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Ones With An Unlimited Heart And Embodiment Of Awareness #13

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_13 Mohini Didi April 13, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. It feels different. Now I am in New York, in the Avyakti room here instead of Shantivan. It's not that I offered Bhog every Thursday in Shantivan. It was different programs, so once in a while I did, but here I offer every Thursday. It's a beautiful experience. Baba said for us to go beyond the five elements and to have the stage of being merged in love. It’s really a big question we have to ask ourselves. We live in the subtle regions and come here to do actions, or we do actions here and go to the subtle region. We had been practicing angelic stage for this month. Everyday I must practice a little. Baba says that the whole day should be an embodiment of that. Our intellect is busy in actions all day and we think it’s service, but at present, service could be more effective, it can bring very good results, when we are in the angelic stage and do service. Service, action, activities, interaction pulls us a lot. One is doing, the other is pulling. When there is pull, there is no pull from Baba. Even if it is there, Baba is invoking us, our stage of perfection is invoking us, but there is not much pull. Even if there is a pull, then we don’t do it in practical. So, today Baba was reminding us about what your stage has to be. Angelic stage, double light, and also with being double light, merged in Baba’s love.

So, if we practice this then Baba is saying that it's only possible to experience angelic stage if there is an unlimited heart. So, that means saying, “I can only do this much” “Only this much is possible”, all that is limited. Practically there is a limit, but if we want to fly, to go beyond, to cross our limits, that is only possible if there is an unlimited heart. So, what’s the definition of unlimited heart? You keep expanding, you keep increasing your love for Baba. This definitely gives you unlimited power for whatever has to be done. Capacity increases by being, not by doing. Many of us test ourselves, if I can do that means I am unlimited, but if I can be that, then it will be natural. So, any kind of tension that happens, sometimes you feel it's too much, or sometimes you find you cannot accomplish because that inner capacity hasn’t increased. We try to increase our outer activity. I can do so many hours, I can do so much, that’s very external. What Baba wants is that I keep increasing like Baba said today, to remain double light. So, if I maintain that stage, then the limit will also automatically increase, and that could be the race, or it could be a struggle. It should be more attention and effort. That means I increase my inner stage, power from inner stage, not test myself externally. Don’t measure your stage by the external. So, an unlimited heart is really something that should keep increasing. Limits should be crossed all the time, whether it is mercy, love, care, support, or strength. Whatever the heart can provide and should provide will automatically keep increasing if your angelic stage is improving. Baba is saying that if the stage is unlimited, then you can also experience angelic stage.

So, look inside and see what I have to do first. Become angelic and experience an unlimited heart, or have unlimited heart and experience unlimited stage, heart. It is very interesting to see it that way. Baba is talking about an unlimited heart and embodiment of being angelic. I can relate it a lot to when we are in angelic stage, we are double light, we are pure, then our heart is unlimited. Unlimited is not necessarily how much but unlimited really means how many. Is it reaching an unlimited number, how many are touched. So, all different ways. So, Baba says that when we say unlimited, then there is no limit, because all the limits are physical. There is time, there is body, your thinking, words, but when we are angelic, all the boundaries have been removed already. So, think about yourself, am I serving as an angel, or am I serving as a good Baba’s child? So, how important it is for us to go beyond limits and to have the angelic stage. So, that is why when Baba describes the angelic stage, or inspires us to be angelic, we can also do unlimited service because there is no pull from the body. Baba is calling that the karmateet stage. No sanskar, no nature, nothing of the physical is pulling the soul. Going beyond the attraction, that means karmateet. Baba had been saying that any sanskar, any action, whether it is elevated or ordinary action, shouldn’t pull. It's not something from within me pulling me to do something. Baba is saying even service, but service also is natural. Service is not a pull. If there is pull of service, there might not be the pull to be angelic.

So, if I want to feel that I am free from karmic bondage, karmateet, then the pull has to be more for the stage than for the service. From the stage, service will naturally happen. That means you are karmateet, it means going beyond limited nature and sanskars. Thinking, “I cannot be more than this. I tolerate but I can’t tolerate more than that.” There is also a limit in that, but naturally it's like you are moving forward and boundaries are removed. I think it will be a very beautiful experience. So, we take it as homework about our unlimited heart as we become angelic and we should experience that our heart is expanding, becoming unlimited, going beyond limits. That means everyone feels love, everyone experiences Baba, and that could only happen if I have an unlimited heart, or I have an angelic stage. Quite deep and simple but we should practice for today and let’s see what the experiences are.

Om Shanti

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