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Purity - Avyakt Feelings & Good Wishes #30

The_Greatness_of_Purity_30 Mohini_Didi August 30, 2022

Om Shanti!

Whatever Baba says it’s like a blessing. Baba said to constantly be smiling. So, everyone has to be constantly smiling. Baba said that the most beautiful color is the color of Baba’s company. Everyone, each one of us, are spiritual roses. Everyone has a beautiful form of a rose, a beautiful color, and the fragrance is of virtues. Just imagine for a moment that Baba is looking at you as a spiritual flower ‘ruhe gulab’. Just imagine how God looks at each one of us. So, create that self-respect, ‘I am in Baba’s garden, a spiritual rose’. We all have different colors, different shapes, but we are all spiritual roses. Every word these days, when Baba speaks, if I take it like, ‘yes Baba it is true’, then create awareness and create that experience, my life will be, as Baba says, a lighthouse. Every moment of life, we are serving. Whatever thoughts we have, the vibrations go somewhere, and souls receive those vibrations. So we have to remain beyond, and have avyakt feelings. When Baba says ‘avyakt feelings’, then immediately Avyakt BapDada comes in front of me. What do you feel when Avyakt Bapdada is in front of us? Thousands of us go to just take drishti from Baba because you can just see those avyakt, angel of light, vibrations. Baba is also saying that your feelings should also be avyakt feelings. You are not looking at the person or sanskar or what that person looks like, no. You just be detached and lovely.

Baba wants His children to be in this personality of royalty. Royal people, when they pass from anywhere, they won’t look at anything ordinary. They always see something which is very royal. So, how to remain beyond little things which always will be happening? One time Dadi Gulzar said, “If your stage is affected by little situations until the last moment, there will be some, so when will you be stable?” I always remember Dadi Gulzar’s words, she said in Hindi, ‘baat to ant tak aayegi’. There will always be something, but the practice of not noticing, going beyond, you are seeing and still not seeing, you are hearing and still not hearing. That means your feelings are not involved there. That is how, not only will we be loved by everyone, but our stage also will be very stable, unshakable. To pass with honors, I think what is most important is our stage. Didi Manmohini used to say that you have only one companion, and that is your own stage. So, never get confused, never get into wrong feelings, even if it is there, you are not creating them, and you are not taking them. So, in this way, we remain above insult and praise. The other practice is about speaking. They say words are very fast. They just come out very fast, sometimes after speaking we say, “Oh, did I say that?” Our words have to be words of blessings. Everything we say for ourselves, for others, have to be based on knowledge, yuktiyukt and avyakt feelings, but full of love, full of bhavna. I think we have to see this magic now with our words, we have to see this magic. Purity is not just purity, it’s quite a big thing to conquer the five vices, become conqueror of nature, which we all have done, most of us. We have conquered the five vices. So, there is that power, and where do I use that power? To create that stage, which is detached, lovely, stable, avyakt.

So, today I was remembering Baba, also just to be free from any kind of obstacles. When our stage fluctuates, or is affected, always something will happen. If we are ones who sustain and protect the Yagya, we always have to maintain loveful feelings for each other and our word should be always to empower, to encourage, and of course as Baba said, our feelings should also be avyakt. So, I think it is our last day of the month, you can read these again, listen to it, and be that spiritual rose in Baba’s garden, full of fragrance. I am talking to my own self. That's what I would want to be, and I will keep attention that whatever little or more effort is required, we have to make it . We have to reach that stage of perfection, and that’s how we will glorify our Father. Our Father who has given us inheritance. So, Baba is coloring us with His company. I have been thinking for two days, which color? The color of love, the color of peace? Which color? Just be merged in Baba, be colored, and use that color to sprinkle on others also. See each other with that personality, that royal personality of purity.

Om Shanti

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