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Purity – Seat of Elevated Self Respect #24

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_24 Mohini_Didi August 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

One proof of eternal truth is that anytime you listen, you can understand it in a different way. As I understand Baba’s knowledge and transform in my practical life, then I am able to understand deeper aspects. Baba always wants each one of us to think about the whole world, ‘World Benefactor’. Baba gives us the title of ‘Vishwa kalyankari’. So each thought, each word and action, should be unlimited and should serve the world. We are helping the souls to increase their enthusiasm, to serve Baba, to reveal Baba. Just imagine each of us as instruments, what do we have to do? Yes, we understand there are guidelines, there are rules and regulations, everyone has to be connected wherever they are, all that is alright, but we have to see that enthusiasm doesn't die. I remember once Dadi Janki said to me, “Never say ‘no’ to anyone anywhere.” I said, “But what if we are not ready for it?” She said, “Just say yes, we will do it at the right time.” We never say we can't. So, at least that person's enthusiasm, which is a creativity of the person, continues. Otherwise we keep denying, keep refusing, not respecting, not allowing the enthusiasm of that person to continue. So have relationships, connections, but not any kind of control. Service is to let everyone experience from Baba the support of all the attainments. Attainments are not through me. You can give knowledge, but attainments come from Baba.

Now, purity is to be seated on the seat of self-respect, and that seat is ‘I am a pure soul’. ‘I am a pure soul’. Baba said the seat is of smriti-awareness that ‘I am a pure soul. Remain seated on that throne even while doing actions. When you are a charitable soul, then your thinking, your speaking, and your actions will be charitable actions. Charitable actions are very altruistic, there are no expectations, but that charitable action really brings lots of blessings for you. To be a charitable soul is sowing the seed in others, and they will also in return always do charity. So they don't remain dependent for long, they themselves become philanthropists. So Baba is saying, our charity is purity, it’s a different charity. I was remembering today, our theme is empowerment, “Empowerment for Kindness and Compassion”. You should be kind but compassionate. Many people say, “What's the difference?” In compassion there is also love. You do whatever you're doing out of love. I mean these things are disappearing from people's normal lives. When I think of my childhood, I saw charity as a very normal thing. Like feed this one or who needs what, we used to look for the needs of society. We still had enough even after giving. So I like listening to Baba and this whole interpretation of the throne of self-respect, that I'm a pure soul. You can add that I am a charitable soul, I'm a great soul, and when you create that awareness, you create that energy in you.

I was thinking today about Dadi Prakashmani as it is her month. She always thought in an unlimited way. One time she said, “Oh, let's have a program for 100,000.” I remember that within three weeks, in Ahmedabad, they were able to have a program for 100,000. I was there. Just one thought, unlimited and pure from that charitable heart made things happen. We bring difficulties first then this could happen, it might not be possible, this one will be available or not. We will be kind of weak and have difficult thoughts. So we have already reduced our power. So I always remember how Dadi Prakashmani thought of the whole world.

So the thoughts of Dadis, that means thoughts coming, seated on the seat of that self-awareness plus charity. This will bring benefit to people. Not that we want to own anything, no. So each one of us remains seated on the seat of self-respect and like Dadi Prakashmani, gives respect to everyone, Samman. Swaman and Samman and then Saman is like you are equal to me, equal to Baba. We all have to become equal to Baba. There was a time in the beginning they used to say: ‘Aap saman’ now we say: ‘Bap saman’ because Didi used to say then whatever defects you have, they will also have. So our doing, looking at capacities to do will be limited, will always seem limited, but our elevated and pure thoughts will bring that cooperation to make it unlimited.

So self-respect, respect others and keep the aim that everyone has to be equal to Baba. Brahma Baba never saw us as little girls, or Dadis when they were little girls. Baba made them trustees and they became like, not only the foundation, but they sustain the whole Yagya. I was thinking today that only one Dadi - Ratanmohini Dadi is there, she's also 97, but then a new era will begin of Didis. Dadis won’t call anyone Dadi. So, use your throne and follow the example of Dadi Prakashmani. Tomorrow we will be offering her our respects. Surprisingly, I asked Baba, “How do we connect with them? Where is that 15 year old boy?” Baba said, “Don't worry about that.” When you think of their qualities, their task, you will get that support and cooperation. They are together with us until now and their words keep ringing in our ears, what we have to do. So we have lots of love for Dadi and tomorrow the whole day we will invoke her, and in the evening we offer bhog to her, for her.

Om Shanti

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