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Practise of Being Stable in the Point Form # 30

Liberation_ in_ life_30 Mohini_Didi               December 30, 2023  

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay, well? Now, the word point has so many meanings. Even when you understand something you say, “Oh, I got the point.” So, there are details and expansion,  then there is a point. So, the purpose of life, and especially what we know now, is that I have to be a point, but I also have to be a master Ocean. That makes it more interesting, because the waves of the ocean and the pearls which emerge with the waves come to the beach. We see so many beautiful pearls emerge. So, when I am a point and then I am a master Ocean, with the waves of the ocean, all the treasures that  I have accumulated come up. Another point is when you plug something in, right? To make a connection, you plug in. Those plugs are also little points. So, there are many meanings of the point. It's like creating a habit, that whatever you are speaking or listening, while speaking also, you make a point whether speaking or even while listening. The conclusion is also called a point. Let's come to a conclusion, that means let's come to a point. Of course, in a spiritual way, the point is also useful to put a full stop as a point. I remember long ago, Baba had given us the homework of using three dots. It's like creating awareness, because sometimes you want to use a full stop and it doesn't work. You start by getting into awareness of the first one, I am a soul. It's so interesting, many times I just say, “Ok, let me just use one dot, one point.” So I just go to the stage of soul consciousness. I am immortal, I am peaceful, and it doesn't help just to say ‘I'm a soul’, you have to create my eternal qualities, create your original qualities. It takes about 7-8 minutes, and you really feel as an embodiment of a point. Many times, before sleeping you are very awake or you have some thoughts, so I say that I don't want to think. You think and it just works, but what should I think? I can apply the second point of soul consciousness, and then go further using another point, Baba as a point. When you do that, you are in a very elevated stage, and very subtle, and you feel very light. So, I experiment with three dots in a different way. As I said, I just want to use the dot of full stop, but it doesn't stop. So, I go to soul consciousness as the point and it really makes a lot of difference. Then go to Baba, He is the Ocean of love, or as Baba said, ‘Heart Throne”. In many different ways we can use the point. Baba as point of light, but again, He is also the Ocean, which is Bestower. So, I am sure that when we do the homework of being a point and double light, there will be many many rich experiences and deep transformations in us. 

Om Shanti

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