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Nothing is Mine, Everything Belongs to the Father #21

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence21             Mohini_Didi              January 21, 2024

Om Shanti! 

One of the most important attainments in Brahmin life is ‘to be free from obstacles’. Obstacles do come, but then we have to pass with honor. You all know you have read ‘Adi Dev’ and heard the stories of the Dadis. There were so many obstacles and challenges. Baba always says that ‘storms first come to me’ and then Baba has experience, and he shares that experience with all of you. So one very important and powerful yukti, which I think I am going to look into more for myself also, is that we say. “Baba, everything belongs to you.” I mean all souls belong to Baba anyway, but also our specialities, resources, whatever we have at present, we are using it. Deep in our consciousness, we should feel it’s Baba. Baba gave us, Baba provided, so it’s Baba’s. Each one of us should look into our lives. Even if we help in Baba’s service with our time, thoughts, and money, still actually it is Baba’s. Baba gives us so that we could create our fortune. It’s a very subtle point, very important and necessary because this spiritual birth is given to us by Baba through knowledge, through Brahma Baba, and Baba is sustaining us from the angelic stage of Brahma Baba. We are born spiritually, we are being sustained by Baba. I think this is a method Baba is giving us, so that we could be free from obstacles. Let’s say, sometimes different kinds of obstacles come, but keep saying that everything belongs to Baba. Nothing will be lost, nothing will be lacking. So many times I have seen, really from the heart, that if you say Baba, Baba is not only at the time of need or circumstances, but all the time. I think there could be an amazing experience and most importantly, it’s free from obstacles. 

We say that nothing is mine, everything belongs to the Father. Also in lokik, and on the path of bhakti, people keep saying, “God, everything is yours”, then what happens? You will become one who is always swinging in the swing of happiness. One who removes everyone’s obstacles, makes everyone’s difficulty easy, and you have determination in your thoughts. Baba is talking about us here, not Him, that’s what we have to do. So, Baba says that your stage is double light, nothing is mine. Mine will create some burden, some concerns, some worries. Everything belongs to the Father. It’s like day to day, minute to minute, it’s not only one time to keep that awareness. Keep creating that thought. You have to keep reminding yourself. It’s okay to say that it belongs to Baba. Everything belongs to the Father. When you keep any burden with you, all types of obstacles come. You should remain light by saying, “nothing is mine”, I am then free from obstacles. So, everything is creating awareness, practise. Any person, “Baba, this soul is yours, this soul is your child.” So keep saying it, so and so is Baba’s. So there is security and obstacles will change into some benefit, whether it is learning or becoming more strong. So tomorrow everyone must practise this and experience how obstacles are removed. Many times I say to Baba, Baba last time this happened, it shouldn’t happen. And really it is easy, it becomes easy as Baba says difficult becomes easy. 

Om Shanti

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