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Merciful Bestower - Unending, constant bestower #20

Merciful_Bestower_20 Mohini Didi October 20, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba is talking about bondage and relationship. It's very interesting to have a relationship with your own organs, or the bondage. Every time Baba says something, it needs more reflection, more churning. Then Baba also reminded us that we have to be like father Brahma Baba. For me, because I had seen him and been with him for a while, some of the Baba's actions and expressions come in front of me and I relate to that. Like while eating, let's say, Baba always used to say, :In remembrance of Baba, I, the soul, am feeding this body.” Even Baba says, “I also forget Baba”. When you sit next to Baba, while eating, you could see that he's so merged, he's not into food or what he's eating, his intellect is not there, his intellect still has that awareness, smriti, and then he is feeding the body. Now that is a pure relationship with the body. Baba, in the morning, will speak Murli, come out, and then he will walk towards his room. Sometimes, when it's not very cold, Baba will go out of the gate, they all will walk, and then Baba will say, “Whatever Baba spoke last Kalpa, Baba spoke the same. Now generally, that won’t happen to all of us. We would think, “Oh, I really prepared something else, I should have said this, I didn't say or I should have not said.” Now that's bondage by action of speaking, but Baba has respect, relationship. Whatever Baba had to speak last kalpa, He spoke. We use that full stop, don't think anymore. So, I also look at that aspect very much.

Then, we look at how Baba has a beautiful relationship with his body. Of course, Baba was very clean and neat, he respected his body, the relationship with body, but also kept reminding that this is Baba's chariot. It's a very powerful thought, so I have to keep the chariot okay. So, that awareness is in us, it’s Baba chariot, not Shiv Baba is entering in this, but it’s for Baba’a service. So, these concerns and fluctuations that happen in the body immediately stop because it's not a bondage with the body, it’s this relationship that this body has to serve. I constantly remind myself that it’s Baba who has to use this body for service. I also have to do whatever I can, and it is for service, if not through actions, then through words, if not through words at least through my attitude, my drishti, my vibrations. This is the way we actually become a consistent bestower. How will you be consistent? You cannot give knowledge all the time, or do karma yoga all the time. Baba had said through thoughts, words and actions, some way or other, he kept serving. Anytime, I find that my mind is not going in a negative way but has something where energy is not that high, I just stop it. When you are not feeling your mind is strong, whatever you think will be very weak thoughts, wasteful thoughts, and then different emotions arise. Sometimes the body is a little bit not well, I immediately start strongly remembering Baba. I say that I'm not going to think now. I have to remember Baba, so I keep remembering until again thoughts are elevated thoughts, pure thoughts of courage.

This is the practice I do whenever I find there are thoughts which are not really strong enough, or questioning in a subtle way, lack of self-trust, or whatever I say let me remember Baba. Then I realized that that's where the power comes and you feel and rebound. Then your resilience also keeps increasing. Everyone does that because you create your web of your own thoughts. You might think they are right, but they are emotional thoughts. They're not really the right awareness when you are thinking, so stop them and remember Baba. Then after some time, maybe this morning I did for at least 20 minutes, half an hour, and then your whole elevated self, elevated awareness emerges. Not only do you have to be okay, but you have to make everything around okay. You have to create such a lovely, powerful atmosphere, that others have that energy. We all are connected with each other. I might not do karma yoga, someone else is doing, but that person also needs some energy. So, if I am not doing but my thoughts, my vibrations are helping others to remain full of enthusiasm, or if they are tired, they can again feel they could be okay. So, it's a constant donor, constant bestower if we want not only myself but Baba's whole yagya, every karma yogi gets power and strength to continue, I have to be a consistent bestower. Also, as Baba explained very beautifully, not the bondage but relationship. Not only by one’s own body, but with everyone else. It's not bondage, it's a loveful relationship, spiritual relationship. I think it's a very beautiful lesson, and this will make us unending and a consistent bestower.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Hello to the Avyakti Parivar and happy Satguruvaar. You mention that emotional thoughts create a web. The influence on others, on the atmosphere, on the vibration. Baba mentioned the beautiful idea of a master bestower of self-respect, but he also mentioned today a word that He was the servant. He says many times that I am your most obedient servant. Could we use that word? Would it be wrong? Would it be difficult?

Answer: I don't think we will say that I am your servant. I am at your service I can say.

Baba can say it. He always says, ”You tell me what I can do for you.” We ask Baba to please do this, Baba can you do this, Baba let's do this, as if that he said, “Oh, I'm your servant.” I don't think that we can use that word. It won't be good in a way, but for Baba, He says, “You tell me what you want, I will do it.”

Question: In the Bhog message, it was mentioned that time is delicate and it will become more so. The emotions that people are dealing with, for example, souls who feel ignored, internally people are very emotionally fragile. We're seeing that especially with youth, and so what more, what attention do I need to be paying?

Answer: I think it is both ways. There are somewhere those sanskars of always feeling not being loved, not being respected, not being asked, whatever you do for

them. There are some who always feel I have not been loved even if you

give them a lot of love. So, I think that maybe they have to go through that to

settle their own karmic accounts, then they will start feeling love. I think it happens with every one of us at a certain time that you are given less. They will think that you don't know my value, but gradually realize that the problem is with themselves and that they have to be in that self-respect and then accept it. They feel that I am not given

attention, or I am not treated fairly enough. When that karmic account of the bondage is over then that soul will appreciate that I was given but I couldn't feel it, I couldn't experience it. Someone might have knowledge for many years, everyone sees them as senior, but they don't see themselves as senior. It's not ego, we say the word senior, but that senior has to be like senior. That is why I tell everyone whenever you are emotional, don't think, because all kinds of unnecessarily wasteful, even negative thoughts start coming. Stop, let me remember Baba. Even forcefully, put your intellect with Baba. Think of Baba’s qualities. Brahma Baba’s intellect was with Baba, he was getting power so whatever was happening in the Yagya, amongst children, some left, but he was okay. Not only okay, but he said some very positive things for them and we have to follow that example. I think this is the time, whenever you find internally or externally there is a situation, when I'm saying internally that means you kind of going through something or some influence, sometimes you hear certain things, and you start relating it, just stop it there. Remember Baba, and let's get power from Baba. That journey will be more smooth and consistent.

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