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Purity - Conclusion and Experiences #31

The_Greatness_of_Purity_31 Mohini_Didi August 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, everyone is good? Ready to fly more? We had a good month, the month of August. We were able to share the Greatness of Purity, and also the specialty of Dadi Prakashmaniji. When Baba became avyakt, then in the whole town, Abu Rd, Mount Abu, everyone thought that it was Baba's power that was sustaining this Yagya. According to their thinking, once Baba is not there, these sisters won't be able to hold the Yagya, the purity. Brahma Baba gave his hand in Dadi Prakeshmani’s hand. Immediately there was so much expansion. More centers, more Brahmins, bigger programs because Dadi had this whole unlimited vision of serving all those souls, bring people close to the Yagya. She would share with poor people, everyone. Then everyone started believing that this must be God's task. Yesterday one person, a very famous anchor on India's television, was saying that five years ago he fell and he broke his back. Doctors told him he would never be able to stand or do anything. Somewhere or other he came to know about Brahma Kumaris, and he didn't go to the center, but he started listening to videos regularly. He said that something happened, his mind became powerful, and then he healed to an extent that today he is standing on the stage to tell this. He never was in bed because his mind was becoming strong and the healing happened. So, all these experiences that people are having, alokik power they say, it's kind of alokik peace. The interesting thing is that in other ashrams, there are only men, there are some with only women, but here we brothers and sisters live together, in the same campus. The whole energy is such that everyone experiences either power or peace. This is because of the vibrations of purity. Not only purity, but maryadas. Purity is power. Purity is the mother of peace and happiness. It is royalty. By maintaining the Greatness of Purity, we are able to serve and use the resources of the center, by doing programs or something that is needed in the community.

So, I must say that this month was very good, it was taking us deeper and deeper, and of course Dadi Prakashmani’s inspiration for commitment. The last point I want to share is that whatever commitment we have, we should keep it. Baba will give you so many blessings, without sacrifice. One is renunciation, the other is sacrifice. Sacrifice brings multi-million-fold rewards, when it's difficult, but you still do it. I was telling someone today that I see the result of commitment right here. There will always be a reason not to fulfill our commitments, but if you do it, it gets done right, and that also comes from our pure love for Baba. So, purity is greatness if we use it, otherwise, purity could be like something sitting, but how does it function? So, let's use the power of purity and help souls to create a good atmosphere. It's a clean mind and a clean intellect, because purity is also cleansing us. So, it was a good month.

Om Shanti

Maryada Purshottam

Om Shanti!

Today, in India one very big celebration of worshipping Ganesh has started. All over India or Indians wherever worldwide are worshiping Ganesh. I know that most of you know about Ganesh. I mentioned it because whatever is happening in any part of the world, there are certain energies that are created. There is also significance of the elephant head, and the little rat that is the vehicle of Ganesh. I don't know who sent it to me, but the interesting thing is that there was a gathering of angels, or kings and queens, and there was one angel who was very disturbing and was making negative comments. So, something happened and everyone said that he should not be there and he should be given some role to play. He was given, I could say a blessing or a curse, that he will become a rat, and then he will become the vehicle of Ganesh. So, he was an angel actually, but a discarded one. So, the significance of that story about an angel becoming a rat and then becoming the vehicle of Ganesh, is that Ganesh is supposed to be very wise. The name also is Ganapati, which means very very good intellect and wise, and is considered to be very auspicious. So, people worship Ganesh to start anything, but also the symbol of Ganesh, they show a swastika, and they worship the swastika also. So, I just thought to mention it because it's very popular and has a lot of energy, where all people come together, they dance and sing and have a good celebration.

Baba had been using the word ‘personality of royalty’ for us. Royalty of purity, but personality of royalty, too. Baba is giving us the title of Maryada Purshottam. Purush actually means the soul, the person, and Uttam is most elevated. So, we all are elevated, but most elevated means that our thoughts, our words, our actions, our drishti, everything has to be elevated. That means, not ordinary like anyone, but elevated, higher. So, by following certain Maryadas, we get the title of Maryada Purshottam. The Confluence Age is the age that we call the most elevated, Purshottam Yug. So, we take the benefit of the blessings of time because time is the way things are fixed and is connected with nature. Like harvest season happens and then there is different weather, different seasons. So, at the Confluence Age, at this time, Baba wants us to be the most elevated ones, and for that, a little more attention is required. It’s not just pure, not just elevated, but the most elevated, that is called Purshottam. So, I'm sure that we will have a good time and good churning. We will be together helping each other so that we all become Maryada Purshottam. We should take it not as listening, but becoming. This year we got this chance, it's not like it happens all the time. So, we will take full advantage of whatever we are, we will be listening to the points from Madhuban, from Avyakt Murlis, and become the most elevated.

Om Shanti


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