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Promise that I will not Surrender myself to anyone else #18

Embodiment_ of_Solutions _18 Mohini_Didi September 18th, 2023

Om Shanti Every one !

OK, Well, finally I am at my destination. Three days in transit, two days in Dubai. Finally I am in Shantivan. Shantivan is always always ocean of people. All over they have a big conference on. And that conference is some thing on social service. It is very very interesting and definitely happy to be here, same everyone is busy, some are traveling and some are in conference and some are trying to settle in. And Dubai was very very interesting, completely different. Majority of population there is from Arab countries and language is Arabic. But how the sisters, there are many of them now big center, quite a big house like a bungalow has been built there. Big Baba’s room big hall and I don't know how they did it but then right in London on the Oxford St. They also on the main main road they have a big place called Raja yoga centre, meditation. Very big sign in english and Arabic language written on the board and paintings everything is so beautiful. I asked them who did all that and they said a sister right from there she is artist and interior design very beautiful classroom, silent room, reception area, one area corridor they have all different kinds of pictures of service which has happened there. I had been there few times but not within 30 years. So I was happy to see that how Baba’s service everywhere is really expanding and what big class, mostly in class are people from Bharat. Bharat and Indians and so today we are talking about surrender. Surrender and belonging there are two words, first we come to Baba and then instantly we recognize Baba. Feel that belonging and with that trust of belonging then we surrendered to Baba. I think all of you it's not necessarily those who live at center but those who are in the family can also live life of surrender. Everything belongs to Baba, but I am a trustee. Sometimes, some people think if I surrender then I won't have any right or I won't have anything. But Baba doesn’t take anything. Only basically that after surrender or even before the awareness is that not to have I, my money, my body, my ideas, nobody surrenders Baba’s, we use it, we have to use, we need body right, to use and we need money to do service. We need good relationships, friendship with everyone. So we need everything but use it as a trustee. And when you use it as a trustee then karmic bondages are not created. And that's what Baba today is saying that most of the problems are really there are two words we have influenced or impressed. We do get impressed by people way of doing things, of their personality and lifestyle and then we not only copy it but we start following ideas of that person, really dictates of that person, and then sometimes after following we realize that well I haven't given my life to any soul, even we are in gathering, we are in family, we are in the same school study. So we are very close companions, and you have company you know. It's important but now Baba is saying, but not surrender. I think one of the concept I understand and relate to was, when at the battlefield they show that Arjuna, he was prepared to be on the battlefield to fight and to be victorious. So when he saw his uncles, aunty’s, relatives and opposite enemy side he said how I'm going to kill them? why I am going to kill my gurus and so he was trembling and said to Krishna. I'm not able to hold my bow and arrow. I can't do it and then Krishna said, but they are already dead. What he meant is that you're looking at the bodies. Souls are immortal. You have to fight. You have to be victorious. Otherwise you will always be considered to be a weak person. So anyway the concept here is that so he gave Krishna said OK. They were in the chariot and Krishna sat in front as a charioteer and he was holding the reign of the chariot and taking Arjuna wherever to go for the fight or he was taking. So reign of intellect So what today's is that you surrender it to Baba. So you follow Shrimat. We have to be together. We have instruments, and we have seniors right, but I have lived with every senior. All Dadi’s and that is very closely but also all I remember one time there were fifty Dadi’s.They used to love me, I was close to them. We used to share a lot of methods of teaching and how to take care of sustenance of family and and they have definitely their plans and ideas and they will let me know or us, few of us. But also they gave us choice this is what they feel you all should do, this is your responsibility and then Dadi will look at us. And I know one time I found that that's not practical for me it's not, it's not right. So my face didn't show that I'm very happy about the ideas. So later on Dadi said but what do you think? and I said Dadi, this is the best I can do. Dadi said, that's fine, and more they let us do, our power to discern grows, and our trust grows and their trust on us. It's a very beautiful way of belonging and also obedience but not subservient not surrender, you do or die no. You do or go. We do together no, One time I went, both Dadi’s were saying I was taking class in Diamond hall and both were listening. When I said why you have to listen to my class? we really enjoy, we understand from where you're coming? and the same I always heard their class, but how there was kind of common sharing of understanding because what baba explains each one us we kind of understand and create a perception, sitting and sharing all that is very important. It brings the closeness and company. So let's see how you understand, we'll see. Baba says promise that I will not surrender myself to anyone else. I have surrendered to Baba, I cannot praise that no matter whatever is the excuse that I will not surrender myself to anyone else. Just as seed is watered after it has been sown, because if you don’t water the seed and then it will just finish. Only then does the tree becomes fruitful. In the same way, in order to fill the promise, you have made water of the company as well as courage is also required. Courage with company. So company but not internally allow your intellect to be influenced. Understand take benefit, take whatever is useful for you. But you should also have your own understanding, your churning, your sharing. I remember when I was young, I I loved and I listened to every senior. but then I said, the way I think about the knowledge, about even their sharing. So that’s why I still continued with my personal reflection and churning. So now how will that this help you to become embodiment of solution, because there might be some problems in your spiritual life where you find yourself not very clear about surrender, about company, about what exactly Baba says is not to surrender to anyone else. Maybe we all have little experiences here and there in the past where we did but very influenced and maybe try to give the reign in their hands which we cannot. It's only Baba, my intellect with Baba, let Baba take that reign in his hand and guide me take my intellect where we're in the appropriate way. And then we find that how it has been the soul gets sustained, the seed get watered, and of course you have to keep courage, right. So it's very very interesting, that we all have to churn, think about it. Baba says that, promise that you will not surrender in the beginning many mothers they were threatened and you know because of purity and but those who are strong they said, they will die, but I'm not going to break my promise with Baba. Because what will be that life where I break that promise and live as a subservient person. It's only fear right. If any person threatens you and then you surrender. So you will be like a slave right. Generally the word surrender comes in the armies right. This army, this nation surrendered to this one. But here surrender is offering. I live for Baba. I'm sustained by Baba deeply within, even being in company but just be careful, keep courage and do whatever is right according to Shrimat. Not dictates of one's own mind, that’s also we surrender to your own mind, that also we wont do. Some of subtle problems happen because of this. So baba is warning us, helping us and saying just keep to your promise of surrender to One and that will help you to become an embodiment of solution and you won't have any problems anywhere. So have reflections.

Om Shanti !

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