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Pass with Honour in Every Situation #7

Determined_Thought _7 Mohini_Didi February 7, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well and everyone is okay. Baba really inspires us for higher goals. Baba, Brahma Baba also used to tell us, “Children, keep the aim to pass with honors.” I know that in the lokik examinations, to pass with honors means 90% and above.That is different, getting marks in exams and you have to write exams, you have to sometimes remember something. Honor really is respect, it's a kind of an award, like you are winning something. Even many times you have been given an opportunity that is very high to serve. Oh, it's my honor that I have been given this chance to speak, or to be on this seat, or to conduct something, we use the word honor. So, we all have whatever level of education but we always found that there are pass marks. Some study just to pass and some study they pass with honors, and for us its two levels, one is study and the other is in practical life situations. So, we say that yes everyday I listen to Murli, revise Murli, and then I use that point of knowledge to pass in every situation and observe every scene of Drama without being emotionally affected. I remember that there was one Baba’s child, he would always say, “Wah Drama” ad then “Wah Baba.” So once I asked him, “Why don’t you say. ‘Wah Baba’ first and then ‘Wah Drama’? He said, “No, you have to appreciate Drama, whatever happened, wah Drama, and that is only possible if I want to pass with honors.” Whether it was of attachment or of anger or because I mentioned everyone has different sanskars. I already mentioned a few days ago, Dadi Gulzar said, “You cannot react until you have sanskars.” We always point out that this happened because of someone else. We have to look into ourselves, self transformation is very important.

So, our signal for today is to pass with honor, in other words, you do not feel regrets or punishment, even in your thoughts. You regret what you did? Then you can’t pass with honors because you lost your honor, getting upset, saying things that are not relevant, saying things that don't bring happiness to others. Baba is taking us even beyond words, even in the thoughts. First you think, then you say, and then you do it, but we create, Baba has given us, self respect. We are becoming deities, we have self dignity, how can I come below that? How can I come down from the seat of self respect? Our thinking should be very royal, very elevated, very much that which brings happiness to everyone, and never pass any comment on anyone. Just remain in your self respect, remain in your self dignity. Royalty and purity, just imagine Brahmins becoming angels, then becoming deities from angels, quite a high status. We know that we all have to become that, so then what is my honor? What is my dignity? How do deities smile? How is food is offered to deities? It is the same with Brahma Baba and the Brahmin children. So when you think of your royalty, then your thoughts, your words, and your actions will be very royal and pure. Baba is saying that whatever was in the past, just let it go. Baba gives the example of royal people, they won't look around for anything here and there. They will get the most beautiful things. I remember the royalty of Brahma Baba before renunciation. In those days, people used to wear buttons of diamonds even in their shirt, many of them were equal to Baba in prosperity, but after renunciation when he was given name ‘Brahma’, he was very simple. Whether Baba was defamed or whether he was humiliated, whatever people did to him, he never felt defamed, he never felt humiliated. It is surprising how he maintained, and that is called passing with honors. Afterwards, he never said, “Look what they did to me, they shouldn’t have said this”. Nothing touched him. He never defended himself. Most of us, if anything happens, we defend and try to prove. He didn’t because he was what he was, and that’s the dignity. That’s the honor. He knew that he is the instrument of God, and what he is becoming in the future!

So Baba was real in the sense of passing with honors, and that is why we have to look at Baba. Also, is very interesting that we never even get confused in our thoughts. Sometimes, we get lost in our thoughts and then we also fail. Whenever you find that you are not clear, stop! Take a few moments of silence or think about another subject. It does happen even if you have to give a talk. First you think this way and then some other ideas come, but if you really sit with concentration, you will be very clear what you have to say. So Baba is saying that even getting confused or messed up in your thoughts ‘ulzan’ is also is not passing with honors. So it is so deep that everything has to be very clear. Baba is saying, “Children, keep courage to pass with honors.” Baba is talking about thoughts, relationships, and words. I should be what I am in the sense of my pure self, my divine self, not get into whatever ordinary thing is happening. Even when others act in an ordinary way with you. Our words should be royal, our living should be royal. So, just be careful that you don’t fail. When you fail it's difficult to again pass with honors. Like Brahma Baba never failed in anything, either giving courage or giving up the path, or sometimes saying that it’s very difficult, never, with his age, with 300 children, just imagine. It was his courage that was leading all of us. Like I used to notice even with Dadi Janki, whatever her age was, there was so much courage, so much enthusiasm. So to pass with honors is self respect, self dignity, and to remind yourself that we are God’s children. We all have to keep the aim to be number one and to pass with honors. I think we all will make an attempt for that and do it. Have courage, as Baba says, it is important that we pass with honors.

Om Shanti


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