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Natural Nature Means Your Eternal Sanskars #16

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_16 Mohini Didi November 16,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lots of love from Shantivan. It is really beautiful here to see Baba’s unlimited family. Shantivan is full. It’s like an ocean of people, Baba’s children. Every time we listen to Avyakti signals, if we really listen carefully, Baba is giving us many yuktis, methods to become what is natural. Everything that is natural is definitely powerful. These days about food, about air, for everything, we want everything natural, clean. Even in the milk they say vitamin D is added. In a way it's a supplement, but it is adulterated. I thought it’s a very beautiful method Baba is giving us to think of what sanskars I need to cultivate. How do we cultivate sanskars? We understand, we think about it, it comes in words and actions and then it becomes our attitude, then they become sanskars. We have to see how, whatever sanskars we have, how do they emerge? In our nature, there are two aspects, one is our personal nature and the other is nature, elements. So we are controlled by nature. We call it swabhav and they come from the sanksars. So, let’s see Baba’s sanskars are of Bestower, Bestower of blessings. At present, we have to think, speak and also in actions, be a bestower of blessings. When you are sharing blessings, the power is coming to you. Blessings you give to someone, but those thoughts are in your mind, so first those blessings are working on you. Baba says that those who defame you, in the end, are your friends. So we should never change our feelings towards those who defame us. Then you will still be able to bestow, not only not take on criticism, but also be merciful.

So, there are three qualities; bestowing blessings, forgiveness, and the third is merciful. So if we pay attention, use these virtues in our actions, I think our nature will definitely be transformed. If you want to be happy, then our nature has to be eternal. When we are body conscious, we have an old way of feeling bad about things, and a very sensitive nature. We take in everything that we shouldn’t. If someone is doing, saying something, that is one's nature, but why should I be affected, and of course it is body consciousness. Another way to transform is to remind yourself of your eternal and original nature. Eternal nature is loveful, blissful, pure. So our eternal nature could also become your sanskars. How do I know that there is influence of body consciousness? It is so interesting that we don’t even know that it is body consciousness, and it is bringing the influence of old nature. You may have the nature of sulking, of getting upset and that your feelings get hurt, taking sorrow. Each one of us knows what the main sanskars are and the other is my own eternal nature. These two practices are very important. The whole day, if you are getting confused or getting affected, you are not feeling strong, just think about your eternal nature which is purity, power, love.

When you create this awareness, then you think about Baba’s qualities, because everything in life is practice. Even if there is a very good engineer or doctor, if they don’t practice, they won’t be able to do the right things. I think Baba’s children can do more, but don’t because of lack of attention or the aim that we don’t practice that much. So if we don’t practice, the transformation will not happen, that feeling of being elevated uplifted, flying, very light, happy. To be consistent in those feelings, one needs to have good practice. I think that contentment in Brahmin life is when you feel you are making enough efforts, you are feeling transformation, you are feeling that you are changing. This progress and improvement brings contentment. I find that those who have an aim, they find time, even a few minutes every hour or every few hours, because there is inner pull. What is required by the family and the Yagya, is at every thought every moment, to be in remembrance so that you can give sakaash. Many eclipses, many obstacles come, they come individually but also collectively. Like these days it's a wave, its influence. People are getting colds and allergies, sneezing and coughing, so what do we do? We have to be cautious. When we are cautious, they start wearing masks, social distancing, whatever is required to protect yourself. Let's say suddenly a wave comes, everyone wants more respect, more facilities. I don’t want to get into that wave. We have to be very firm, determined, and strong. Then I don’t come under the influence. There could be competition, there could be jealousy but protect yourself with the shield of yoga. This is the way you can also help other souls.

As we are towards the end of our journey, Maya will make many attempts to not only influence us, but to take away our self respect, take away our happiness. I always keep Brahma Baba in front of me, because I noticed that he was of course very jovial, light but very introverted. I could feel how much attention he had on himself, even if he was sitting and eating with everyone, Baba never spoke while eating, but still he paid extra attention to be in remembrance while eating. Now is the time for us to become introverted, subtle effort makers. That’s the contribution that is needed by the family and Yagya at this time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t communicate or talk or be light, you can and you should. I was thinking like a hunter, Maya becomes a hunter, so what a hunter does, puts some grains and then net on top of it so the birds see the grains and don’t see the net. So they come to eat the grains and they all caught up in the net. Maya does the same, using temptations, greed, a little bit of I and mine, and we start eating those grains. So we have to be careful not to be caught up into that net. Then we find that we are trapped and we call out for Baba, but we have lost. So, be careful, be cheerful and practice our natural stage and remember the three qualities of Baba; Bestower of Blessings, forgiveness, and mercy. Do not have any bad feelings for anyone and also be merciful, so that you can continue to bestow!

Om Shanti

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