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Ocean of Pure Thoughts #14

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_14                Mohini_Didi                 January 14, 2024

Om Shanti! 

​Our happy Avyakti Parivar! I said that now I won't ask how you are. I will say happy, everyone is happy, double light. We are happy and double light Avyakti Parivar, because that's what avyakt means, and parivar is family. So, we have a good family, and there are many benefits. One is that we are happy, plus the sustenance, the company, the cooperation, the help, right? Even if we don't know each other, all of us together are on a journey with these Avyakt signals. Avyakti signals, I think, come from Madhuban every year, every month, different topics, and they are taken from Avyakt Murlis. The team of them there, they really make a lot of effort to create them. So, we should take proper benefit from them, reading them, churning them, and practicing during the day. There are so many things, we have blessings in Murli, and we have Avyakt signals. I think everything can be combined. Some points from Murli, then we connect it with the blessing. We have question and answer, we have essence of Murli, and then we also have Avyakti signal. Whichever, just reflect on them, create some practices, and do those practices during the day. It’s good to have a lot, so  at least we remember some. So, everything can be together. 

As I think more about pure thoughts, there is something like a filter, looking at whatever thoughts come in the mind or we create. Thoughts come in the mind, but we also create thoughts. So, we have to check that there is nothing which is for self benefit, or for very subtle comparison, or if there is any kind of jealousy, we just filter it. Why am I having this thought? There are certain things we want to do, so why did this thought come? So with very pure intention, we create the thoughts. We had been talking a little bit on how many thoughts could be from the last kalpa, and are they pure. We were talking about Prakashmani Dadi having a thought and immediately that thought then changed in action, it became reality, not only thoughts. Thoughts, ideas, planning, there could be so many things. So what do pure thoughts really mean, or how do you be in the ocean of pure thoughts? Every thought should help me to create my stage of perfection, angelic stage, because every thought has some kind of connection with sanskars, relationship, or bondage. Even sometimes we give good wishes, they are pure thoughts, but there is a bondage in that. Why am I doing it? Out of love, out of insecurity, out of fear, out of attachment? Even if there is attachment and good wishes, there's not that much power, and that is why when you give good wishes, you need to have soul consciousness. First create the relationship of soul to soul, then good wishes will work. Like I think of a relationship, my child should become like this. I have good wishes for him, then they could help on a gross level, but if you really want that soul to get power, get inspired, you have to look at them as a soul and Baba’s child, and then that soul will benefit. So pure thoughts are really from soul consciousness, remembrance of Baba. So reflect on that, it’s very important. 

So, Baba is telling us to be an ocean of pure thoughts” in order to serve through a form that is blessed. First of all, have pure thoughts in yourself throughout the day, and continue to move along in waves of the ocean of pure thoughts. Whenever you want, you can go to the bottom of that ocean of pure thoughts and become an embodiment of silence. What do you gain? You become an embodiment of silence, and then you create that atmosphere. Your stage of deep silence will transform the atmosphere, and you will experience yourself to be a double light angel. Whenever there are any differences, conflicts, anything that happens in a human relationship, you can feel it in the atmosphere. This time when I was in Peace Village and I was walking around and I saw every plant was blossoming and looked so good. I know that the soul who takes care has a good team, and she also does a lot. So, I said that the people must be happy and the plants are happy, too. When plants are happy, then people are happy too, look at that. So, the atmosphere has a lot to do with our stage. Actually, it is the atmosphere that attracts souls to come to Baba's home, not necessarily only teachings. Something like pulls them, let me go to experience that deep silence, let me go, experience Baba’s presence. Like there is a pull. Especially after COVID, a lot of people just are so comfortable to be on Zoom and listen, and I always say that you can't do that. You can listen, but it's only when you go to Baba's home and listen to Murli or go to meditate, that you can take full advantage of the atmosphere. That is why Baba has His homes. Everyone should keep the aim that I have to go listen to Murli as we used to do before. Then I think instruments should keep their stage so good that people say, “Oh, I want to really come and hear you, hear Murli from you.”. So, it is our stage, not just the thoughts, that invoke souls. We invoke Baba, and souls will be invoked. 

So, a lot can be done through our pure vibrations and pure thoughts. Everyone can benefit from every centre like a little Yagya, right? We burn our sins there. So sitting at home can be done but when you do it in the Yagya, it’s different. I remember that even some say that I have only 10 minutes, but go. So Baba’s homes are sacred places, our protection, and our experience. Even if you have a little time before going to work, after work, in between, if there is time, just go and take benefit form them. So, our homework for tomorrow is to constantly be an ocean of pure thoughts.

Om Shanti 

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