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Never Bring the Old Things of the Past Into Your Awareness #3

Determined_Thought_3 Mohini_Didi February 3, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? There is a lot of homework, right? Baba inspires us to take number one and He makes it so easy. He is not talking about one, but He wants all of us to be number one. Baba said that to be number one, what is important is whatever elevated task is there, you should cooperate, you should participate, not thinking that this is this one’s job, this soul will do it. It’s an elevated task, so you set a good example and make it easier for others to follow. Dadi Prakashmani would inform all of us of new projects, like Gyan Sarover was being built, then Shantivan was being built. Dadi Prakashmani always said to every Baba’s child, “Wherever you are, just put one rupee local currency in India, in Baba’s box, or you collect it and give, because the finger of cooperation from everyone shown will lift even a big mountain like “Govardhan Parvat”. So, in every task, we can participate through good wishes, through telling everyone about it, and also in action, whatever I can do. So, one of the resolutions that we promise to ourselves for our fast speed is to move forward and let go of the past. Sometimes it happens that we use the past as a kind of support for the present. For example, this happened last time when I went there, it was not good, it was like this, so this time I feel anxiety, it might happen again, this might happen, that might happen. A lot of wasteful thoughts come. I find that if you think that this time it will happen as it happened last time, that fear just goes deep. Then they say, “I can’t do it anymore”, and they really remain so deep in the soul. So, if we can instantly change that situation into a lesson, for what I learn, then somewhere there is benefit.

We have to have courage to emerge the power, and erase the past in the sense of forgetting the past. It’s not that easy. That is why I am saying it. It does emerge that if a person has said something, done something, when we see that person not to have any feelings of the past, actually could be very useful, because you are settling karmic accounts properly. Then we can create the eternal stage of purity, love, and peace. Then have very pure thoughts and good wishes for the soul. Otherwise settling doesn’t happen. The past shouldn’t become the basis of the present, because whatever is done in the present, will be the future. So that means all three; past, present, future are being spoiled. Baba is saying that the speed of effort reduces as the intellect experiences a little bit of a subtle obstacle. We know that we have karmic accounts of 63 births, so we have to settle that. One time we were talking with Dadi Gulzar, and someone said, “Oh I never get upset, but if a particular soul says things like that, every time I get very upset.” Dadi Gulzar asked, “Is it because of that soul that you are upset or you still have sanskars of getting upset?” I was really touched by that point. She said, “If you have really burnt all the sanskars of the past, of anger, or attachment, it can not come from outside.” To say that someone ‘pressed my button’ and I couldn’t be in control, means we have that sanskar. So, what we all have to do is to look deeply to see if I still have that sanskar. Pay attention to these thoughts, see if I have the sanskar. If I have the sanskar, I should change that sanskar. That is why Baba is saying that we don’t waste our time in looking at someone else, because then it becomes a problem in the intellect.

How did Brahma Baba remain a detached observer? He smiled and had love for everyone. So, I think we have done lot of effort, but some still has to be done. Every time I listen to Avyakti signals, I immediately say, “Oh, it needs some more work. So never allow the past to emerge in your thinking to do or decide what you have to do in the present. We all have to think about it. So have this determination that anytime I have to decide something, don’t let past influence that decision. Last time she didn’t respond or she reacted. So this time you don’t have courage, “Oh no I am not going to do it.” We feel natural this way, but it’s not natural. I am repeating this because I think it happens to all of us. I find one is tension, the other is anxiety. Last time when I went to the clinic, suddenly something happened and it was very painful. So this time I have an appointment and I am thinking about the pain from last time. Now I don’t think I will go, but this time when I went, it was very easy. Whenever we go we have to wait a long time. They made us sit for two hours, and then this time when I went, it was very quick. So it was anxiety. You know what I am saying here, very subtly anxious because of the past right. So somewhere that energy doesn’t allow things to change or be better at present. It’s our own thoughts and vibrations creating that atmosphere. So I think we all have to experiment. I don’t think about what happened last time and compare it, but just remember Baba and have very pure energy.

We are using these days to make efforts easy. Use the power of love. We have many powers, of knowledge, of yoga, of faith, but let us use the power of love because then to accept the promise, to accept the directions, and the ability to follow the direction comes from love. We all have love for Baba, but we have to increase love, use a lot of love, because love will keep you full also. When I am full of love, in love you listen to the person properly, and you come to know what the other likes. So, Baba is saying to have determined thought, and promise that I will not let the past influence my present. How many of you think that you are present, that what you decide is not at all influenced by the past? So that is why there is a tradition to sit with Baba before you decide something. Remember Baba before you decide, create your good stage before you decide because the influence of the past is there. I can say that I am using a bit of anxiety, because it does happen when I go, I think that I have to go through this. I went through it before and it was not pleasant, but this time was easy, it was better. So, the homework, Avyakti signals, and also the point for self respect are all very practical. We all go through that everyday in our life, where the past influences us, some way or other. Deeply, our energy is very subtle. It could be the fear of our outcome or whatever, so let the past be past. Baba said, “Let us go and let go”, that means, let’s move forward. Let’s be ascending and leave the things of the past behind, very useful.

Om Shanti

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