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Purity - Deities of Manners #29

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_29 Mohini Didi. August 29, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyones is cheerful right? Smiling! That should be easy, right? Whatever is in our awareness, it becomes very natural to have that expression. If there is complete truth inside, definitely there is contentment and then contentment creates cheerfulness. Baba had been saying in many Murlis, look at the world as a game, as a play. There is a difference between a play and a game. In a play there are actors, in the game there are players. In a play each one of us has to remember what my part is - my role. I have to play it very decently. In a game, there is victory and defeat. Baba's talking about 10 players - five vices, five elements. Sometimes there could be a lot of floods or storms, many different natural calamities. In the body, to have total balance of all five elements, that alignment of elements in the body keeps the body healthy. The five vices-players of maya are very cunning, very clever. They come in a very royal way, sometimes gently, sometimes in a strong way.

One time we were in a meeting and there was little bit of strong argument amongst some souls. The next day, Dadi Gulzar began the meeting by giving Baba's message and said when you play badminton, both sides try to hit the birdie. So it's alright, sometimes even the words become like badminton. You say, then the other person says, then you respond, but then it's over. You don't take to the heart, it’s over, just smile, past is past. This was a beautiful Murli we heard about ‘Holi’. I am really paying a lot of attention when it's past, it’s done, it's over. So many people, situations, the way they work maybe two weeks ago or one month there’s complete change. I'm so surprised there is so much change but if I still see the same as it was one month ago, I won’t notice. That's why I like it when Baba says that yes, souls change. You cannot just say this one is like that because there's a lot of transformation happening, a lot. See everything either as a scene of drama or as a part of the game, enjoy. Baba is saying enjoy the game, don't get stressed. We have to make it real.

The Greatness of Purity in our behavior, our interaction with others is loving, respectful. Baba says any action you're doing, even very simple actions, there should be royalty, there should be divinity. Just allow and emerge that awareness of your deity, golden aged form. In your inner silence and stillness, be that image, you will like it. When you do it for a short time, you will then be able to do it a full day also. Baba is saying your walking, talking, speaking, whatever you are doing should be very royal sanskars.

I had been interacting with many souls and I'm really admiring how beautiful they look because of their royalty of purity. When I went to India at the Udaipur airport, some sisters came and a few students said, “Oh, the first time you have landed with your new role.” They brought a few things but the way they packed everything, the way they gave everything, even the flowers and everything was so royal. When we make tolis for Baba, you see in a royal way. If you see the containers of bhog, we keep them very clean, very sparkling. This royalty actually are our original sanskars and of course as we say ‘truth and cleanliness’. It's so simple to speak the truth. It’s so complicated if you don't because then you have to prove so many things. You don't need all that. Just have a simple, very serene nature. I think that we should keep in our mind and continue with these thoughts so that we can become the practical image. We definitely become praiseworthy and worship worthy.

Om Shanti

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