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Purity - Master Purifiers #9

Greatness_of_Purity_9 Mohini_Didi August 9, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is, okay, well? Good! Today, Baba’s definition of impurity is when there is the consciousness of ‘I’, and we forget that everything belongs to Baba and that I am only a trustee. That's also impurity, because of sorrow and peacelessness. Also, when you find that there is not enough success or accomplishment in your task, whether it is bhandara (Baba’s kitchen) or bhandari (Baba’s box), that also causes sorrow and you start thinking, “Why am I not successful?” Not only wasteful thoughts come, but you create doubts in your fortune. So, we have to check that if we want the Purifier to purify everything then I should not allow the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Baba is saying this not only to those who are in the family, but Baba says this even for centers, that you cannot say, “It is my center” or “This is this one’s center.” They are all Baba’s homes, they are Baba’s centers. Then automatically, when souls come, they will experience that Baba, the Purifier is with me. Otherwise, the impact of personality, I am becoming like Baba, but still when there is consciousness of ‘I’, like someone said this month, “I gave birth to five Brahmins.” So, I said, “When did you start giving birth to Brahmins? I thought they are Brahma’s children, mouth born progeny, and the knowledge that you give is not your knowledge.” This ‘I’ consciousness of any type, whether in the family or center or in service, definitely causes some disturbance, sometimes peacelessness and sorrow.

So, we will pay attention to this tomorrow. Wherever you find that subtly this consciousness of ‘I’ is emerging, immediately change it and just say, “No, it belongs to Baba, everything belongs to Baba.” I know that certain times I know it is Baba’s, but I am also Baba’s instrument. As Baba’s instrument, it is also subtly like belonging. I am Baba’s instrument, but this ‘I’ doesn’t go away completely. So, I think the more we think about it and churn on that, we will find how subtly the consciousness of ‘I’, awareness of ‘I’ emerges. To become a master Purifier, the qualification of purity is important. Shiv Baba is the Purifier and Brahma Baba is a purifier. We all also have to become master Purifiers. They use one word in Hindi, called ‘pavan’, ‘pavitra’ and ‘pavan’, in English we will say pure. Pavan means when the soul and body, souls and nature, elements, everything becomes pure. Then, not only do you become worthy of worship, but also, when you are worshiped, all the souls bring their desires in front of Gods and Goddesses. They want their desires to be fulfilled, and it does happen, because they are ‘pavan’. At the Confluence Age we are praiseworthy, but in the Golden Age, we are worship-worthy. We are not worshiped in the Golden Age. We are worshiped because we ourselves become worshipers of our own worship-worthy images, and that happens in the Copper Age. In the Golden Age, there is no worshiping. Everyone is worship-worthy but there are no worshipers there. The same is in the Silver Age. In the Copper Age, when there is body consciousness, then there is peacelessness, there is sorrow, and gradually five vices begin. We need power. We need peace and happiness. So, we start worshiping.

Most of you used to do some kind of worshiping. I used to do it, but when I understood and when I looked at these idols of Lakshmi-Narayan, Radhe-Krishna, then I would smile and say, “Oh, this is what I was, this is what we were.” So, then I stopped, I could just immediately feel, “Who am I? I am worshiping my own images.” Then a big transformation happens where you don’t want to worship your own images. Baba has given us the aim that you have to become those Gods and Goddesses, worship-worthy. So, Baba is the one who makes us worship-worthy from worshippers. Every part of our body; feet are worshiped, eyes are worshiped. Everything is worshiped. Because in the Confluence Age, we serve through our drishti; love, purity, divinity and we use our hands in the task of theYagya, and that makes everyone pure. You have seen that in the temples they worship the feet also. So, when old mothers used to come to Baba, Baba used to say, “I need to massage your feet. I need to massage your forehead, because you bow and touch the ground with your forehead.” Now, we know what we have to do; claim that purity of the highest kind, where there is no consciousness of ‘I’. There is the consciousness that I am a trustee and also see that everything; our thoughts, our energy, our time, everything is used to become pure and make others, and nature, pure.

So, this is how we become master Purifiers. Of course, thoughts, words, and actions, everything, our time, our money, everything we are using is serving souls to make them pure. It’s very interesting to think that each one of us are master Purifiers. We are master Purifiers and we become deities in the Golden Age, then our degrees are used with time. Then we ourselves become worshippers. So, it is so beautiful to think about our journey, from here no degree of purity, becoming 16 degrees pure, no purity when we began, then we become pure. A lot of people don’t understand purity. They think vices are normal life. How can you manage without anger? How can you live a life without attachment and greed? So, they think everything is normal, and Baba says that all that is acquired. Eternally you were pure, originally when you began your part, you were pure, and now again from impure you have to become pure. It's a cycle, and Baba explains how very gradually the body consciousness, the lust and anger emerge. Gradually body consciousness changes into all the vices, and the time comes that we use the vices as a normal way of living. Then Baba comes, Baba says, “No, that is not you.” I am realizing the self, that I am a pure soul. So, we are thinking about purity, the greatness of purity, reflecting on the life of purity, the meaning, the understanding and the practice is becoming not only deeper, but more meaningful. When something is meaningful, you want to do it more, because immediately there is some attainment. One thing is just to believe in something, another is that you reflect on it, you practice. Then you find that yes, there are so many attainments and those attainments inspire you, motivate you to make good efforts, accurate efforts. So, purity means free from sorrow and peacelessness. Baba says, “No loss of any kind, no deficiency of any kind, always full.”

Om Shanti

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