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One Clan, One Way of Life # 28

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_28 Mohini_Didi June 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lovely to see you all. We are experiencing love of the Golden Age, very pure, unconditional, and a feeling of being equal. I really liked this point on the power to discern that everyone is elevated and valuable. So, I have love because everyone is special. However, when there are any mixed thoughts, any wasteful thoughts, then we are not able to discern, and we are not able to recognize the specialties. So, there is a lot of natural, deep, love and respect for each other, and that is very important, not just love. Love for someone as elevated, love as we are from the same clan, love from the same dynasty, a lot of pure love from within that is emerging more and more. Even at the Confluence Age, our lifestyle, our timetable, our thinking, our speaking are becoming the same. Wherever we go, when we start giving knowledge, immediately people will say, “Are you a Brahma Kumari? Are you a Brahma Kumar?” We have the same message, we have to talk about the soul and the Supreme Soul, we have to talk about karma, Raj yoga. The way we talk, and our language is also very similar. Whenever we begin, we always say, “Om shanti.” When we have to end something, we will say, “Om shanti.” So, it’s just the same clan, same family, and it is universal, worldwide. Even the vibrations of our places are the same. They look the same. Everywhere we have Shiv Baba in front, and we, all His children are sitting in front.

So, this feeling and intoxication, it’s not just intellectual, it is the feeling we say we all are from one clan, but internally, we have deep love. We are all children of One, and we are one family. Of course, in the Confluence Age, there is only one relationship; sisters and brothers. A very pure relationship. In lokik, there are so many relationships, uncles and aunties, cousins and nephews, so many, but now we all are sisters and brothers, wherever we are. It is such a beautiful thing that we all belonged to different religious backgrounds, social backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds. We all are very different, but there is only one culture that Baba has created, it is called the Brahmin culture. So, wherever we go, we know that everyone studies Murli and everyone eats pure diet, everyone does meditation, Amritvela, and whenever we meet each other, we also say, “Om shanti.” So, we find a similar lifestyle, and a similar way of thinking even. One is a similar way of doing, but this is thinking and speaking. Even when we share drishti,we look at each other in soul consciousness, it is completely different. A lokik person will look at your face, what kind of clothing you have, everything external. Baba’s children look at each other in the eyes, the sparkle of the eyes, divinity in the eyes, love in the eyes, so our way is completely different, sharing drishti with each other. We always connect with the soul, and we look at the center of the forehead.

So, you can find so many things, what we do the whole day, and how we do it. Just imagine, all these sanskars that we are creating now, we will have in the Golden Age. There will be this pure pride, and our thoughts and words will harmonize with each other. Such beautiful, powerful feelings, where you don’t have to say much, but just by sharing drishti, it is as if we already spoke. We won’t be speaking much. It’s more of a culture of silence, because if we can communicate through thoughts, then I don’t need to speak that much. Sometimes we have to speak extra to make the point clear, or make others understand what you are saying, but there, there will be very natural understanding. Everyone has those vibrations of love, vibrations of harmony, vibrations of belonging, vibrations that we all are the same. I think it is only Baba who keeps telling us,” You have to be like Me, the Highest on High, pure, holy, bestower.” It is so interesting when you hear Baba say, “Children, you have to be like Me.” Baba also says that you have all rights, You have the right to self-sovereignty, you have the right to your inheritance. Just imagine, these days, there is so much discrimination, abuse of rights, and people have to fight for their rights, but at the Confluence Age, Baba says, “You all can claim your inheritance from Me.” Everyone is loved by Baba, everyone. No one is less or more. Baba says that everyone is more elevated than each other, because everyone has a special part, and you cannot compare one part to another part. Every soul has their own part, and they are playing it well, in their own capacity.

So, this is our vision of looking at everyone as an elevated soul, having specialties. I think it is a very beautiful sanskar, because internally, you are feeling so good, so rich. Look at this one’ s qualities, and that one’s qualities, you will have a whole bunch of virtues. It’s like you are collecting beautiful flowers, in the form of virtues, from everyone. So, I really feel so much, one family, one clan, one lifestyle. Everyone is doing the same, at home timings, everything is very beautiful, and so we carry this sanskar. We can feel now that this is how it will be in the Golden Age.

Om Shanti

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