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Purity – Close to the Father #26

Greatness_of_Purity_26 Mohini_Didi August 26th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba is talking about enthusiasm. How do we keep our energy constantly in such a way that there is enthusiasm? I think enthusiasm also is connected with purity. Sometimes because of some reason, you could be disappointed or become heavy and lose hope. Baba is saying that if you maintain enthusiasm, then circumstances will not attack you. If you have a task to do that looks big and a little difficult, if there is enthusiasm, you will feel it’s possible to do it. You will manage it. If you lack enthusiasm, you will say, “it’s too big. I don’t think we can accomplish it.” There will be a lot of weak thoughts. I have seen some souls that have a lot of enthusiasm and they accomplish big tasks. All of us will pay attention that our enthusiasm remains constant.

A Brahma kumar/kumari means personality of purity. Purity of soul-consciousness, purity of thoughts, purity of words, drishti, all purity. When there is body-consciousness, all the vices get pulled. When we are in soul-consciousness, there is purity and closeness to Baba. Dadi Prakashmani was the master of the treasures of blessings. I think we have to do everything in such a way that not only souls, but Baba also blesses us. Then efforts are easy, service is easy, everything is easy. If there are difficulties from the body, the body will cooperate. If there is difficulty with wealth, Baba said wealth will also cooperate. That means there won’t be any circumstances connected with anything. It’s very interesting to look into enthusiasm and purity. When I used to look at Dadi Prakashmani, during Amrit Vela or Murli, she was very enthusiastic. The way she read Murli, it really felt like real Murli. While listening, it was so entertaining, so loving, you could just feel that Baba was present. These are the qualities we have to look into.

I think I will definitely look into how we keep getting blessings from everyone. What blessings come out of your heart for others? What makes them feel that they’re receiving blessings? Have you experienced it? It is the same when, whatever I do towards them, I will receive a lot of blessings. These days we walk with blessing cards, because everyone says they want blessings. One technician got the blessing, “You are a flower” and of course it was more detailed. She kept saying, “Oh, I’m a flower, I’m a flower!” Some people are in a lot of tension these days, but some are so kind and loving. They know that people are stressed, so they try to be loving, kind and speak very sweetly, very sympathetic. Wherever you go, you find that kind of feeling that people are very kind, very loving. From our hearts also, we give blessings to them. “You did very well, you were very kind.” It’s a beautiful relationship that gets created too. I remember that one time, I was traveling on Air India. There was a young boy who wanted vegetarian food, and father said no, he has to eat non-veg. The air hostess said, “Whatever boy wants I have to give, that’s my duty.” The father started fighting with the air hostess, “No, you have to give him what I want.” This was a little thing, but it became a big issue. This air hostess needed some good remarks, otherwise she said she would lose her job. I said, “yes, I will write, because you serve very nicely”. Some, their temper is very high. In whatever way, we can help souls. The personality of purity has its own attraction. That royalty Baba said, takes you into the royal family.

In the beginning of yagya, even after 14 years when I started, everything they did was so royal, even if there was no money. They ate little, but still in a very royal way. The clothes they wore were very simple, but looked very royal. That was purity. I always remember those days, we were family, BK family, there was such royalty. Even now, as a group when you travel to India, everyone does feel that attraction.

At least for me, I will reflect on enthusiasm, royalty, and like Dadi ji, sympathetic, lovely and detached, and of course, fill my apron with all the blessings. That is our aim that we have to do. I noticed that it doesn’t take long, even in a few moments, one could lose enthusiasm. That could be because of inner tiredness, “how long will I continue like this”, or some difficulty or circumstances affect the mind, then we lose enthusiasm. If we know that there will be blessings, Baba is with us, then we won’t lose enthusiasm. We will remember these points of purity, royalty, enthusiasm, receiving and giving blessings. Tomorrow, that will be our reflections.

Om Shanti.

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