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Merciful Bestower-Have Self-Respect And Become A Charitable Soul#16

Merciful_Bestower_16 Mohini_Didi October 16, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is OK, wonderful? Everything is wonderful? Yes? Very good! Baba keeps reminding us of our fortune, all our attainments and beautiful relationships. Baba says that it is the Father who is giving you sustenance. Look at our sustenance, how we begin our day, what we do during the day, the quality of thoughts Baba gives us since morning, sustenance at all the levels. It's not just physical sustenance but Baba's love, “Wah Baba Wah”, and the teachings are unlimited. We study every day, 365 days a year. We study during the day, then in the evening, and also the blessings from Satguru, Baba is there. Such beautiful relationships, attainments, sustenance, study, and blessings. Tomorrow we have to remain reflecting on this intoxication, Baba said, of your attainment, your fortune. This will make us feel very close to Baba, because Baba in the end always says, “Baba is with you”. To experience that Baba is with me, it is important to have these thoughts, and reflection on these thoughts. Also, today’s Avyakti Signal is so beautiful. I keep repeating it because then there is self-respect, you are a charitable soul. One who is charitable would not say if someone is poor that this must be because of some past karmas. Why is this one begging on the street? If someone is beaten or violence, it must be because of karmas?

These are normal thoughts people have because they think karma philosophy is very strong. So, they think of karmas and consequences of karma, but why should I think like that? Even though we know that that's true and it's real and right, I shouldn't be thinking like that. Somebody has fallen and let that remain there, because it’s karma. Why should I give a hand? Why should I lift someone? Baba is saying, no, a charitable soul and a merciful soul will not have these thoughts. The first thing that soul will do is to uplift, to give hand, not to say, “It’s your karma, ok wherever you are.” Sometimes it could be a spiritual stage, sometimes it could be on a physical life level. Oh, you got sick because you are settling your karmic accounts. How to give love, how to sustain that soul, what way I can cooperate with that soul so that the pain of that soul reduces? We should uplift that soul, give courage to that soul, whatever you can do, because remember what you're doing is charitable action, otherwise the way we think doesn’t help anyone. So I think this is the kind of dharna where Baba doesn't want us to think about karmas and the result of karmas of any soul. A few days ago Baba said: “You don't judge anyone”. Even knowing what happened, I shouldn't be thinking that way, or analyse someone’s situation. Even as I said, we know the reason, it's very deeply connected with self-respect, and that is elevated self-respect.

We all belong to the deity religion, we are all deities. So, how is our attitude, in our drishti? While anyone who is suffering, if that soul is not cared for or is neglected, that causes more pain and sorrow. Nobody is taking care of me, nobody is even asking me, nobody is even giving me basic food, or it will cause more pain. Whatever way we can take care, little or big, there will be lots of blessings from that soul, because what you did is a very charitable action. As I am thinking, I'm speaking, I'm seeing how our stage should be like Baba. If you have given someone medicine at the right time or food at the right time and that person gets well, how happy will you feel? Instead of saying why this one is sick, do whatever that person needs. Even you know a few Brahmins, like once in a while write to me that they make some mistakes, it just happens and I don't ask the reason or say anything. It's alright, move forward. Past is past, and as soon as I say that, the soul immediately speaks the truth. “I had to do it because there was pain, there was this, so I did, whatever.” Ok, it's over now, don't worry about that, don't allow that to affect your stage in the future. What can you do now? Many brahmins may know about it, it's alright, let them think what they want to think, but you don't worry, you come back and have your self-respect.

Someone was sharing a beautiful experience today that he was Baba’s child, he was kumar for many years, and then something happened and then he got married. He said that when he came back to the Brahmin family, He was loved equally like before. He was welcomed and that helped him to stay as Baba’s child, but if people had an attitude towards me, it would have been difficult. So, let everyone be what they are, we have to be loving, we have to make that soul feel that belonging, it's very important. So, what part I have to play within the Brahmin family is of a charitable soul. An ordinary good action will bring a few marks, but as a charitable soul, you get lots of lots of more marks for that. So, let us all be in self-respect and be a charitable soul.

Om Shanti

Question and Answers

Question: Om Shanti Mohini Didi! How are you this evening? I wanted to ask you a few questions or engage you in conversation on today's Avyakt theme of self-respect and charitable actions. Let's say that I am not able to forgive someone who is always an obstacle. Does this become an obstacle in their yoga and prevent them from becoming charitable?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, I find that if you have God’s love in your heart, you can easily forgive anything any soul has done to you. I know in my heart there is still love because I feel one day that love will be felt by other souls. I mean the same souls who are opposing or doing things in their own way, it doesn't upset me or it doesn't create feelings of revenge, but rather I have lots of love internally. Sow the seed of love, just keep doing the right thing and I think that could be the love which could change that person. At least I am doing a charitable action in the sense of maintaining that love and doing what I have to do. Let's say we have ten members and one doesn't want to be part of the family, so you feel mercy because the joy of the family, the strength of the family, happiness of family is not being experienced by that soul. So, you wish that that soul should be able to experience and come closer and it does happen if we maintain that.

Question: In order to return to that state of self-respect to remove this vision of having you know a discord or conflict with other souls, forgiveness is important. So is it in forgiving that the heart becomes clean? Am I only able to have mercy when I have forgiven myself and others and the heart is clean, or does mercy come first and only in having mercy, I am able to forgive, and then my heart is clean?

Mohini Didi: If someone has done something, for me, I look at Baba and Baba you should forgive this soul because that's what I can do. One is I forgive that soul because of ignorance or whatever the reason that soul is doing it, but I go to Baba and say, “Baba you should forgive this soul because karma has been done which is not right karma.” If I take it towards me or I could see that that could be the habit or whatever reason the soul is doing it. So what I do generally, I say, “Baba forgive this soul, so that this soul can continue on a spiritual journey.” There could be big obstacles because of one's own mistake, but internally I have a lot of good wishes because I don't want that soul to suffer, I don't want that soul to choose the wrong path, I don't want that soul to go far from God. So, when there are very deep feelings of good wishes for that soul, and I just said that when the soul will realize that it was a big mistake, might feel very guilty. So, I just make it as if it was a little thing, it was in Drama, it happened and let it pass. Baba said that self-respect is elevated self-respect. When you are in elevated self-respect, you still respect people, it's not because of whatever little mistake they make. They are still Baba’s children, they're still instruments. So I immediately say, Baba please forgive that soul and this action, not a right action, but I don't see that action towards me. I just still have good feelings and loveful feelings for that soul.

Question: So it is important to forgive first before that mercy can flow in the form of charitable actions?

Mohini Didi: Someone said how can you forgive someone for their own actions? In the sense that I don't take anything to heart, but if a karma has been done, who am I to forgive anyway? I remember that a few years, a few days or months ago somebody was discussing this thing of forgiveness that if someone has done something and you forgive from heart, is that real forgiveness? If an action has been done, there will be some consequences, but I want my heart to be clean. So, I say, “Ok, I forgive you”, but real forgiveness will only come when that soul either realises or goes to God and says, “God I made this mistake” and asks for forgiveness. Real forgiveness will come from there.

Question: My question to you is to follow up on that thing of forgiveness. I have to have an accomplished heart, a heart that isn't in need of anything, and in doing so I also need to be yuktiyukt in my behaviour towards others, which means to go beyond those wasteful feelings if they still exist. In order to go beyond the wasteful feelings, I need to have these Avyakt intentions and Avyakt feelings. What are Avyakt intentions and Avyakt feelings in relationships?

Mohini Didi: Words are vyakt. So you go beyond that. That means you become aware, you're going into the Avyakt stage, and your feelings are Avyakt feelings. You are not stuck with the physical element of any situation. Whether the way the person said it, somewhere deeply within you go beyond that and you feel that that soul had to say it or something was bothering you. Being vyakt means the effect of everything is happening in a physical way. When you go beyond, then it becomes Avyakt. It's a beautiful experience and at least I have done and I constantly keep doing. To go beyond, otherwise you could feel like saying something, responding to something, but go beyond. Like I see some souls, their faces, but I just go beyond, I don't have to look at that. I have to go beyond that. So going beyond vyakt, vyakt means what is being expressed to something which is Avyakt, or not expressed in a physical, gross way.

Question: Beautiful! Thank you Mohini Didi, thank you!


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