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Merciful Bestower - Bestower of blessings in living form #1

Merciful_Bestower_1 Mohini_Didi October 1, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone ok, doing well? Baba has created this family so that we can remain together happy, share together, and care for each other. So, I like when Baba says that the attainment of the Confluence Age, the knowledge and the income, cannot be attained in any other age. So, for a few moments I started thinking of the Golden Age. In the Golden Age we have the fruition of all attainments. In the Silver Age, we are happy we have everything. In the Copper Age, as we do, so we get. Then in the Iron Age, it's like karma philosophy is different, but in the Confluence Age, it is attainment from God. We all say we are servers on Godly service. So, attainments from God, at the Confluence Age are unique attainments, you cannot have these attainments in any other age. Baba said that you do one, and you will get many. I remember that once we were talking about storms of Maya, different circumstances, settling of karmic accounts, and then we said that sometimes Baba also tests us. Baba will give us the opportunity to do something good, to be kind, to be merciful. Sometimes you have to share even from your own, and if you do it, then Baba looks at it, and Baba fills your apron with everything. So, Baba’s test is to see if you are giving selflessly without thinking, “This one doesn't do, this one does, so I should do it for this one.” No, you just do it and especially for anyone who needs it. So, the Confluence Age is the age where Baba also looks at us and that is why this Avyakti signal of being merciful is very beautiful. There is no bargain in mercy. If you have to be a great donor, then you have to donate.

I remember that Dadi Janki always used to tell us that if you keep giving, it can become the habit of the other one to keep receiving. This is more in a physical way, how to give support and still see that that soul doesn't become dependent. That comes when I keep Baba in between. If someone says thank you, oh, it’s Baba because what I am able to give is what I got from Baba, it’s not mine. My mercy was more like the mercy of Kaliyug, but at the Confluence Age, if I am able to be merciful, it’s Baba’s treasures that I am sharing. So, I cannot really take credit for that. Baba said that when you use it, it becomes yours. Also, when I donate it, it’s Baba’s. Whatever we are able to do, even just to be happy, content, and you remember Baba, your day is successful. Whatever you are able to do is because of what? Baba, Baba’s knowledge, Baba’s love. Baba has taught us to live in a particular way, to think in a particular way, so everything comes from Baba. So, keep this thought that I got from Baba and I am giving what Baba has given me, then you're not creating any karmic accounts. That’s actually the specialty of Confluence Age, and also for being merciful. Let's say someone is criticizing a lot, they should be happy. Ok, now the karmic account is settled. Someone did it, and I am not going to react or respond to that, it’s alright. So, this attitude comes from mercy and love, very naturally, it's not even a question of forgiveness, but maybe something had to be settled. Someone has some hard feelings or it had to be settled because that soul did what soul had to do. Someone said, “How do I know?” Yes if you stop, you don't think about that, don't even respond in words . So, to be a great donor, my thinking, my attitude should be that it got settled, but not think about the way that soul acted, or said something about you. You have to maintain a heart that still has love for everyone, whatever that soul is.

We all have to live together in the Golden Age. We are not only settling, but we are creating a loveful, pure relationship amongst each other. It will be the same family there. So, if I have difficulties now, I am not creating a Golden Aged relationship. We are together at the Confluence age, and we have to create heaven together. So, how will that be created? It's only possible when I am a great donor and I keep sharing the words of love or good wishes, and they become blessings. Generally, whenever someone needs something, some even just need you to say, “You will be alright.” I just go in and go with Baba, look at Baba and then say, “You will be alright.” So, it's not just that I say it. I just connected with Baba, so it's like I am getting a little bit of indication from Baba, to say, “You will be alright.” So, be a great donor and don't get disappointed with anyone. You know, people can be different every hour, and I am still holding the way that person was one hour before. This one is like that, you know, we always comment, this one is like that. Baba is saying, “No, don't think that because if you are holding that personality or sanskar of that soul, you will not be able to give, you will not be able to be merciful or give the blessing.” So, blessings need very pure intent, pure wishes, and purity of heart. From that purity of heart, whatever you will think or say for the soul would become a blessing. I had been thinking a lot about what way you can bless anyone. Baba says that you are images known for giving blessings. I carefully hear about each goddess what she does. The goddesses have 10 arms, 8 arms, 4 arms, but what do they do, how do they destroy everything evil? I always like Baba’s praise of Remover of Sorrow, Bestower of Happiness, which no one does and that is why the sorrow keeps coming back, because it hasn’t been removed.

So, Baba is the one who bestows and also removes. So, it is the same as my own healing of the self. In the Golden Age we don’t have to settle karmic accounts so it’s easy, but yes, so many tests will come and situations come, karmic accounts settling. While all that is happening, I have to be a goddess and bestow all the blessings. Those idols are not settling, but I have to hold on to my quality as a goddess, one who is a great donor and bestower of blessings. This is what my reflection has been, because whenever there are Avyakti signals, we get a chance to churn, to be clear, and to do it. When else will I get that chance? So the Avyakti signals are not just for listening, but to become what Baba is saying, to become avyakt. When it was said about Brahma Baba, that he was introverted, but also from his face, he was manansheel, that means you could see that he was churning knowledge. You have waste thoughts, worry, concerns, but manansheel face is when your face indicates that you are in deep thought somewhere, deep in knowledge, not in any situation. You can keep thinking about the past, but this is thinking and reflecting about the knowledge about Baba, Baba’s virtues. So, it is a beautiful signal and you have to inculcate it.

Om Shanti


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