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Pay Attention and Save #22

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_22 Mohini_Didi March 22, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? We are really specially blessed by Baba and the family. This parivar has some magic. It is bringing more and more members into the family. The day before yesterday, we went to Gyan Sarovar to take a class for double foreigners. There were about 400 of them or a little more and I asked them, because Bhumiben wanted to give this Timeless calendar which is very popular. We hadn't been able to give it until now, because we want to keep the quality and we don't want to sell it. It's a gift from Avyakti Parivar. So, then I asked them or the sister who was coordinating the class, how many of you listen to Avyakti Parivar? I was amazed, it was everyone. I didn't realize that so many souls turned it on either live or on YouTube, but also I was happy. I told them that now I have to make more efforts, knowing that so many of you are taking benefit. So, I have to practice more, reflect more, then share but, of course, I want to be natural also, talking to the family.

This month had been a month of planning for a scheme of saving. Some people like to spend and some like to save, and I think we have to do both. You need to save and you need to spend also, but you have to do it wisely, wherever you could save, you will save. I remember that whenever we had to make something, build something in Madhuban, Dadi Prakashmani always used to think that whatever is done in Madhuban becomes a kind of example or a standard for all other centers. Dadi used to love to feed people and have picnics and celebrate. She also got a small bus, 22 seater, and I remember, in the afternoon she would call all of us, “let's go! let's go” especially in the month of August. There was so much rain. She would take us, every afternoon we would have breakfast together. Bholi Dadi and Prakashmani Dadi met every morning at 7 o'clock, and then Dadi had to go to read murli. Bholi Dadi will come into her room to discuss what will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dadi would know the seasonal vegetables, that are definitely healthy, taste better, and reasonable. If you buy things that are not in season, they are expensive. So Dadi had in her diary all about fruits and vegetables, and she would write how much everything cost. So, she will tell us that if you want to have a balanced budget, then every day you have to see what we should cook for everyone, not only for expenses point of view but also from a health point of view.

These days in Madhuban also, things have changed every evening, you can get millet kitcheri because they have become so aware. It is actually millet from India. Everyone has become aware of eating less gluten and having more millet. They mix a few other things in that, or they even make Roti from millet. I tried it once or twice. There is quality of rice, it could cost a lot, it could be reasonable. So, in our minds, this whole thing is of balance. You are not spending luxuriously. Even if you have to buy something, if you buy something very expensive, your intellect will be pulled. Whether you use marble tiles, stone tiles, or just the bricks, Dadi used to say that if you buy something very cheap, it won't last long. So, that means you have to get it again. That is one thing, and second is, if you buy very expensive or you buy cheap, Dadi used to say to keep a standard. Not very expensive, not very cheap. So, these are the principles of budgeting, whether it's a small family at the center or it's a big family. I went to one of the centres, and they had almond halwa and they were giving me so much. I said that I can't really digest all that or from health or sugar. This is very heavy. There are a lot of things that are very heavy, but you have to have a little quantity.

So, Baba is talking more about one of the important diets is our thoughts. Everything is connected,mind and body. If you have ordinary thoughts or you have special thoughts, Baba keeps saying that you all are special so your thoughts shouldn't be ordinary, doubtful, critical. Some people have always been very settled out in what they are doing and what could happen in the future. I think this should be that internal faith and security, certainty, but use a special quality before thinking, while thinking, even after thinking. Think before you think. Definitely, we think before we talk. Our thinking quality should be not ordinary, but should be very special. Now when it comes to saving, someone was just reminding me how much we look forward to having a few coupons, things on sale. Sometimes you save little, sometimes you save a lot and you try to save if you can. So, saving is like not wasting, saving is not that you don't spend, but you don't waste. You keep as much as you need, but you shouldn't be accumulating. Baba used to say that some people keep a lot of slippers. Baba, at least we have to have one spare, but some of us keep many. So subtly, it's a very subtle karmic account with nature. Material things should be used in a worthwhile way. There are many souls in the world and they are deprived. They can't afford many things. So, we use it and if we can, share with others. This way, you are becoming the conqueror of greed and attachment, body consciousness.

So, in our principles, that we do it in practical, there's always some understanding about karmas, creating and settling. So, have the hobby of saving and when necessary, spending also. So, why Baba is saying that to be miser is not good. Some are very miserly. They only think of where they can cut down one dollar or one pound. So, have generosity. Don't waste, whether it is thoughts, words, money, energy, time. Use it, because when you save, you can use it. There are certain times you need to use more, so you have enough savings to use. So, let's experiment with this concept and see how full, how happy we feel after following this practice.

Om Shanti

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