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One Strength and One Support #15

Embodiment_of_Success_15 Mohini_Didi October 15, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Ok. We all had one hour of yoga for peace in the world, and so much is happening, right? If you’re in Shantivan or even otherwise, Baba is coming, thousands and thousands of children, listening to Baba, having the determined thought to claim full inheritance. So, Drama is playing and in that, Maya is playing it’s part, but Baba is also playing His part. We belong to Baba, we have recognized Baba, and we don’t want anything of ‘I and mine’. There are so many other paths, so many gurus, many branches have started, but they claim a lot based on ‘I and mine’. When we belong to Baba, even our own good qualities and specialities, we consider them to be gifts from God, and when you consider them to be gifts of God, then you don't say that this is ‘mine’. So, there is no conflict, there is no ego, but a gift of God. I got the gift of God, and to continue with that path, it is important to remember that there is strength when I hold on to the One. That is called ‘one strength’ and also, I'm not going to take support from any human beings. Whenever there are adverse situations or need for anything, my support is one God, and I have experienced it many times. Baba is saying to always think ‘One strength One support’, this means to be constantly an embodiment of success. Baba says that faith always makes you carefree, and whatever task makes you carefree, Baba says that they will definitely be successful in that. So, what is making you successful? When you have faith in ‘One strength and One support’, you are carefree.

So, Baba is saying to donate whatever treasures you have received from the Father. Never consider a gift from God to be yours, “these are my virtues, this is my power.” To have the consciousness of mine means to lose your treasures. I think we never understood before that just considering anything to be mine is losing the treasures. You will use it when it's mine, but you cannot accumulate it. When you say it’s Baba’s, you are still using it, and you can glorify Baba. You are never going to waste it, you will know that whatever reason, if you couldn't do anything or something is lacking, let me take from Baba. So, to consider this whole life as a gift of God is a very beautiful way, you don't feel the burden of anything. I take from Baba, Baba has given me so many gifts in life, let me serve, let me share with others. So, we have definitely received a lot of gifts. Some have a lot of loving intellect, some have very clever intellect, some have divine intellect, everyone of you, everyone of us have different qualities, and Baba is saying that these are treasures we receive from God. So we have to use these treasures, we cannot waste them, and it's so interesting when Baba is saying that as soon as ‘I and mine’ comes, immediately you start losing the treasures. How can that be, because it's mine? So whatever is yours, you can use only once and it finishes. but when it belongs to Baba. I am using it, and you can keep doing it and get multi-fold reward for that. So, we should continue to remember that what I have in life is a gift of God. Never consider it to be your own because the ego, the greed, and the attachment, all the vices then start coming.

Everything of the Confluence Age is connected with purity, and our love is connected with just One Baba. So, yesterday was the meeting with Baba. It was so beautiful, the hall was very full and there were people from Indore and some adjoining states. Baba also gave us some homework to ‘fix the date for opening the gates of Home’. Second, Baba said to not have any wasteful thoughts, because not only thoughts are wasted, but actually, your time is also wasted. So we have to pay a lot of attention and fulfil Baba’s hope that we will not waste anything, waste thoughts. I think we can do it right because for quite a long time we have been thinking about it and we have been able to be victorious. Baba says that we have to claim victory. So now is the time to have determined thoughts, not have any wasteful thoughts, but also, Baba talked about the love, love of Father, love of Teacher, and love of Sadguru. Our lives are so beautiful, each one of us could see how many treasures Baba has given us. Looking at those treasures, we have to make it our strength. This is very important. So, all of us remember ‘One strength and One support’.

Om Shanti

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