels that ‘yes I am fortunate.’ So, listening to Baba is like reminding ourselves of our fortune, and creating that joy of celebration again. I definitely benefit from sitting here and listening to Baba, watching Baba, and taking drishti from Baba.

When it comes to the greatness of purity, we have 31 points for the greatness of purity and I was wondering how they will be different. Now after 23 days, Baba was touching all different aspects of purity, and especially like today, the purity of the body. So, there is purity of nature and the elements, with the consciousness that the body is a temple, the worship-worthy Saligram. I am a pure Saligram. I am sitting in this living temple. This way, there is importance of both, purity of the soul and purity of the body. That is why there are two things; one is that we keep very clean, our clothing is very clean, but the other is through our sense organs and physical organs, we don't do any action under the influence of any vice. Sometimes people just can have anger through the eyes, the way they look at you, you know they are upset. It could be through words or attachment, or many desires. You will start noticing how your attention is drawn to every organ of the body. Baba says that for world transformation, it is important that the elements have to be pure, and that it is your power of purity that will make elements pure. How will elements become pure? When our elements become pure, the body becomes pure and that is why in the Golden Age, the body that we get is very pure, beautiful, and devine. Baba always says that even when you go for a walk, be in silence so you are spreading the vibrations.

Everyone likes to see beautiful nature, they enjoy nature, but very few think of serving nature, because we are so used to taking. We want clean water, air, we want everything clean, but what contribution am I making to purify nature? When Brahma Baba left the body, some of us got the chance to be near, and in the end we put the sandalwood paste and got everything ready for Baba’s final rights. Then we decided where we should do it. So when you go to Madhuban, Pandav Bhavan, you see the Tower of Peace. That is where actually Baba’s body was burnt and ashes were kept. So, we thought that Baba’s ashes are also part of the elements. The body becomes ashes and goes back to the elements. This body had served so many years, and Brahma Baba not only lived a life of purity but he was pure in thoughts, words, actions and all the time. So the same is with us. I am thinking and talking about this because it is very important for us to feel it. The body has to be pure now, food has to be pure, the way food is cooked also has to be pure. The pots we use should be clean and pure. Everything starting from scratch to all the details, everything has to be pure for the body to be pure. Thoughts have influence on body, food has influence on body, water has influence on body.

So, there are a lot of details to create this awareness. You know that a word which is being used for Dadi is that Baba has a right on her, and she used to share a lot of experiences with us. Dadi came very young with this very natural nature of purity, and when there is purity, there is beauty. That beauty keeps you very simple and then you don’t need to do anything. I think most of you have met Dadi Prakashmani, right? Her name itself means ‘jewel of light.’ So, when Baba was the leaving body as you all must have heard, he gave his hand in Dadi’s hand and then he became avyakt. So then Dadi Prakashmani was number one and to lead the organization, all the other Dadis who were older in age started respecting Dadi. It was not only Baba who chose her, but she also had those qualities. I think Dadi was very farsighted. I still remember the words she used to speak to me, tell me, I used to smile, but how true every word was and is! She never held anyone’s mistake in her heart, she completely forgave and gave love. One thing Dadi used to say was, “How many came to Gyan and you sustain, then how many left Gyan because of you?” There are principles, but you say everything sweetly, and nicely, you cannot be forceful. It is Baba who has to forgive, Baba who has to guide.

So, one of the very important principles of Dadi was to follow Shrimat at every step. She followed Shrimat to an extent to use power of discern based on Shrimat, not by doing action before that. Any situation that came, Dadi would say, “What would Baba have done in this situation?” She was so close to Baba for so many years. Everyone had love for Baba, faith in Baba, but she was in a real form, observing Baba at every step. So, she was very mature, but very humble. So, let us follow her example and let Baba have a right on me, that is, when Baba gives any task we have to perform. Dadi was humble, she loved harmony, and would create compromise. So, lots of love for Dadi and we follow her purity, her love.

Om Shanti

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