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Murli of the Murlidhar Father #15

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_15            Mohini_Didi            March 15, 2024  

Om Shanti! 

There is joy, there is happiness, but what is called super, is supersensuous joy. What it means is that the joy experienced or the feelings of joy are not experienced through any sense organ. Sometimes when you see some paintings, look into the sky, or at some colors of flowers, you feel very joyful. You say they are so nice, beautiful, the feelings can even be subtle, but eyes are organs. It is the same with listening to music. When we listen to music there is joy, but I am taking it through the ears. It is like this with each organ of the body. A beautiful rose perfume or flowers give you joy, bring happiness, but that’s  called the joy which is experienced through senses. One has to feel that it is only when there is something very pure, something true, something you know  is very high quality wisdom that creates what we call as supersensuous joy.  Sometimes we say, Baba also says, that your goose pimples raise, ‘romanch khade ho jate hai’. That means you feel deeply deeply moved and you feel some joy, not through senses or sense organs but beyond that. That’s only possible when we listen to Murli. If I am not experiencing joy or supersensuous joy that means I haven’t been touched deeply by the wisdom, by attainments of the Murli while listening to Murli. There should be the experience of supersensuous joy. 

Baba is saying in the homework, those who listen to the Murli of the Murlidhar Father and swing in the swings of supersensuous joy receive the medicine for not only joy, but receive the medicine of imperishable blessings from the music of the Murli. They become healthy in body, healthy in mind and intoxicated. With that intoxication, they become carefree emperors. Worries and concerns are removed by listening to Murli. They experience themselves to be the masters of all the Father’s treasures, self-sovereigns and the emperor of the land without sorrow. How do they become carefree emperors? They experience themselves to be the master of the Father’s treasures, self-sovereigns and the emperors of the land without sorrow. The gathering of the greatest emperors takes place at the confluence age. In no other age there is a gathering of so many emperors. When we sit in the meetings and think about administration, accounts, principals, policies or systems, the thought should be that we are carefree masters. It’s actually learning how to be carefree so then we become the masters of all the treasures, all the attainments of Baba.

Om Shanti


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