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Paper of A Second #29

Volcanic_Yoga_29 Mohini_Didi August 29, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? With all that is going on in the world, it is good news that we are all okay and well. Everyone should keep the aim to stay well, keep well. Let everything be okay around you. When Baba starts giving us homework, one has to contemplate. Today Baba also said in the Murli that two powers are most important, one is the power to contemplate, the other is the power to tolerate. Baba said that if you have tolerance, you will get all the powers from Baba, because it is only when one is not able to tolerate then mistakes happen. Sometimes irritation, sometimes anger, lack of contentment, so many defects or weaknesses start emerging. If there is the power of tolerance, then you will be able to receive all the powers from Baba. Anything can happen, and one has to go a little deeper and think about it, not immediately have a reaction, or just give a response without going into contemplation. It’s a very good habit actually. Whatever is happening, reflect on that. Baba is saying that when you are sitting in yoga, to have a bodiless stage. At this time the biggest test or attraction or pull is one’s own body. If the body is not well, you get a lot of thoughts about the body. So when we become bodiless, our mind will be free from thoughts, that means I am in total soul consciousness. That stage of soul consciousness requires a lot of practice. Baba is bodiless. Shiv Baba doesn’t have a body. So when I am sitting in yoga I say to Baba,” You are bodiless and I also create that bodiless stage”.

When you are sitting in front of someone who has a body it might be different. Yoga really means the meeting of the soul with the Supreme Soul. So, it's only when you are bodiless or when you are in soul consciousness, that you are able to connect with Baba. Baba is giving us the homework for tomorrow and that it is very important to practice the bodiless stage. Then you see how close you feel to Baba, the One who is bodiless. These days, our lives are very busy, extremely busy, with a lot of programs for service. Before it used to be that okay you plan for a program, you plan for service. Now it is the whole day, spiritual service, karma yoga, taking care of the Yagya. That is why sometimes it is good before sleeping that we discuss what we are doing tomorrow. Sometimes your thoughts when you wake up, go straight into what I have to do. So it is both ways, and if you don’t know, then when you wake up in the morning and you come to know that so much has to be done. We have to see how we can know everything, but still not allow our mind to go towards it. Baba says that some children say that when they sit in remembrance, instead of remembering or becoming soul conscious, they think about service. This is wrong, because instead of becoming soul conscious or bodiless, you think about service, and Baba says that you will fail in that paper of a second. So I should be able to go beyond the body in a second then come and use the body also. Baba says that at that time, you must only remember that the Father is incorporeal, viceless, egoless, and nothing else. We are not to be thinking of service. Baba says that when you remain incorporeal, in that stage, you should not have any other thought. You should be able to create the stage you want at whatever time. If you are not able to do it, you get deceived. So instead of keeping on thinking, practice the incorporeal stage.

Om Shanti

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