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Merciful Bestower -Master bestower embodiment of all Attainments #4

Merciful _Bestower_4 Mohini_Didi October 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba says just a few words but makes everything so clear. Baba said that you have the sanskars of a bestower because in the Golden Age you were deities, and deities are always givers. Your images in the Copper Age and Iron Age had been bestowing. So, how do I know if I have the sanskars of a bestower? Do I only give what I get, or if this one gave then I gave? This is a very subtle point. All types of ways to give, it's not external, but even cooperation or sharing in the task, if I am a bestower I will always always be present, participant, cooperative, whatever is needed. For me, I always look at whatever I'm doing is for Baba and Baba’s Yagya and all of what I am doing is my account with Baba. So charity is where I constantly give. I don't look at it like, “Oh, I didn't get from here or this one doesn't do”. I have to give whether it is love, cooperation, or whatever it's required. When I'm doing this kind of charity, you get cooperation and success all the time. So, we should always remember that when we are bestowers, we are doing charity, we get cooperatio, not only from souls, but also from nature. I think it is a very big blessing that even the elements will help me at the right time.

Now when it comes to being the embodiment of all attainments, attainments here first are internal. One of the most important attainments we have is love, love for the self, love for others, love for Baba, love because the heart opens. Baba said that your treasure store remains open, it’s only with love. Then I feel that what is very important is to have a peaceful mind, very peaceful. Externally situations chang and fluctuate. When the mind is peaceful, it’s very easy to feel close to Baba. Not only that, but you are able to have success, you are able to get what you want. So, do not allow the mind to be disturbed or upset. Just stay very peaceful, even patience is a big quality. Inner treasures have to be full. That is what will help me to be a bestower. Baba said to do charity otherwise, “Why should I do, this one didn’t do, why should I give this one didn’t give?” To whom are we giving and what my account is being created? It’s Baba who keeps the accounts. In my life, I'm doing and creating my fortune. It’s Baba Yagya, and as much I sustained I will be sustained from the Yagya.

All other human beings around, whether they are instruments or anyone, they are playing their parts. Do I have the sanskars of being a bestower? Am I the embodiment of all attainments?

Baba says that now, at this time, everyone is chasing after attainments. Baba's children many times would say, “Sister Mohini, I'm getting a promotion, should I take it?” It will be a little more money, a status, but a lot more time, a lot more work. So, I will have less time for Baba’s service, so I don't think I will take it. In the lokik world, people are chasing after promotion, status. Baba's children now know where their time should be spent. So they balance it and they say ‘no’. Whatever job I have now, I'm able to give enough time for Baba’s seva. So it's like they're thinking of all attainments in a way. I have a right, and then whatever is needed, if I had been charitable, Baba said that cooperation and success will come to you. Not only cooperation from souls, but Baba said even from the elements. I think we all have this experience that if you are internally content and very light, and just do what you have to do, the elements, nature will protect you. I have experienced so many times the cooperation of nature and of course souls. Whenever I'm sitting and see that I want to get this or do this, I can't, looking for someone, then somebody definitely comes. Angels appear, and I say that an angel has come now.

So internally I keep the determined thought that I have to be a master bestower. I have to be a charitable soul and create such an account, but also rays of contentment Baba said. Your personality, your attitude, your thoughts will create that atmosphere, create that energy. Your treasure store should remain open, then people’s hearts will also remain open. Baba is saying that the more I am charitable at Baba’s seva, the more cooperation will come. So that's a very important point to think of, that more cooperation may come, success and cooperation.That means that many souls, their hearts will open and they will start seeing. So their love, their generosity, their openness will again come for the service of Baba, and because I was the one who inspired them, not by saying you should do this, no, by being the image of contentment, they could see that they could have contentment too. Why are they chasing after so many things? That contentment will create generosity in their hearts. So, our treasure stores have to remain open, but then their treasure stores will also open. At this time it seems like we have to do service in this way. Be a bestower, master bestower, embodiment of attainments and do the seva. Be present as an instrument, and then see what Baba said is the magic, the return of charity as corporation and success.

Om Shanti

Question and Answers

Question: Good evening to the whole Avyakti Parivar family. It's amazing where they're coming in from Asia and everywhere else, so beautiful. I know that you are going in this direction of the dharna of being the bestower, but I'm still a little bit caught up with the philosophical aspect of mercy and the mechanism of mercy, how it works. You're indicating there has to be a charity, there has to be forgiveness, there has to be acceptance, all the qualities I think have to be there. Is there ever any possibility of God withholding mercy, or is He just like the rose that automatically gives the fragrance?

Mohini Didi: I always look at the elements. I always look at sunlight now. It always shines, serves but like someone can just draw a curtain and not be in the sun. So, the sun is always giving, giving, giving. Every element constantly gives. When there is rainfall, water doesn't want to fall to see if trees have received or not. So that's why I like it when Baba says that you have a sanskar of bestower but sometimes we start looking at why this one doesn't do this, so why should I do? Why didn't they cooperate? Why should you know? So that's where you should be merciful on your own self, because your heart and your generosity is getting limited. Whatever anyone does, as a bestower, I should continue to do. When it comes to the Yagya, when it comes to my task, I have to do what I have to do whether it is all through body or time or whatever resources I have, because that's what Baba is saying. If you keep thinking about how much the other one is doing, this one doesn't do so why should I do it? This goes on a lot, it's really a waste of time, and not allowing your bestower quality to emerge. So, keep reminding ourselves that I am the image of attainments and master bestower.

Question: Not the sanskar of someone who's generous right? Constantly thinking about it, I did this much and they didn't do that much so it's showing a limitation in the resources that I myself have.

Mohini Didi: It’s very interesting, you know once there was a situation, you know it always will be a difference, sometimes of opinions, sanskars, and all that. So that was there and I said, “For Baba's task, whatever is needed, I'm going to do it. I will not stop it, whatever other souls sanskars could be, that shouldn't interfere between God's task and my being a bestower.” Dadi Gulzar one time gave me this blessing. She said, “Because of that quality, you will always have abundance, internal and externa.” I don't forget it, because I realized that yes, I have this. If I have to give and give, why are you thinking about the soul, what soul is doing? Whether appreciating or not, or because some people don't appreciate giving, but why should I stop giving? What I have to do, I'm doing for the Yagya, I'm doing as my part of what they should be doing. So I think there is this sankar, and if we underline it, it can really work very well.

Question: You're very much in the present and moving into the future, but we are also carrying stuff. I was wondering, in this area of where I've given sorrow and where I've taken sorrow, where is more mercy and forgiveness needed? One is maybe for others, one is for myself. How do I have that, do I need more mercy for myself or more mercy for others?

Mohini Didi: See, I always say, let's say something happened, you didn't have intention, but it happened and somebody took sorrow. So, that person says, “Oh, that one took sorrow, I shouldn't have.” I said,”Well, it’s Drama, it's past, it’s gone, have lots of love, good wishes for the soul, for yourself also. If you are suffering now over what you did, sometimes you do certain things, so don't feel bad about it because it's a lot of waste of time, energy and also relationships. So if you become ok immediately say, “Ok, it’s Drama. I forgive myself or have mercy and keep extending a lot of good wishes to that soul, and somewhere that heals. It gets removed and healed or when I ask that person and I say, “Sorry, I shouldn't have”, they say. “It’s alright, it didn't bother me.” So as I was thinking that that might have hurt a lot, maybe it will heal. So that's what the method I use, not only I use but I tell many younger ones that you can’t keep worrying. Sometimes it does happen that you say certain things, but have a lot of pure feelings, good wishes, for when you are doing for others, it's in your own mind. So it's coming to you automatically. The same with being a bestower, it is really you giving to yourself, you're making yourself full.

Question: I just wanted to acknowledge that today is the most important day in the Jewish calendar. It starts this evening and goes on for 25 hours and it's called “The day of atonement”. They confess their sins, what they did wrong during the year and where the hope is, and again they have a 10 day period from their new year till today. There's 10 days like the nine nights and then hopefully God forgives their sins. There's always that thing that they have to go first and seek forgiveness from the person that offended and so then God writes their name in the book of life and commits to them for the next year. The thing that I find very interesting is that in their practice, on this one day, they wear white and the white is to remind them of the angels and the lightness, and the purity of the angels. They're not allowed to wear leather because if they're asking for forgiveness then there should be nothing on them that is a result of having killed an animal. They don't eat so the question of pure diet doesn't arise and they don't have marital relations, so it's like they're following all of the disciplines for one day that we follow as a matter of course every day. I love this connection between Judaism and Hinduism. Judaism is the first branch of the tree. So please tell me how we can serve all those souls who are feeling penitent at the moment and asking for God's mercy and asking forgiveness, how can we help them?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, because they are punishing themselves in some way. The transformation has to happen first in their thinking, in the sense of that “Ok, it was done.” Also, with God, anything that has happened, forgiveness is always there. Like with Baba we say, any child has done any mistake, Baba never punishes that child, but increases the enthusiasm, increases courage of that soul. That soul can continue in a beautiful way on this journey, instead of repenting and then falling back or withdrawing from something. So, we are practically saying what God is doing to us. When we make mistakes, you know even Baba says it. Yes Mama used to say one time then second time, but don't do it a third time, because then you won't be forgiven. So if they have done it out of habit or out of ignorance, I think they have to have trust that God has forgiven them, and now they should move forward and not repeat those mistakes.

Question: While we are being light at the moment, even seeing ourselves as angels, can those images and those feelings of God's peace, etc. reach them?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, I think so. You’re telling us this afternoon, but the whole day we could have served.

Question: No, it starts at sundown today and it goes on till I guess sundown tomorrow. So, it's a very holy day for them.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, so Baba is saying sparkle of contentment. Alll that sorrow, all that repentance, because I think in all religions they make them do that, so they don't repeat it, but then from where will the power come? Repentance doesn't bring power. Realization brings power. Yeah, I always tell people, don't regret and move forward and don't repeat it, then everyone will forget it. Yeah don't repent ever, a lot of people have this guilty conscience. You accept your mistake and then you know Baba will forgive. If I don't accept, then that's the big mistake actually, not accepting.

Om Shanti


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