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Purity - Step away from being Shudra #12

The_Greatness _of_Purity_12 Mohini_Didi August 12th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone.

Whatever Baba says to us, and whatever we are able to hear, I think it is the appropriate time. Sometimes we don’t think we need that much practice of soul consciousness, but Baba says to step away from the sanskars of shudra in a physical way. Many say at our home I am vegetarian, I eat Brahma bhojan but there are some who like meat, so we have to cook it. I say no, we shouldn’t. There are many things that we will not touch. Physically we are so attentive, but now our mind should not touch, first my own shudra sanskars. To not touch my own shudra sanskars, I will not touch anyone else’s shudra sanksars. Many souls would go to Dadi Gulzar and talk about the behavior of certain souls and ask, “How can a brahmin be like that? How can a brahmin say this?” Dadi Gulzar will immediately say, “At that time their shudra sanskars have emerged”. That means their awareness at that time is more of shudra than brahmin.

Baba said all that begins with soul consciousness and body consciousness. We can see where we begin our journey from the confluence age or golden age. I think we have to start our cycle at confluence age, because of our spiritual birth, becoming brahmin and then becoming deity. Many times Baba says if you are not brahmin you cannot become a deity. First you have to be brahmin because all the transformation has to happen in this life. From sanskars of shudra, body consciousness, I have to transform and create the sanskars of brahmins, that is of soul consciousness. Soul consciousness is not just to think I am a point of light, but actually the qualities, the eternal qualities of the soul should be thought about. I am a pure soul, I am soul and this is body, I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, I am imperishable soul, we can go on. Soul is an actor playing a part through this body, my home is the supreme abode. Take a thought and try to experience it: I am a peaceful soul. Take a few moments, don’t just keep repeating it, saying it or thinking about it, but realize it, practice it. Even if it takes ten minutes to just experience complete peace, it is useful. Properly doing it could take half an hour or an hour, or could take a few moments while being a karma yogi. That awareness has to be there.

Sometimes one has to wonder how suddenly body consciousness appears, then I become sensitive, I get disturbed, upset. It is ok if it happens, quickly change it and remind yourself: I am a pure soul, I am a peaceful soul. As quickly, you can change your feelings, because if they stay longer they will affect you. Don’t worry or feel bad, it happens, but as soon as it happens what do you have to do? Change it. What I noticed today is that as soon as we get into, “this one did this”, we get affected, have feelings. Then everything starts becoming so difficult. How will it happen, will it happen, will it get done? If there is a situation don’t allow that to go into your feelings. Then you find everything will work out, it will be ok. Whatever you are hearing or seeing you don’t get affected. Then when you look at the situation or task, you have a good solution. Just be attentive and in soul consciousness it should become natural. Then immediately you find a way, you find answers.

I have to be in my eternal soul conscious stage. It’s not only sitting and practicing that will help, but sanskars get created while you are in action. While sitting you might still feel very peaceful but suddenly in action, interaction, relationships, you find that it could be different. At the same time your old sanskars of shudra or body consciousness will change. What is transformation of sanskars? You do it with the thought. Cancel the thought, create another thought. Cancel the shudra thought, create brahmin thought. That is called awareness, forgetfulness and awareness. Whatever you are creating is through thought first, then in attitude, then in drishti, then actions. I remember one time I had this practice to remain quiet. I was peaceful. Then Dadi Janki was joking, that I had to say something in such a way to help other souls having wasteful thoughts. I became more aware that it’s important in our interactions, in our activity and relationships that not only am I ok, everyone has to be ok. And how does that happen? First I take care of myself. Then I say words in a way which can help other souls. First I have to be very calm and if anyone else has tension, say words in Baba’s remembrance. Sometimes just silence doesn’t work. Say a few words which can help souls to create love, hope and enthusiasm. While being karma yogi, have a stage of soul consciousness. I am really thinking about how old sanskars are dissolved and how new are created. Only when we are in action because we are using sanskars at that time and you transform them. Tomorrow we will pay attention and see how we are able to have longer awareness and free from sorrow or getting discouraged because of any reason.

Om shanti.

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