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Purity -Constantly Combined #27

The_Greatness_of_Purity_27 Mohini_Didi August 27, 2022

Om Shanti!

Are you ok to get the reflection point or homework for every day, or are you tired? How many of you find it’s beneficial? Those who practice, create awareness, even for a few times a day, you must definitely be experiencing the benefit. I do get some of those who write their experiences and send it to Avyakti Parivar, and they’re very beautiful. For myself also, I find it’s very beneficial when the intellect gets occupied, you are very much into the karma yoga stage. Both ways, in silence and while creating awareness or having attention, I find it very useful. Most of the points sometimes remain only up to the intellect. You know one of the deceiving points in every one of us is “I know”, but then why don’t you do? That’s the problem. This “I know” is so common and also somewhere some just get happy with ‘I know, I have an answer’, but they don’t apply it. So, we get the opportunity for a day to apply it. Today, Baba said that whatever you are doing, do it as a game that you are playing. I know when everyone is happy and we do something, you don’t feel tired because you have enthusiasm, and you increase the enthusiasm of others. Many times, the task is big, it is a lot, but do it as if you are playing the game, don’t see it as a duty or responsibility, no. I was thinking that you have to be playful so that you stay joyful. The second aspect is of Murli as the source of our enthusiasm. Baba also said that the most important effort at this time is to have harmony of sanskars and not be influenced by anyone’s weak sanskars. Like ”This one does not do and that one does not do”. All of that is the influence of others’ sanskars.

According to Baba’s shrimat and our maryadas, we have to set a good example in front of everyone. That is why Baba is talking about Raasleela, as many were the gopis, so many were the Krishnas. In Raasleela, everyone is in the same rhythm, everyone is dancing with the same flow. A lot of people have that problem right, they just want to do what comes in their mind, either they isolate or be exclusive, they don’t become part of and the same. This happens in karma yoga, too. If everyone is doing it, I should just cooperate. It’s their duty, they’re doing it.. So harmonizing of sanskars happens while doing karma yoga, or even joining in Raasleela. That’s a good way also for Baba to be with us. Any karma yoga, whether it was lifting of coals or lifting of stones, when Dadi Prakashmani started doing something, everyone joined, so we became a part of it. We took initiative but also, we stayed together and cooperated. If there are some individuals who have their own way, their own thinking, we shouldn’t be influenced by them. I should do what is right, I should follow shrimat. This is very important. Yes, one of the examples of combined form is Brahma Baba, the second one is Dadi Gulzar, and of course, in karma yoga, Dadi Prakashmani. With Dadi Gulzar, when you took drishti, even when Baba is not there, you could feel Baba’s presence. So, once we told Dadi, “Dadi, when we come to take drishti, it is as if Baba is meeting us.” She said, “Because you come to me to take drishti from Baba, so I have to invoke Baba, I have to keep Baba with me, so that you all can get the experience.” So, we should keep the aim that people come to us to take drishti, to feel close to Baba, or even to experience some of the qualities of Baba. Maybe the love of Baba, maybe peace from Baba, cheerfulness, the smile of Baba. So, we have to invoke Baba, be in His company, not only am I a peaceful soul, but Baba is the Ocean of peace, and I am the master Ocean of peace. In this way, when creating the presence of Baba, I receive, and others can also receive. So, Dadi Gulzar is the right example to give the experience of the presence of Baba, but also Dadi Prakashmani, because early morning before starting her day she would bring Baba and say, “Baba, you and me together will take care of the Yagya.”

Whenever Dadi Janki had to get up from her chair to go somewhere, she would say, “Baba chalo.” So once somebody asked, “Why are you saying this?” She said, “Because I need courage, I need strength, I need power, so I said, ‘Baba chalo, that means Baba let’s go’.” So, it’s not that she’s considering herself to be Baba, like in different spiritual images, they start thinking they are gods. To get power from Baba, to create his presence, the Dadi’s would say “Chalo Baba, Baba let us go.” So, there are different ways to experience the combined form, and of course that purity which is innocent, you’re very innocent. Any negativity, anyone’s weak sanskars, through that purity, that innocence, you can bring Baba, invoke Baba, and you can be together with Baba. So, we love this concept. We have been hearing this, but practice tomorrow whenever you see someone, think of Baba, while sharing drishti, think of Baba. So, thinking will create that experience of being combined. Baba is with me, Baba is doing this with me, whether taking care of service, or whether taking care of your own self, like Dadi Gulzar did. She was a good effort maker, her intellect was with One, Shiv Baba, and Baba was able to use her as a chariot for 40+ years.

So, we all are also Baba’s children, we are all Baba’s instruments, why not let Baba use me, not because I want to glorify my name, but because I have surrendered to Baba, I belong to Baba. I want Baba to use my mind, body, wealth, everything in a worthwhile way. I will be happy about it, but of course I will also create my fortune. So, it’s very interesting that we get these points from Murli, from Madhuban, every month and we are working on it as we call it Avyakt signals or dharna points. It’s very elevated and joyful to keep looking at our purity. Just go deep within and keep looking at the sanskars that are helpful, and then also look at the sanskars I need to transform. Checking and changing is very important, and let us all do Raasleela not Ramleela, right? Ramleela is jealousy, exile and separation. Some do Ramleela a lot, we don’t do Ramleela a lot, we do Raasleela.

Om Shanti

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