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Purity - sign of great bestower of knowledge #20

The_Greatness_of_Purity_20 Mohini_Didi August 20, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is ok? Very good, yes, happy to see each one of you! Baba’s explanation from the Murli, whether listening from Avyakt BapDada or Sakar Murli, we are listening to the points on the greatness of purity. Is Baba making everything easy or difficult? The more details we hear, that makes us think to look at our chart and give ourselves marks, right? I think we are doing well. Baba is asking about the year of tapasya that ended in 1992. It was time to get a prize or award. Baba said that even though the year is over, it’s important to maintain balance, especially while serving others. While doing actions, I am still in love with Baba and doing karma yoga. Baba said that that balance will make you equal to Baba, because when there is balance, you receive blessings, and when there is balance, you can be in a blissful stage. So, we will continue to pay attention and maintain the balance. Whatever the world thinks is impossible has become possible, easy, and natural for Baba’s children. We follow the purity of physical actions, purity of controlling the organs, but we go further than that. We have purity to an extent that in the world today of impurity and vices, we are able to maintain all maryadas. It is so interesting that there are a lot of spiritual organizations where there are only men, only brothers, or some only sisters. Of course small centers are different, but when we go to Madhuban, so many come. Everyone was surprised at the purity, and the quality of the purity where they all work together.

One time Dadi Prakashmani had this thought to invite all the important gurus, because she always had this feeling that it’s God‘s home, God’s bhandara, they should come to accept Baba’s hospitality and be served Brahma bhojan. So, one of the gurus came to see Dadi in her room, in her sitting room, and Dadi is so naturally pure but also the purity indicates some innocence. So, generally they would want to sit on the other sofa, but Dadi said, “Come sit next to me.” He said that when he sat there first, he did not feel courage. Then Dadi was making her sari go around her shoulder and he said that a little piece of sari touched him. He was shaken like there was so much purity. He said that he could not believe the current. The purity of being conqueror of lust and in that, there is a lot to do with love for God, connection with God. Also, when you come in contact with others, the attraction, the power, they can feel the blessings from that purity. So, I really think that each one of us should value our purity and not waste it. Keep your self-respect, feel great all the time, nothing is big for you. Everything we have, everything Baba has given us, all that is required for sustenance, good sustenance. We are not only surviving, but we are being sustained. A lot of people say we are surviving, managing, no, for us it is God’s palna. On the path of bhakti, there is a very beautiful song, ‘palanhar’, God is the one who sustains. We have that experience in the Confluence Age, in this Brahmin life, that Baba is sustaining us.

So, you will hear in the Murli tomorrow about when there are weak thoughts in the mind, like, “What will happen? Will we get it, not get it?” The other is to have elevated thoughts of faith and determination, “Oh, Baba will provide.” So, subtle thoughts, subtle weak thoughts also are lack of purity, lack of faith in Baba. When we have every thought as an elevated thought, there will be no questions. Baba is there. Baba will take care of us and then magic happens. I have experienced that maintaining your stable stage, faith and elevated thoughts, elevated awareness, have a big pull of resources in a very natural way. You know when there is any kind of famine, drought or lack of something, if you go to temples, people still take everything to offer to the deities. When the sisters went to Moscow, Russia, souls could only bring one banana because everything was very expensive and they had little money. At that time, it was still Russia and then the Soviet Union, but there were 10 souls so 10 bananas, 300 souls, and she said it was like a mountain of bananas, 300 bananas. So, they offered bhog and gave. When I went for the first time to Russia in 1982, they just gave you one rose flower because it is equal to one dollar. At the train station, 40 people gave, and it was such a big bouquet of flowers. Sudha bhen said,”One time I said that I needed ginger, so everyone brought a piece of ginger, and then there was a mountain of ginger.” They thought, “What will happen if people don’t have money, will they offer bhog?” Now there is abundance. I have seen in a video, there is a new place in Moscow, like a palace. There are two big buildings, and the way they have set up the halls, the furniture is amazing. In St. Petersberg they have accommodation for 40 people at the center. Even though there are so many things that are difficult there, it’s their elevated thoughts, their purity, their faith in Baba, their own determination that makes everything. They are never concerned about circumstances.

It is Baba’s children, Baba’s places, and Baba has to serve through us as instruments. I am not just living a life, but living the life of an instrument, Baba has to serve through me. Baba has to serve or make us serve through the sacred spaces or centers. So with purity, impossible becomes possible. So, let that power of purity be in your words, thoughts and actions, where you always think elevated, speak elevated, and do elevated to protect yourself, to be a good example. Following all the maryadas help us to maintain love amongst ourselves, and there is no space for conflicts. It is pure love amongst all of us as a family. So, value the purity that you all have, live with that honor, respect and dignity, serve the world with this awareness, and of course everything becomes easy, possible, and successful.

Om Shanti

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