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Purity - Purity of awareness #21

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_21 Mohini_Didi August 21, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Once Baba asked Dadi Janki, “Do you remember the students you gave the course to, or souls who come in contact with you?” Dadi said, “Oh no, how can I do that? I have to only remember Baba, because thinking about the souls is not a good chart.” Then Baba said, “No, you should think of them because then they will feel invocation, they will feel the love of Baba, they will feel belonging.” Many of us used to go to Madhuban, and when we were about to leave, we said, “Baba, please don't forget us.” Baba said, “I have to remember Baba or I will remember all of you! I do not remember nor do I forget you.” I think it's really very interesting what comes in our memory. Is it that we allow whatever comes, or do we give direction? Do we create what we want, or do we allow whatever to emerge? Introspection is important. What kind of memories emerge? Are they because of attachment? Did I receive something, is it because of sorrow? On one hand, Baba said that you should remember souls to give them help, give them power, but then in Brahma Baba’s life, if anyone sent a gift, Baba would look at that gift and kind of appreciate it. Then after a day, Baba said, “Remove that because I don't want to keep thinking about that soul.” That is why we are very careful that whatever we receive, it goes to Baba first and then we use it. We don't start using it directly, because the thoughts keep coming.

Now Baba says that efforts are easy, but efforts are very subtle. So, I came to the conclusion after listening to Murli this morning, that the knowledge has to be changed into smriti. Why did Baba tell us how we begin our journey in the Golden Age? Just to say it, to repeat it?, or is it allowing that smriti- awareness, and some of the beautiful things to emerge? Baba says that you will start seeing the trees and beautiful scenes of the Golden Age. So, I think all that is connected with awareness, with smriti. Like Baba said this morning, “You are the victorious souls of the last Kalpa.” Actually, if this thought emerges at the right time, then everything you will do, whatever you will do, you will have that power ‘smriti ki samarthi’. That means you will say, “Yes, I did it last Kalpa, I will be able to do it. I was victorious last Kalpa, I will be victorious now.”

So, there are two things that I feel I want to practice since I heard Murli, read Murli that ‘I am a great soul’. ‘A divine soul, sparkling star, soul who is accomplished’. Not only am I a soul or only pure and peaceful, but it is further than that. I am a great soul, a divine soul. I think when we all do it, the experience of divinity, the experience of greatness, all those beautiful experiences will connect all souls to our eternal stage, or original stage. It will be the same in the Golden Age. Baba says that there is harmony, efforts will be easy, the fruition is the Golden Age, we are creating those memories. So, that means don't sit back and see what is coming, that will be from sanskars. It could be from the past, but we are not going into the past, we are going into the future. So, it's very interesting, and it really needs a lot of deep reflection. If we do not constantly keep creating the awareness, then a lot of different awarenesses will emerge, a lot of smrities. I find they’re reducing now because we are making effort, we're doing homework, we are creating consciousness. Otherwise, very subtly something of sorrow, something of fear, something didn't happen, someone didn't cooperate, anything. So first, definitely we have to pay attention that nothing negative emerges, because that's where fear also could come, anxiety can happen. So nothing negative, but even in the positive, what should emerge? So for the next few days, really practice, practice a lot of creating self-awareness, based on Baba’s Murli. I think that from there, then you see the changes, in the sense that awareness of the past also will be divine, and will be pure.

Actually, very soon we will be celebrating Dadi Prakashmani’s day and we always connect the month of August with love and purity, with Dadi Prakashmani because she was the image of that. Her energy, her enthusiasm, was so much, and I think because she was present in the present. She was in that awareness, in that smriti that was bringing a lot of love, a lot of power, love for Baba, love for everyone, and the Yagya. Awareness from the past can really make you lost. You go back quite a way. We don’t want to go into the past, we want the future to emerge. What is going to happen next must be emerging, but because we are emerging something from the past, then the experience gets lost. So, these few days, we will keep our energy high, for enthusiasm, love, and thinking of Dadi Prakashmani. We will be creating smriti based on this morning's Murli, of divinity, of greatness, of purity, of sparkling. Keep practicing that because Baba said that then our attitude and drishti will be based on smriti.

So, the blessing was to look at the specialty of everyone. That will become our drishti, and our awareness will change. Smriti into vrutti and drishti and then our interaction with others. There should never be any difference or discrimination towards anyone because we all are Baba’s children. If you really want to settle some karmic accounts, do it through soul consciousness, by saying all good things in your thoughts about that soul, “You are pure, you are divine, you are great.” Karmic accounts with you will settle, not only through good wishes, but pure wishes. This is also a very beautiful way not to be attacked or be influenced by anyone’s negativity or as I said could be karmic accounts, body consciousness, anger, or attachment. This is a very subtle way to disconnect with the soul. Disconnect in the way that soul is expressing oneself. So, it’s also a good method through smriti, as Baba said, “Look at everyone with that drishti and good thoughts, don't have fear that if I say this is a divine soul then there will be attachment there.” No, it will not happen. So, have cleanliness of awareness, of smriti. This is quite a vast subject, but we will pay attention, and tomorrow we will have some beautiful experiences.

Om Shanti

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