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Purity - Awareness of Brotherhood #13

The_Greatness_of_Purity_13 Mohini_Didi August, 13, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? We all want to experience the love of Baba and also all the souls. Who has to experience it all? We will say the soul has to experience. What is within the soul that experiences? Your mind and your intellect. The love and remembrance that Baba gives us is so subtle. Baba loves each one of us. I feel a lot of love from Baba. Not only feel, but I think he loves and likes me a lot. You know there is a song, “Baba. What did you see in me that you loved me?” It’s very interesting, because then you start seeing qualities within you. I should grow and develop those qualities more and more. For that, I think soul consciousness is very important. God's love can only be experienced by the soul in soul consciousness. So, now we have to see that as much we are increasing awareness that I am a soul, I am pure, I am loveful, I feel not only love of Baba, but His presence. In a very incognito way, He is with me giving me His power. Baba wants us to be consistent in our awareness of soul consciousness. What are other things that we need to forget? What stays with me, and what can I let go? Let's say I want everyone to smile and to be happy and when we meet, we should meet with a lot of love. It happens sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't happen. When it does not happen, then that stays in the memory. This one was not pleasant, this one was not sweet, this one did not say proper hello to me. So, those memories will disturb the awareness of soul consciousness. They will not allow us to be consistent in remembrance. Those thoughts bring too many thoughts. They keep coming, but if you are truly in soul consciousness and have natural love for everyone, you don't see how others respond. I always see what I am doing.

So, I always remember Dadi Prakashmani. I used to say she was so innocent, but so pure and loving. She would sit in the courtyard in the morning after Murli and say, ‘good morning, good morning’ continuously. I don't think she noticed if anyone responded or not, but she left a quality, an example for us, to have love for everyone. Once I was sitting at the airport, and there was a mother with a little child sitting next to me. This child was smiling and looking at everyone. Many did not look at the child because it's not how you look at everyone. He would turn around his head and start crying. Every time he smiled and you didn’t respond, he would cry. I was watching and I said, “Because he loves that everyone should smile at him.” So, I'm just giving an example that there are certain traces in us which are not impure but of body consciousness. One is how people respond to you. If I always remember what I have to do, my part, my sanskar, and happiness will come to me. I feel good if I can ask people if they have eaten because if I'm eating, at least I can offer if someone wants or doesn't want. So, I love that sanskar in me, and I maintain it even if there are a lot of difficulties, or not enough response. I feel if we are a family, if we are God's children, it comforts the soul. I always say wherever I am, if I'm in Peace village, I say even if it's your department, you don't have time, you're busy, but just to keep asking each other, “Are you OK? Do you need help?” Many have told me that this one will always ask, but this one never asks. So, I said, “Don't worry, there are certain sanskars found in us and then everyone there will be different. They're acting based on what they are, and it's nothing wrong with their intentions, that's who they are.”

We had one sister come, she was new, we were in Queens. So, when we are eating, we make sure if we are five, everyone gets food. When she was there, there was never enough food. I said, “What's happening?”, because she would finish off. So, once I asked her, I said, “Everyone gets some right?” She said, “We were eight children and my mother would cook a big pot and say, “Eat as quick as you want. So, we have this habit of eating quickly, as much as one can eat, without consideration for the other ones.” I said, “Here it works differently, just try and see how you feel.” There was another soul who had a habit of crying for every little thing. So, Dadi sent her to me. “You keep her with you.” So, I said, “Ok.” One day, I asked her. “What makes you cry?” She said, “I don't know, I just cry.” So I said, “Can we plan something? For 24 hours you don't cry.” I don't remember exactly, but every day we took some practice to see if she could change, and it did happen. When she was leaving after three weeks, her crying had almost stopped. You know it's very easy for me to like this one, or to do this, but maybe it’s the sanskar of that soul. We don't have to be upset or disturbed, just be loving to that soul so that we can help in whatever way. Personal help, and Baba's task also. For me, it's a joy to see how we can help each other and then have very good, lovely relationships.

I know I was with Dr Nirmala and then Jayanti bhen. I traveled a lot in the beginning, to establish centers in the Caribbean, and in the USA. We both grew with so much understanding, the limits of each other. Everyone has certain limits, and everyone has a lot of specialties, too. Once we understand, we maintain self-respect. We respect them, and we play a part together in a complementary way. Everyone was using their specialty and never looked at anyone's weakness. Knowing that each one has a different and special part. So, soul consciousness and brotherly attitude and drishti is the foundation. Also look at your traces of sanskars. You can look at both ways you know, what you love to be, what is natural for you, but also what becomes challenging for you. So instead of always trying to correct the situations, first bring self-transformation. You must have heard about what they call ‘road rage’. So, this person always blames or accuses or gets angry about how people drive. This might be right, because people do not always drive cautiously. I have to protect myself. If there is a situation of confusion, I have to see that I do not get confused. That is the first step. I cannot run away, and that is not the solution. The solution is to see if it is possible that I stay clear, stable, calm which is good for me and helps the situation. So, self transformation is very important for everything. What is easy for you? What is challenging for you? It will be easy to maintain the awareness of soul consciousness. One family, one clan, children of one Father. I tell people that we have common parents, we are all brothers, and in the body, we are brothers and sisters. Purity will help our awareness, and awareness will increase my purity. So, remember that.

Om Shanti

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