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Pure Feelings in Your Heart #15

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_15                Mohini_Didi               January 15, 2024

Om Shanti!

Everyone is a jewel of contentment, right? Constant contentment. We have to bless ourselves, take the blessing of the Murli, and bless ourselves and others with that quality. Feelings are very subtle. We say there is mind, intellect, and then we say heart. Baba is saying that when you extend your good wishes from the heart, that means my feelings now are clean and pure. Feelings have very strong vibrations, even if you say something or not, but this is also visible through your drishti. We all have to make some special efforts to keep our feelings clean, pure, and powerful, not to hold on to anything from the past. What we have done for each other in our kindness and compassion, always keep that in mind rather than what we couldn't do. Sometimes our expectations are more from each other, and if those expectations are not fulfilled, then our feelings are not very strong, not very pure. So, how to keep ourselves free? Give what you can give and receive what you can receive. That means that even if someone is not extending that much good wishes for you, but you just take everything in a positive way. Baba says that even if it's negative, take it as positive. So I've been thinking about how do we keep our hearts very clean? I know in the month of January, we used to do a program called ‘Heart to Heart’ and recently they did it in Peace Village last Sunday. I think it was very successful to have a place where you could share from heart to heart. Mostly our sharings are about programs, about situations. When we sit and share from the heart our experiences, our difficulties, or maybe what we are trying to do. So, to have this open heart and then it becomes very easy. 

Sometimes there is a very subtle kind of conflict going on between your own heart and intellect. These days, very subtle desires dominate the heart. So, even whatever you say through words, what reaches the other person is your feelings. I feel at the Confluence Age to have loveful feelings, pure feelings, is very important for the self and for others. It's very beautiful, Baba is saying, “Now let the pure feelings in your heart reach many other souls. Reveal the power of silence.” Baba is saying that each brahmin child has this power of silence, and this power of silence actually could be of one virtue. When any kind of conflict is there, then have the power of silence or peace. Any kind of obstacles that are there between souls, use that equivalent virtue or power. Virtue becomes power. Each brahmin child has the power of silence. Like sometimes we say many things, then let me just forget it and be quiet, be in silence. So in a way, you are clearing, you are erasing. Baba is saying to simply let the power emerge in your mind and through your body also. Like you have difficulty you avoid talking, looking at that person, and just be loving, friendly, sharing, caring. These are very important qualities. Baba says that through your mind and body concentrate the thoughts in your mind in a second, I am a peaceful soul. So that one virtue will spread the vibrations of peace and create that atmosphere. Whatever is needed, whenever, just use the power of silence. 

Concentrate the thoughts in your mind in a second and you will then be able to spread the power of concentration in the atmosphere. So today, the way I understood concentration is to just take one virtue. I am a loveful soul. So when you have that concentration, then from there, when you extend good wishes, it is going to work. So I thought that everyone has good wishes, but Baba is saying that it should be from the heart. It should be from the power of silence, and that is total concentration. Concentration is just one thought, and then you spread it, the vibration spreads and changes the atmosphere, creating the atmosphere into what we need, which is good for everyone. So keep the feelings pure, mind pure, heart pure.

Om Shanti 


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