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Mold Yourself In Every Situation #8

Construct_the_New_World_8 Mohini Didi July 8, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay, everyone is well? Avyakti parivar is in the room and on Zoom. We have both. I think most of you know that how we began this whole thing and how it has continued for almost three years now. We were offering bhog for 12 days for Dadi Janki. Dadi Janki came to the USA almost every year for the UN and for Peace Village, for all the centers. She was very particular with Baba 's room and evening meditation. So in the house where we were all staying, she came into the living room and we had Baba's room upstairs. She said, “Oh, I cannot go up now, so make this as Baba's room.” Then she took a seat, and whenever she came she loved to have chit chat of knowledge after meditation every evening. Even in Madhuban we would say, “Dadi we have to go, we have to do this.” She didn't like that. She felt that in the evening, we should have chit chat. So when 13 days finished, we also thought, “let's have some chit chat.” There were only 5-6 of us, so we used to sit. I don't know how it happened. I don't remember exactly how some more souls joined, then more joined. We had already applied for Zoom and then COVID began and people couldn't come. Some were all alone in the islands and physically alone, sick, old, whatever. We felt that they are so lonely, so we provided them with the Zoom link, so at least they can be part of the family. So this began at that time and continued. Recently we have been getting Avyakti signals from Madhuban for one month, one per day, and it is very good. Reflections or practice, I feel it's very deep. Every word, when we understand, we want to practice.

Whatever Baba is doing for us, getting those points ready, which you all know that Raju bhai does. He was traveling and he used to say that Dadi Janki always inspired him to do some research in Murlis. So he is able to get these points. At least I find that when we have an aim in the morning to create a particular kind of stage or to maintain it, then homework or the practice is very important. The homework keeps us not only attentive, but also connected with Baba deeply within our love for Baba. I love the teachings, I love the study, since even in a lokik way, in my heart I always say, “It is our Supreme Teacher teaching us, so I should be a good student.” Whatever the theme, it's kind of a requirement of the soul, according to the present situations. It could be general circumstances, it could be something personal, settling karmic accounts, or playing your part, all this is required. So as much we inculcate, we are able to play our part in a natural way. Not just for being okay, but this is very helpful for ascending, going deeper, becoming subtle, reaching toward the angelic and deity stage. We showed you recently, Sister Shereen has written a book, and it's a very good book, Soul Fitness’. It's 50 soul conscious practices. That means if you want your heart to be healthy, heart, mind, intellect. Always have pure feelings, because the heart is connected with the feelings. So have pure feelings for everyone, keep your heart healthy, and many other good practices. So if you want to look at the book, it's in the workshop, that's good.

Baba explains to us, and it is not only a question of logic, but in practical, to mold anyone, you need heat. Like if you want to remove the alloy from ornaments and make it pure gold, you need a furnace. It's quite a big furnace there, but sometimes when they put all the ornaments to make it pure, it's quite a heavy furnace. In Midtown Manhattan, they have one big furnace because there's a lot of gold. Within a few minutes, it separates out the alloy. Baba is saying that to make anything soft you need heat. Then when your alloy is removed, you can mold very easily. Baba says that where there is heat, then your image is of power, Shaktiroop. When there is heat, there is humility. So it's like a balance, right? The heat power and also humility. What is humility? The image of love when there is arrogance. One who doesn't have love cannot be merciful. Baba, wants us to make efforts and not to make mistakes. Children do make mistakes, but what role does Baba play? He becomes merciful. If you do not have love, you will not be merciful, nor will you be humble. When you are an image of power, you are like the master. Master not in ruling or controlling, but a master is one who inherits from Baba, master Ocean of love, master Ocean of peace, master Ocean of knowledge, truly master, inheritance from God. There will also be humility as the quality to serve. While serving there is humility. When you have both images, Baba is using the words ‘narmayi’ and ‘garmayi’. Narmayi is humility, and garmayi is heat, then you have both. Being a master, being merciful, being loving, full, being powerful, good balance, then you will be able to mold yourself. Now what am I molding for? What is my mold? Angelic form is our mold. You always keep the aim, what I have to be, what is my mold? Otherwise you could mold to anything, right? To be a divine mold, that image of power is my mold, so whatever happens, just remain loveful. Remain powerful, remain humble, whatever Baba is saying is our mold. That is what they do when they have to make any jewellery, anything, they have a mold and they keep making it. So, know what is my mold, then you fit in that mold. Ok, so that's our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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