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Order your mind to be “Manmanabhav” #18

Sweetness_and_Love_18               Mohini_Didi                  February 18, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba wants us to check, and one of the important things we have to check is how quickly we are able to be on the stage of “Manmanabhav” being Man-mind, Mana-in me, Bhav-fix it, focus it or establish it. That is our final stage, and each one of us always likes to know how far I am, where I am according to my final stage of Manmanabhav. So, I think it is very important to check why one is not able to be in Manmanabhav. That means the mind is pulled, attracted, connected somewhere else, right? Generally, Baba would say first you check with the first one; your own body. Body consciousness, ego of body, ego of personality, one’s own nature, and then further, bodily connections, bodily relationships, bodily comforts. Then go further, and it comes to circumstances, situations, issues, and then further could be anywhere, to anyone in the world. That is why Baba always says to go beyond each scene because on this journey, ultimately, one has to be detached. It is only when I am detached that I am able to connect, otherwise the mind will be pulled. From time to time, during the day, the mind will get the order to connect. So to remain connected, be in the remembrance of One, that is Manmanabhav. When you are detached, then it becomes very easy. 

Baba is giving us some homework to do, to look at and to check the order of Manmanabhav. Baba said to check whether each of the physical senses is working according to I - the king’s orders. You order your mind to be Manmanabhav and it goes into a negative mode and has wasteful thoughts. You order the mind to be the form of sweetness, but because of problems, because of the situations, it comes into force or irritation. The mind is working under orders, so I have the aim that I have to mould myself, and I have to die. Baba always says to die alive and when you’re becoming pure gold, you will have power to mould. When there’s alloy in the gold, you can’t mould it, but when it’s pure, you can take anything in your hand and you can mould it. So as much as we are becoming pure, we will mould according to the need of the situation. There’s so much joy and experience of power when there’s Manmanabhav, because that’s the biggest achievement, that’s our final stage. Maya will definitely keep trying, but one of the practices is that whatever is happening, these are scenes of Drama. So, when they are scenes of Drama, then look at them as scenes, and scenes keep changing all the time. So check, order, and see how much we are able to be on the stage of Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti 


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