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Purity - Household of Body and Bodiless Relations #14

The_Greatness_of_Purity_14 Mohini_Didi August 14, 2022

Om Shanti!

‘The greatness of Purity’, yes, you all are great, I can see. The transformation from bodily, physical, to spiritual. We listen to Baba, and Baba is talking about meeting, and celebrating a meeting. We are very lucky to celebrate a meeting with Baba. I think that the way we meet Baba is in that same awareness as if we meet everyone. So, when we go to Madhuban to meet Baba, we practice a lot of soul consciousness, we prepare ourselves. It's a kind of changing relationship, and Baba is calling the body the ‘first household’. Through my eyes, what do I take from my eyes? I am seeing, but what am I taking while seeing? Am I able to see the specialities of each one? It's only when three things are there: my relationship with the body, my relationship with other souls, and my relationship with material things. Even with some material things, one has to be sensible. If there is body consciousness, we have enough of everything, but we will not accumulate anything. I need to have a spiritual relationship, even when I am eating food. We all have different likings, different tastes, and I don't think there is any harm in that. You would be surprised that one time Dadi Janki was saying that they had made sweet rice in Madhuban. They made a few pots, got finished, and then they made another few pots, but Dadi said, “Why is their color and everything the same, even if they cooked a second time? So, one is that they all look the same, the flavor, the taste, and everything. It is important that first we are feeding Baba then we are eating.

I remember that sometimes there was a lot of discussion when people just ate raw food and salads and jokingly said, ``Do you think Baba doesn't like all that?” It's not a question of liking or not liking. It’s so interesting that even scientifically some people believe in nature, and they want to eat everything raw. If you see scientifically in Ayurveda, they will always ask you to cook everything properly. I try to understand what the difference is. They say that our body has five elements and one of the elements that digests the food is fire, and fire has a connection with the Sun. As the Sun rises the heat in the body increases. It's not external heat from clothes and all that. Now, when food goes into the body, if it's raw, the fire in you has to cook it to digest. You know, even they say if you have to eat an apple, don't eat raw, stew it, put some raisins in it, or put some prunes or something. So, they recommend that you don't give so much work to the heat in your body for digestion of food. Some say it's healthy, but as I said Ayurveda will say to eat khichdi, put some ghee, eat soup, and everything soft. Those who believe in natural food, they say to eat everything raw. Now of course everyone's body is different. All the elements are in proportion, but sometimes they are not in balance. So, when we offer bhog to Baba, it's from nature, we take it and then with a lot of love, we cook it and then we offer it to Baba. Of course, Baba also used to say there is sato, rajo, and tamo. So, too much spicy, too much oil, could be rajo or could be tamo, too much of anything. You know regular proper food is offered to Baba. So, the way I am using what is given to us by nature is also very important.

So, what I see through the eyes, what I speak through the mouth, it's a kind of creating a very pure relationship with each sense organ of the body. Not only eating but we speak through the mouth. We respect your own self by speaking righteous and limited. So, I think that when we listen to Baba and kind of follow all the principles, maryadas properly, automatically the family of the body they all get spiritual. You know in the end, whether in the angelic form, or in the divine form, people have a glimpse. They will see the body of the light, angelic body. When Brahma Baba used to go for a walk in the morning in Bombay, or on the mountains every morning after Murli, there was such a grace, an alokik personality. So, it’s the vibrations of the soul, but also making every organ spiritual, so that whenever anyone looks at us and has a vision, they feel differently, that this one is very spiritual, very alokik. So, Baba has given a new kind of homework and that homework is relationship, pure and alokik relationship with the family of body and then further, what Baba calls bodily relationships. You have a lokik mother but she is a soul. Any lokik relationship that is physical, they all are souls. You think of them as souls, we talk to them looking at them as souls in a very beautiful relationship of a lot of love, there is no attachment. There cannot be attachment with the soul and then it becomes like an alokik relationship. Okay!

Om Shanti


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