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One World, One Religion: An Expression of Our Wholeness # 20

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_20 Mohini_Didi June 20, 2022

Om shanti Everyone!

I know that amazingly since I have seen you all in Avyakti Parivar, everyone keeps well. It’s Baba’s blessings. Once we are regular for something it needs constant courage, determination and enthusiasm, so Baba has to bless us souls. That’s why it’s been 2 ½ years.

It’s such an interesting and amazing topic of creating heaven within and I think you all must have started experiencing some kind of different vibrations in your inner space. There are surroundings which are physical but then there are internal surroundings where you feel very high vibrations of love and peace. A lot of my thoughts have been on connecting concentration and power to discern. Baba uses concentration also as inner silence. I had been contemplating, but when I found concentration, silence and then the power to discern would emerge. I can definitely feel the connection of concentration creating silence and when there is silence there is concentration. Baba said until the end there could be the possibility of a royal form of maya. What that could be we can’t even imagine, but we have to prepare ourselves so that instantly I know that yes, it's a royal form of maya. Baba had been saying so many beautiful things, such as if you are full there won’t be any wasteful thoughts. That means if there are wasteful thoughts, we immediately will know there is some kind of vacuum inside. Reflect more on it, increase silence and concentration then the power to discern will increase. It should be instant. To discern very clearly, whether it’s your own part or someone’s sanskar, the power to discern is very important. Then this silence and concentration makes you gently in the presence of Baba.

We know that in the golden age Baba won’t be with us, but now we are becoming like Baba. All the deities are sometimes called gods and goddesses. I always say my first name is god - Godly child, Godly student following Godly principles and living a Godly life. Brother Ken had a question that when babies are born in the golden age it’s not an individual, one entity, but it’s part of the whole. That's what it actually is, because when there is one religion, one culture, one thinking, everything is similar. That's why when we see Sri Krishna and gopis doing raaz, sometimes they all look alike because everyone’s features are pure, divine, and beautiful. You don’t see a difference. This whole thing of wholeness is very good to churn on. I was sitting and trying to experience what it is that wholeness is about. It means even if there is little bit of any elements, anything around us which is not similar, it will either have an impact on me, or I should have enough power that I should impact it and bring transformation. I think we can do that. Even to just have the thoughts of I am a peaceful soul has a big impact on anyone who is not peaceful.

Once we had a gathering, and there was a child who must have been 8 years old, and he didn’t know where his mother was taking him, so when he arrived in the gathering, he was kind of upset. He kept showing anger, like why did you bring me here, but silently because it was a place of silence. I thought the mother was distracted, so through my saying om shanti and sending those thoughts to that child, after a little while he settled down. We come across many situations where we find that there is not enough peaceful atmosphere then we are able to create that and have an impact. The more we experiment we see how my inner silence and peace can create that impact on others. Then what will start happening is that inner power which is determination and a deep experience of I am not divided, in conflict, and there is no inner conversation, forget about argument. Mind and intellect both are in total harmony and there is deep acceptance of every moment whatever is happening in drama, whatever is everyone’s part is playing part so why should I have any thoughts, why should I waste my thoughts? It’s very subtle, this inner harmony between our own mind, intellect and sanskars, all three together. That is what the soul is, but now intellect goes somewhere else, mind somewhere else, sanskar is trying to play in its own way.

One of the important expressions of personality in the golden age is this wholeness or harmonious being. You wouldn’t say Baba is present in the golden age, but there is this presence because there is wisdom, love, harmony and abundance. All the qualities of God are present there, so that kind of presence is there. You can see eye to eye with anyone in a very very natural way. Think about and try to spend the day whenever you have a few minutes, 10 minutes especially in Amrit Vela, create this wholeness, this harmonious personality. Sometimes even when some people talk, you can see internally there is some kind of conflict there, not in a negative way, but not clear. They’re not sure what they should do. The aim is more concentration, try more silence and bring this personality of wholeness and I am sure your concentration will increase and your silence will be more natural, not forcing yourself not to think but very sweet silence will be experienced by each one of us.

Om Shanti

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