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Purity - Costant Supersensuous Joy and Sweet Silence #19

The_Greatness_of_Purity_19 Mohini_Didi August 19, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone feeling great? Yes? There is a book called, “No matter what, I feel great”. That’s our purity. Our purity brings the self-respect of a great soul. Actually, even in our interactions with lokik people, if they see there is generosity, a charitable heart, nature of calmness, forgiveness, sweetness, gentleness, they say, “Oh, you are a great soul.” Sometimes people think greatness is having achievements. They cannot connect achievements with greatness. If you are able to get rewards, if you are able to get a scholarship or win a prize, some souls would say, “Oh, you are great.” Baba is talking about the greatness of purity. Recently my thoughts have been reflecting more on greatness than purity. Of course we need to have purity, and I think we are pure, but sometimes little traces are still there. Baba calls them the tail of those sankars. Those are temporary sanskars. The thoughts come and then they disappear. One of the aspects of greatness is that you don’t feel sorrow. When I let go of my greatness, then there could be sorrow, but otherwise, now we shouldn’t have any sanskars of sorrow. So, create this awareness and see how you feel for a few days, that I am a pure great soul. I like this mantra, ‘I am a pure great soul.’

Today, Baba is saying that whatever you’re doing is God’s courage and then he said that it’s with God’s help. It’s true because it is truth, honesty, simplicity, and that’s what Dadi Janki was saying. We are honest, right? There is nothing I have to hide, I am honest, I am truthful, and also simple. For so many years, we have been Baba’s children, and we have simplicity. There is no attraction, no desires. As a great soul, pure and great soul, when you look at anyone, it will be with love, peace, mercy if there is anything, but there won’t be any anger. So, keep reminding yourself that ‘I am a pure great soul.’ Take help from Baba whenever you find a particular sanskar that has been there for a long time. With Baba’s help, you will find that it just disappears. That is why Baba had been talking about merging in His love, because when you are merged in love, two things happen: you completely get lost in love, and it colors you. Baba’s qualities will color me because it is Baba’s company. They always say that your company colors us. My company is with God. It is His courage, or His help. Even my courage is because of Baba’s courage, like when you heard that we have to become like Lakshmi Narayan. I have to become like Baba. Is it my courage? Who would think as worshipers, when we came, that I would become Lakshmi Narayan? Lokik people might say that you are crazy. How can you be like Lakshmi Narayan? We said, “Yes, Baba.” Who gave us this courage? Baba. So, since I heard the word God’s courage I have been thinking it’s true. Whatever we have done in spiritual service while in lokik life, all of that is Baba’s courage. Then that becomes my courage, because Baba guarantees us that success is there, victory will be there. All that Baba guarantees increases my courage also. So we don’t start anything with doubt. Any pure thought comes, you act, and there will be success.

We need to go in deep silence. This is not the silence of sadness, this is not the silence of stopping the mind or thoughts, but this silence is the deep experience of the soul. When you are truly in soul consciousness, in your eternal image, it is a silent incorporeal stage. The incorporeal world is a world of silence, the stage of silence. That means you are detached from the body, ‘I am incorporeal’, so there is deep silence. I really like when it is being described as supersensuous joy and deep silence. So, now we add the word consistent. We all have these experiences, but it is not consistent. How will that be consistent? When I keep increasing my awareness during the day. ‘I am a pure, great soul.’ When giving drishti to others, you are also a great soul, and others are inspired to become pure. Baba wants us not only to become completely pure, but to have all the virtues. Otherwise, what is the use of purity? You have purity to become all virtuous. I have purity but no patience, I have purity but I’m not happy, I have purity but I am uncertain. That’s not purity. Purity means all virtues. This is very important. That greatness of purity is what we will reveal Baba through. Purity is what people won’t recognize.

When people come to Shantivan, Madhuban, they have experiences, “Oh it’s very peaceful, you all are very good”, but it’s because of purity, and it’s very incognito. Greatness can be recognized, but not purity, and that greatness of purity will reveal Baba. “Oh you must be God’s children, this must be God’s task.” Many people when they come, they immediately say, “Oh this must be God’s task, this is God’s home.” So use the greatness of purity to reveal Baba. Be light, be happy, let everyone feel it must be God taking care of them, it’s God who is making them instruments. I remember one Japanese woman came and she said, “I have the consciousness and awareness of being an instrument, but I never thought that I am God’s instrument.” Here, everyone has this awareness, it’s not only ‘I'm an instrument’, but ‘I’m God’s instrument.’ God’s qualities, God’s courage, God’s love, everything is a part of my life, my personality. So tomorrow, just look at supersensuous joy and your deep silence. Completely become free from fear, sorrow, and worry. Remember that Baba’s love, Baba’s courage, and Baba’s blessings, are always with you.

Om Shanti

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