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Merciful Bestower - Do Not Take Any Salvation But Give Salvation#15

Merciful_Bestower_15 Mohini_Didi October 15, 2022

Om Shanti!

This whole month we have been listening, thinking, and practicing being merciful and a bestower. We do believe that giving is a good action, but the way Baba describes “giving” it is more like cooperation. Sometimes we think, why should we keep giving? The first thing that comes to mind could be money or something physical, so why should I keep giving. There are many souls, they say, “If I keep giving, how will I manage?” If someone said, “Give me your car, should I give?” You have to be sensible, if you give everyone your car to use, what will happen? You won't manage. You can’t say to take my house, you take everything. No, that's not what Baba means. We all are travelers, we are together, whether it is on a spiritual journey or sometimes in a physical way also. Sometimes helping another person to find the right way, if someone says I have this difficulty and say, “Why don't you try this way, it might work”. Baba said that you are yogi souls with knowledge, virtues, and powers. Sometimes you cannot say much, but through your powerful thoughts, you can help that soul. Recently Baba said that if you have any burden, give it to Baba, don't keep the burden. Some would, but then what will Baba do? Why should I give all the burdens to Baba? Speak to Baba, talk to Baba. If anyone is talking to you, bring Baba in between, because these days people talk about so many issues, there are problems, there are conflicts. Even if they don’t have a problem, they start taking from the world and start creating big problems. What is being merciful? There is so much sorrow in the world, so much suffering, and it's not like we have to take anyone’s pain or sorrow or sadness. Being in very peaceful state of mind, the first service is mansa seva, through our thoughts. These days, most of the people say, “I just need good wishes.” Some say, “Oh, we need some blessing.”

Then also there was a question about if everyone has karmas and has to settle, whether you should help or not. We belong to Baba, and what Baba has given us, we must share with others. Baba has given us knowledge and Baba has given us powers. Baba is constantly giving. If you look at the elements of nature, if you look at the sun, moon, water, air, earth they are constantly giving, so we are being sustained by that.

So, in the world today constantly if you are peaceful, keep spreading the vibrations of peace, not only to a particular soul or few souls, Baba says that you are world servers. People don’t feel that there is true love. When we have spiritual love for all the souls, our love is spiritual love. As souls, we are brothers, children of one Father. So, our love is really true love. I think you all must be experiencing that to be in this big, unlimited family, there is so much love. We look at the Dadis, we look at many, the way we are, we care for each other, share with each other. Also, it's not as if someone is very greedy, we keep giving, we know immediately. We are not going to fulfill anyone's greed. People have a lot of desires, but they are suffering from those desires. So, one is to fulfill desires, and the other is to make them free from desires. So, service also has to be understood properly, that I have to be a bestower but in what way? If someone needs to tolerate something, then what will you bestow, it will be over. Pain is there, yes, it will be ok, you will be fine. So, internally when that person hears it, there are a lot of good feelings that, “Oh yes, I will be alright.” Recently someone had a big fall and broke lots of bones. Almost the whole body was crushed. So doctors, serious surgeons took the whole day to do it. When some of us, myself and some other sisters, keep telling her that you could be alright. Before that she kept saying, “No, I don't think I will survive.” Then she said, “I will have the surgeries, and I will be alright.” It’s been few weeks now, and she's getting better and better. So, what did it take in giving? It’s just love for Baba, and trust actually that you say the words, and they would be strengthened, the courage emerges for that soul.

Many times, on a spiritual journey, many say, “I want to give up, I don't think I can continue, I can't meditate, there are so many thoughts.” So, find some right way to tell her you can, you will be able to meditate, and give some good points from Murli. When you give some points from Murli and that soul feels that I can meditate better. This way, there is cooperation in the efforts. Sometimes we think to bestow is like, ok anyone ask anything, and I just give. I remember that one time a little thing about coming Thursday morning, you get bhog. You like bhog very much that day. So, there was a big question, should I ask for a second time, or no? So, we had a discussion about it. This sister was still serving. She said no, she could have just said, wait, you know, because once you serve, then you know how much is left based on what we can give, it's not a problem. She was still going first serving, so she didn't like that. So, the person was a bit upset and called me and said, “She shouldn't have answered me like that.” So, I said, “You are right and she's right too. You know you want it, and it's all right. We could give you but she wanted to make sure that everyone gets it.” So, she could have said, “Yeah, wait for a while as soon as I finish first serving, I will give you.” Even then you give a little bit maybe. I am just giving an example. Then again, this person said that it becomes the habit of that person, every time he will ask, if I give this time. So again, I said that both are right. In both, some things have to be changed. So, I am just giving an example that now we could say why that sister was not a bestower. She could have felt mercy, that I should give more bhog to that soul. Sometimes, I find love is important, you know, instead of mercy and if somebody likes something, it's all right, if you can give, you must give. Not thinking that this will become a habit and all that. Sometimes when you give, there is some satisfaction. That satisfaction in that soul, will be so helpful. So, sometimes little contentment and satisfaction of something would also help in the sense of bringing change in that soul. When the change comes, then that soul doesn’t ask.

There is one example when we go to Madhuban, when we want to bring tolli from Madhuban. So, the brother in charge of the toli department asked everyone how many students, how much toli. Someone said 50, someone said one hundred, but he knew that this sister is saying 50 but has only 10 students. Baba had said that you don't say anything, so he went to Baba, and Baba said thst you have to give whatever number is that, the karmas of that soul, whether it is greed or whatever. So, until now, it’s been so many years, and this brother never says ‘no’. Then what happens is that because sisters or brothers know that he will always give, then they ask for more. You know there's some dates when you are doing something or giving, and it can bring a lot of change in people also. I experience every day for myself, there is so much contentment after getting so you serve the soul. I know that you will all have different opinions about it. This needs a lot of discussion, but I definitely share my experiences, also. How many of you do not like potato chips? Everyone likes chips. How many of you like them? Everyone. How much can you eat? The whole pack, depends on if it is small or big. What I am saying is that if someone needs a little more, it will bring satisfaction. So, instead of thinking, “Oh, it’s the habit of this person, this is what it is.” We don't go into all that. If you can, share it. I know when double foreigners go to Madhuban, they like french fries, so for us we take 2, 3, 5, 10, but they eat a full plate. So, brothers there are so generous, they give them as much as they want. Then the time comes they say, “Just give me half, that's enough for me.” They share these little stories. So, giving is not something which you don't do sensibly, but also if you do it, it could bring contentment. It can bring some kind of feeling or I can get whatever in the Yagya. So, that's what my thoughts are, Baba says to keep giving, that’s important.

Om Shanti

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