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Practice being detached #15

Volcanic_Yoga_15 Mohini_Didi August 15,2023

Om Shanti!

How is everyone, okay? Yes, everyone is well. Baba loves us, so we love each other. I always say that one of the gifts one can have in life is to be loved. It is a gift and a blessing, Baba said. The blessing is that if we can continuously bestow, our capacity keeps increasing, so that we can keep sharing more and more. I think that each one of us, we start reflecting when we hear something and kind of observe one’s own self. What is my stage according to what Baba wants us to be? Then we either give ourselves marks or certificates or whatever, because a certificate from Baba and from others is important. Also, it is important to give a certificate to one’s own self. So we will listen, how to be detached? What to do? While coming into action, coming into expansion, being entertaining or coming into relationship and connection, practice being detached. You don’t have to leave anything, but you have to be detached. There are many good examples within the Brahmin family, and there had been good heir souls in the Yagya, where they had 3-4 generations. That means as grandparents or great great grandparents, until the last day, they stayed together. Children took care of their grandparents, but all the time their stage was that I had to be like Avyakt BapDada. I have to become avyakt like BapDada, and we have an example here in Toronto. That means you don’t have to feel like I have to leave, because if I am there then I have attachment. No, be a good example. Do everything, be with everyone, but still be detached. Baba says that just as it is easy to come into relationship and action, in the same way, let it be just as easy to be detached. Such practice is needed. We have, but still at the time of extreme, let the end come in a second. This is the effort of the last stage. Many Baba’s children ask the question, what is our last stage? One moment to be in a deep relationship, and the next moment to be just as detached as you are in connection, as though you are merged in the lighthouse. The stage of a lighthouse and mighthouse will be created through this practice. Then, many souls will have visions. They will know that this is how to do it. This is the means of revelation. So, how many of you can give a certificate of detachment to yourselves? Can I see hands? No, what about others? Attached! Everything has to be detached and connected. So that’s actually very normal. If you look at the universe, nature, everything connects and then disconnects. Then disconnects to reconnect. So practice tomorrow and see how it works for you.

Om Shanti

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