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Now End All Waste And Become The Best #24

Determined_Thought_24 Mohini Didi February 24, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!!

All over the world at this time the biggest problem is the waste and how to deal with it. That is why they are restricting plastic, because it even affects the oceans. It is the same actually with waste of the mind, that means wasteful thoughts. I think that Baba has shown us what to do. The thoughts just happen, a few thoughts or a lot of thoughts, our opinions, our judgment, our why, how. There are certain things even if you question how and why there is no answer so I always say why waste our energy of intellect and mind both? Intellect also has a habit of digging. Some really inquire, investigate, they go in detail. Why do I have to use my intellect in this? One common question everyone asks me is what to do with the intellect when it is pulled, it is attracted, diverted or lacks concentration. I say one of the ways, if you are influenced or disturbed by someone, you are impressed that someone has such good intellect or specialties, Baba had said just remember who gave this soul those specialties. Who has made him special? It is from the Baba. If you look at all of our specialties we didn’t get it by birth. I feel after belonging to Baba so many blessings, so many gifts we got which we never had.

My experience is that when I came to Baba I was just an innocent person. We didn’t know much. Even if we study public relations or ethics, there is not much wisdom, but when we come to Baba we understand everything. When we understand what is right, what is wrong, what is waste, what is best, then we start paying attention. Then if something happens, should I still waste my time on why it happened, it shouldn’t have happened or should I use my energy in the present to do what I can now to solve it? I shouldn’t be spending my thoughts on what this person is like. We keep going on and on. What is the use of that? By then we forget what we have to do at present.

A simple thing Baba says is just put a full stop. Even if you make the other person aware, at least at that time first put a full stop. Then think about what is best for the present. If you are lost in just taking care of the past, you really don't have enough awareness of what is best for the present. For me, other people around me keep going in the past but I don’t want to go into the past. Let’s be in the present, do our best to create the future. The same is with the mind with the thoughts because these are two important faculties of life. Everything expressed by the soul is from the mind and intellect because thoughts are something that just appear, but our purity will not allow those thoughts to become worse or not allow those thoughts to become attitude. There is such a subtle attitude towards different people, but let the thoughts change. What is the best thing I can do to help you? Changing waste into the best is very interesting. Baba uses the words elevated, auspicious, pure because then a lot of thoughts come. Very subtly we create our karmic account and we want to settle. Settling is not battling, settling is just full stop. Even to form an opinion on what kind of person that is, that is also not right because the other person will feel it. At the confluence age, I have to be giving God’s love and helping others to be a good instrument. That is only possible if I keep good wishes for everyone. We feel very happy if we are able to make someone like us. For a gardener, there are thorns and then there are flowers. He keeps watering flowers, keeps observing that flowers are blossoming and he will be very happy. It is the same with living flowers around us all the time. Whatever we do is not so much as actions, but the quality or the virtue while doing action is something to help others. What is noticed is not just actions but how you are doing it. Not in the way of external quality of organizing or cleaning or but with a lot of love, a lot of patience, many challenges may come while doing something.

Dadi Gulzar in the first session she gave us as teachers said everyone begins with determination and enthusiasm but very few continue that enthusiasm until the end. Most of them as soon as difficulties arise they will say they don’t want to continue or commit to it because they see there will be difficulty. She said you have to complete it and that is where you will learn how to solve situations. Every problem comes with a solution. Wherever you find you are not able to solve anything or resolve it, go to Baba. Don’t waste your thoughts. “Baba it’s your Yagya, your children, your instruments. Baba you take care”. There are many benefits to that. The first benefit is that your yoga of intellect is helping other souls, otherwise first there is frustration, then irritation. It creates a very heavy atmosphere. Begin a task and end the task with a lot of love, peace, calmness and knowing. Yesterday Baba said there will be victory, Baba is with us. There will be victory so be consistent. Consistent in victory and that’s reminding yourself of your promise and your determined stage. “I will do my best”. If you do it, it gets done, only don’t waste time or thoughts. Don’t waste anything. You can recreate, invent, create new projects. All that happens when there is no waste. One day it will happen, whether through water, fire, air, different elements, all waste will be destroyed. Baba is saying purity is no waste and everything is the best. If we pay attention today, no waste, all the best. It's a good slogan and you must work on that.

Om Shanti.


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