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Purity - Supremely Worthy of Worship #28

The_Greatness_of_Purity_28 Mohini_Didi August 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is ok? It's not only the greatness of purity, but the importance of purity, the value, and the word that increases with purity. When Baba was speaking today, you all heard in the Murli this morning that the stage was decorated in the form of a garden. So, Baba appreciated that, but then He looked at all of us and said that this is the living garden with very fragrant spiritual roses. Baba praises nature a lot. Like in the Golden Age, nature will be Satopradhan, very beautiful, but then also all the human beings are in the form of deities, and they will also have that spiritual beauty. The souls will be Satopradhan, and their bodies will be from Satopradhan nature. So our purity also makes us, as Baba said, supremely worship worthy. We have self-respect from purity, and then looking at others, we also have that pure vision for others. It's the greatest gift from the Confluence Age.

The majority of the people, their sorrows and worry are connected to not having that self-respect that comes from purity. So, there are thoughts of weaknesses, there are thoughts of concerns, there are lots of lots of wasteful thoughts. Baba talked about two things: one is fluctuation, and the other is stable. Purity creates stability, stability of mind, stability of intellect, all levels of life there is stability. Actually, at the Confluence Age, it's not only stability, but it's ascending. Every day, internally we feel full because of purity, and when Baba talks about worship worthy, it's in the Copper Age that our idols are worshiped. At the Confluence Age, internally, you feel so much respect for yourself. Generally people have a lot of self doubts, and they don't really respect or believe in themselves. There is always a lack of self-trust, but with purity we have so much love for the self, self-trust, not only the soul, but everything. We have respect for the body, even the way we wear clothes. In body consciousness, it's more like a display of the body. We know what respect is to the body because there is no body consciousness or the subtle violence of the vices. We are free from that, we are completely nonviolent in our thoughts, words and actions, not only towards the self, but others also. So, think about how you feel when there is complete purity. You do feel worthy of being worshipped, very stable, very loving, but also very detached, no sorrow, no sign of sorrow or peacelessness.

So, purity is the power that supports the world. Baba is saying that in the Copper Age the purity of hermits supported the world. In the Golden Age, everyone is pure. In the Silver Age, people are pure. At the Confluence Age, now we are Baba’s children, and we have to support the world. Seeing the importance of purity, not a simple act, we live our life with such details of perfect purity, and the power from that purity makes world transformation happen. I think it requires some kind of reflection and you experience for yourself how important purity is. You are very careful to have a peaceful mind, peaceful words, very loveful, all that is the power of purity. So, all of us, even if we are completing this month, thinking about the power of purity, we will continue to pay attention to whatever little degrees are less than perfect purity. We should keep increasing that, so that the power increases, we become Satopradhan and we also transform the world.

Om Shanti

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