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Merciful Bestower- Conclusions and Experiences #31

Merciful_Bestower_31 Mohini_Didi October 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

I think I had a wonderful experience and to do one topic for the whole month makes a lot of difference. The points were different everyday, but the topic was Merciful and Bestower. I find that the thought of being a bestower constantly keeps coming back in my mind during the day, in situations or seeing someone whatever they are, and being merciful and bestower. My experience was very good and I realized that it makes you free from all wasteful thoughts, because I have to be a bestower, so why am I thinking. It keeps me very connected with Baba, the One who is also Besower. Baba is Bestower and I am master bestower. Basically we say yoga is the soul's connection with the Supreme soul, but with these kinds of practices Baba wants us to be in our deity form. Baba wants us to be perfect. Most important is Baba wants us at the confluence age to be loveful, peaceful, to have all the qualities, full of everything. Baba wants our inner treasure store to remain full. One is inculcating, cultivating those qualities but the other is by bestowing, your treasure store increases. I have experienced both ways whether it is spiritual or physical. When you give something from your heart, it multiplies. It’s not that I have to do it as a charity or to please someone, no. It's from my heart that I give to everyone. I would say that it was very beautiful and I know that we are starting a new topic, but I know that this thought of being a bestower will stay with me and I want that to stay, because I found it was very profound. Then the stage was such that during the day, whatever happened, there was a lot of love for everyone. Mind was very peaceful and full. It’s not only peace, but peaceful, not only happy but very happy. I am sure that most of you also had a good experience for the whole month. Someone called today from another country and said,“I start my homework every day at Amrit Vela and that keeps me so full, so happy.” Also when I am doing something, karma yoga or any seva I am very very full, I feel I have to bestow. I think it’s not a very common concept among lokik people.

Sometimes people ask why Brahma Kumaris have to keep giving, if it’s a program, you get a toli. It was Diwali program and everyone got Baba’s Brahma bhojan. Brahmin culture is of giving. Sometimes I think we give more than what we should, but when we give Baba’s bhandara gets full. I remember in one country there was a discussion, when people come from work they are tired, so they used to keep a big tea pot, but some said no we shouldn’t, tea is expensive. When they used to give, they would have so many boxes of tea, sugar, milk, and the fridge was full. Everyone understands if I am using, I am taking then I will also put in Baba’s bhandara. Baba’s bhandara is for sustenance of Brahmins. Ramesh bhai used to tell us how much we spend on maintaining buildings and then to do public programs, but also we need to sustain Baba’s children. Not only Baba’s children, but contact souls, anyone. This is what Baba’s teachings are. There was a time when we started printing our fliers, leaflets. Baba used to say, “It’s God’s invitation it should be in the golden ink”. In the beginning, there was simplicity but also royalty. Someone says they have a lot that’s why they give, no. We know that giving also brings more and more. I at least will continue to keep this thought, awareness that I have to be a bestower. I should be a bestower, I should be merciful.

Om shanti.

QA Session

Question: Om shanti Mohini Didi and Avyakti Parivar. The bestower month focus may have closed but yes, it made an impact on me even in this week. Just one week diving into the aspects that have been covered, from my own experience, sharing and coming up with these questions. I was really intrigued by the seed stage that you were sharing with us yesterday and also in Hindi class. Today I really practiced by coming into that stillness and then I would see these things coming up, traces of yesterday and wanting to change and control and I realized that there is something in the soul that wants justice. It shouldn't be like this, it should be like that, but it’s predestined. In these aspects of settling in your mind, in yoga, to really merge everything. How does one develop that trust in the drama and know that there is divine justice and everything is happening as it should? It sounds good but, perhaps you could share with us how you process these aspects.

Mohini Didi: Before giving an answer to that, I will take what Baba said today. Merge point of light and Baba also as point of light in your heart and eyes. I thought that was very powerful. We are talking more about merging whatever happened in the past, but here what Baba is saying, merging is higher than that through your eyes and your heart. The sparkle of point, point as Baba, point as soul. I thought I would take that also as practice. If I have faith in the universe and Baba, whatever is happening is proper calculation of karmas. We don't know the past, only the present. Internally, some people say that's not fair, or that’s not justice and I feel that if I am in self respect and if I trust that, in universe these mistakes cannot happen, in drama these mistakes cannot happen. Sometimes externally we see someone has done something which is not good, and still gets praised. Baba has our account, Baba has our record, no soul is going to put something for my destiny or give me the result or the reward of anything. I always 100% do not even expect from anyone, but when these various situations come, I feel it’s important to make you strong, to make you stable, to make you experience so at that time one could feel why this is happening to me or to someone else. When it has passed then you say there was some benefit. If you are able to see the benefit, at every step, every scene of drama then this question won’t arise. Everything is fair, everything is okay. Ultimately you will see how everything is okay.

Question: I actually love the aspect about the drama that every moment repeats. I have no problem with that and that everything is destined. My question could be in, as you said, a recording, old vinyl records and there is a needle that would play and the grooves have already been made, it’s merged into the vinyl. In the meditation, it felt like Baba was asking the soul to lift the needle so he could fill the soul. If I am stuck in the groves, they talk about a broken record, it keeps repeating and repeating and you go nowhere, it actually skips. Is that how it is? It's not that I merge with the past or with the future. What is it like? Am I merging with this moment in time, with Baba, merging Him in my eyes, in my heart, but I am in this moment?

Mohini Didi: Actually it’s moment by moment. If I am merging, then another effort that I have to make is to keep merging every scene of drama. That will automatically happen anyway, because it will get merged. The more I practice merging Baba and the point, the less effort I have to make to merge other things. I thought Baba gave the right point at the right time. What I am supposed to do is to merge this and then observe how everything else is getting merged. We are doing high quality double effort at the same time. I don’t have to make effort to merge everything, because I am so busy experiencing, merging Baba, merging the point of light in my eyes and in my heart. Drama scene is merging, but practically I feel how it’s merged for me. I thought that ‘s a very good method, I will do that from tomorrow or today.

Question: If we question why, it’s as if we are going against nature, we are not allowing it to do what it’s supposed to and that’s to allow that moment to merge, is that right?

Mohini Didi: Correct. These are subtle points, as the realization comes, understanding gets better and we are so grateful for Baba as our Teacher. Everytime you listen to Baba you find another right method. You immediately take that method and start practicing and you will find that automatically the lesson learnt by the soul.

Question: This is really new and it gives room for new effort, because if you are thinking the same old thoughts, then I am going to attract the same lessons over and over again. Who would think that I am asking for these events to teach me until I get it right. I might as well merge now. I guess what I am saying is that I am seeing this broken record, repeating this old lesson and when will I get off the wheel? Then we also have to affect the drama. It’s predestined and I am also part of Baba’s plan to transform the world. My pure desires to transform myself and others and the world.

Mohini Didi: But you said it very nicely that when you lift the needle, let something else be recorded. That’s what it is, that I lift the needle and I start merging in my eyes and heart, a point of light that is soul consciousness and Baba as point of light.

Question: Thank you for understanding. That’s what it feels like. I lift and I am not stopping thoughts, it’s different, you are merging, you are not resisting, you are not fighting, you are not demanding justice. You are allowing the drama to unfold as it should and if I remain with Baba, I am checking with you, then Baba can use me. Whatever needs to happen in the moment, like the needle when it touches down it's not that we leave the drama, is it? We have to create a new recording. Right?

Mohini Didi: Right.I think we are getting clearer.

Question: It’s interesting we have merged it. Perhaps being a bestower if you could close with the aspect of merging and then being with Baba, because I’m no longer caught up in the drama, as I have now come into Baba’s domain, vibration, as you said, it’s sato energy and allowing in that awareness, in that seed stage. I allow Baba to make me an instrument to bestow.

Mohini Didi: Baba had been talking a lot to be consistent not only one or two hours so this natural quality. Every element whether it is air, water, it always bestows, that is why they are worshiped on the path of bhakti in some form or another. They worship earth, water, sun, moon everything. When we become bestowers, we are also becoming worship worthy and that’s what Baba says, that’s a deity. In a way you become a bestower then you become worship worthy. As a bestower we give now, but also when we become worship worthy we still become bestowers. Our idols also bestow all the time.

Question: And we just have to merge Baba in our eyes, and in our heart?

Mohini Didi: In our eyes and heart. That will be very good practice and experience practically how everything else gets merged, but you have to do it consistently. Baba keeps saying, keep reminding yourself many times, then it becomes natural.

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