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Merciful Bestower-Become Librated & Give the Donation of Libration #18

Merciful_Bestower_18 Mohini_Didi October 18,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba keeps reminding us of our task. Actually, we are busy in service, different kinds of service, giving knowledge, taking care of the Yagya, one’s own time-table, once own body. There has been so much since morning! So, when we listen to what Baba wants us to do, sometimes we think we are not able to do enough of what Baba is saying. So, I was thinking that maybe we could pay more attention to traffic control. Instead of three minutes we can do five minutes, and then focus on our effort or the task which Baba has given us. Like today, Baba is saying, “What stage do you like? To be strong, to be free from bondage, double light.” We all have to think tomorrow morning, what is a double light stage? How do you feel when you are double light, in the sense of no burden of any thought? Thoughts create heaviness. So, don’t take anything as a burden, then we can remain double light. All the souls in the world have some burden or some bondage, all of them. Baba says that it’s only when you are liberated, that you can liberate others from sorrow and bestow happiness to everyone. So, we all have to find some yuktis, methods, and how quickly we can transform our thoughts. Baba says, “Yes you have determination, but it’s like you have to remind yourself the whole day, and that is why actually just one point is given. To even remember that point, churn on that, reflect on that churn and practice, become embodiment, Baba has a lot of patience with us. He watches us, He doesn’t stop giving to us, and I find that everyday whatever effort we make, there is some difference in our stage.

Each one of us, especially now, first is a conqueror of matter. Matter is waiting with a garland for you. I think it’s only in the morning that we can feel the silence of nature, everything is so quiet. When there is time, maybe people could go out in the mornings, they go for walks. In India they do, but not here, early morning, they won’t come out, now again it is winter. So, even sitting near a window, you can see nature, look at nature and see how nature is carrying a garland for you, for your victory. You have to experience it. Once I went to a temple in Madurai, South India, Minaxi, a quite high temple, big temple. There were many who looked like upper middle class women, not just poor, they were wearing silk saris and all that. Everyone had a little scripture, a little book and they were constantly repeating, reading, and someone told me that they do this for days and days. So, they give themselves quite a hard time and then when we ask them what they want. They want liberation, they think that is from the cycle of life and death. Baba says no, those are the births of the Copper Age, Iron Age, when we are in bondage. They do quite a lot of sacrifices, a lot of worshiping in so many different ways, and they eat only what is given to them, holy food that is rice, rice or whatever they offer. They leave all the comforts of home, they leave everything and they sit in the temple. I have seen so many these days specially, many sages, sadhus, thousands of them. They can’t manage daily lives or whatever are the circumstances, but for Baba’s children, you live at home, you live a normal life, carry on all the activities, but still pay attention for that freedom, for liberation from bondages.

So, our service at this time, I think we have to make specific time, may not be very long but few minutes, very often, to be in that stage. To remember Baba, be in stage of liberation, liberation in life, and bestow liberation to others also. I think it's a constant effort, because it's very easy for that soul to go back to the same sanskar, to break that chain. I was thinking about it for us in the evening, of course most of Baba’s children do meditation 7 to 7.30 but not necessarily have any class. When we are in Avyakti Parivar, because of the family, we gather together and then we share Baba’s Avyakti signal or whatever. So, now it has become like there is a pull. This becomes action for us in the evening. Baba has created something for us and we continue to maintain it so that we become stable, strong, and one feels also double light and happy. At least I am doing something, consistently, even our morning Murli is regular, consistent. So, we are very lucky that we are able to form this habit and of course we look forward to Baba’s blessing that we can continue. Yes, so tomorrow pay attention, let’s see how I can experience liberation and how I remove sorrow and be happy.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answer

Question: Good evening Didi. Liberation always applies to being liberated from something, a burden. Can you give us a sense of why it is that why we keep being attached to that burden, and why there isn't the ability to liberate ourselves? Why is that desire for freedom so strong, why do we let go of that?

Mohini Didi: Baba says that there is a lack of determination and lack of revising those thoughts during the day. I think that we have determination, but Baba says that it is more in speaking and thinking, but practically it’s not there. I think if we want to do it internally, if I have distaste, or I really want to do it, it should happen. So as you mentioned that freedom is to get free from something, but liberation is total freedom, it’s going beyond. Liberation is something which is going beyond, that is going in the land of silence, land of peace, land of liberation, but the stage is of silence. Freedom doesn’t mean silence, liberation could be silence. Liberation in Hindi means one is mukti, and the other is nirvana. Nirvana really means going beyond sound, just in silence, be peaceful, or even deeply within, removing everything from the mind. It's like if you live in the household but your intellect is not pulled in different things, there is no attachment in other words. Baba is talking about not freedom but liberation. Liberation also is connected with purity-impurity, bondage and freedom. When it comes to liberation, Baba says that we become removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. Now you can’t be free from sorrow, you have to be liberated from sorrow. So there is a difference if we go into detail. People talk of freedom, Baba talks of liberation.

Question: Is Baba more interested in our being liberated from sorrow or in our being happy?

Mohini Didi: I think it's only when you are liberated, that you will be happy. If you don’t liberate yourself from sorrow, how can you be happy? If you don’t liberate yourselves from certain habits, then how can you be light? So, if I have to be double-light, if I have to be happy then it has to be liberation. There is no difficulty, in the sense of no suffering, in liberation. Actually, it’s liberation from suffering, and for that we have to think of the qualities of the stage of liberation, that is the place of liberation also. As I said, beyond sound, total silence, very peaceful, and of course free from bondages. We all know in our lives how much we are liberated compared to what we were before!

Question: I heard you yesterday say two things, one was along the line of becoming something, like saying I am becoming Lakshmi, but the subconscious mind only works in the present. So, there is a difference between saying,”I am becoming Lakshmi”, and “I am Lakshmi.” When should I have my consciousness that I am that, and of course that I am a soul, I am a Brahmin etc. and when should it be that I am becoming that?

Mohini Didi: I think that each one of us in our heart believes that I was Laksmi in the sense that we had a stage in the Golden Age, where we had love, prosperity, all those qualities. Now a decline in degrees happens and everyone, once in a while, has just a feeling of that stage of Lakshmi. All of us have that, but then the expression of that in the sense of generosity, in the sense of accomplishment, completeness all that percentage has to be 100%. So yes, I am Laksmi. Each one of us can say that, but then whatever percentage is less, we say that we have to become that. That means your idol image is ready, but Baba says that there are finishing touches, lIke it has to be complete, your eyes. Then whatever little you have to make it perfect, yes we are Lakshmi, we are Shaktis.

Question: Maybe that is the homework for tomorrow, accepting the garland. Wouldn’t that be the consciousness?

Mohini Didi: It will be very interesting tomorrow to feel that waiting to garland you. We have to experience these things, and we have thoughts, we churn a little bit, we discuss a little bit, and in the morning we just sit and experience that I am being garlanded. I am getting ready to be seated on the thrones, or all the devotees are looking at me now as a Goddess. All these stages have to be experienced.

Question: I used to say for Dadi Janki that I saw, I felt that her chit was very clean in that she could operate past, present, and future. So is it something you could gauge for yourself and say to what extent you have cleaned your chit? How could she have known to tell me about the cleanliness of chit that allows us that to happen?

Mohini Didi: A time comes where nothing that is, as Baba says, waste within the self or there is no negativity. Even waste, you know it comes, you see it, you hear it, but then it doesn’t go and touch the chit, on the consciousness. Also, you were saying that our consciousness is there that I am Lakshmi, but then expression in the sense of speaking, interactions with others, playing part with matter. That expression is growing more and more and with 100% expression that means you have become 100%.

Question: Are you seeing that as well, do you get that feedback, not in terms of words, but behaviors of others towards you, how nature accommodates you?

Mohini Didi: There is a lot of protection from everywhere, and whether it is nature, whether it is souls, that protection is coming from whatever is in the chit. So, all over, there is love and protection, and also respect and cooperation. All these qualities are experienced from the souls all the time and also the joy, happiness.

Question: I was also thinking back to this topic of mercy, personally speaking, I find myself difficult to deal with taking care of somebody physically. Does that indicate lack of mercy? Gayatri mentioned the other day when she was in conversation with you about Dadis Janki’s role as nurse in terms of the Yagya. I feel like I could not do that. Does that mean that I don’t have mercy, or there is something lacking? Would I be able to do that?

Mohini Didi: You can come and stay with me for one week. Then you will know what time to give me coffee, what time.

Question: That will be very easy. My best friend in school went to become a nurse, I was thinking there is no way in the world I can become a nurse.

Mohini Didi: This is not about becoming a nurse. It really comes from the heart. I remember that when Dadi used to get sick, Jayanti bhen and myself would be up half night, she would be half, I would stay until 12-1, then she would stay until 6 in the morning. I think when there is love, you just feel like doing it. Hansa and others came later. Jayanti bhen and I used to take care in Madhuban. I have done that since a young age. I have taken care of Dadis, they used to get headaches or something, I could do it. Maybe that’s why I am also getting it now.

Question: So I think the main thing for today is that mercy is the ability to relate to anybody independent of their karma. You are not affected by it, and I was wondering when Baba as Dharmraj ceases to be merciful at that time?

Mohini Didi: I think that you have to pass your percentage in the sense of let’s say 80%, 90%. So somewhere I think Baba has been merciful and Baba is very pleased to see our efforts, so forgiveness comes. We don’t need Baba’s mercy, but basically if you are obedient, you are honest, and you are humble and whatever you are doing according to the directions of Baba, definitely His powers come. You can call it mercy or love, and it helps the soul very much. We need to reach a point where even if I am taking this, I am honest. Even physically, mentally I am not ready or whatever, but still I am committed so you go over, get extra marks and when you get extra marks. Then Baba looks at that and you are forgiven for many things.

Question: Someone asked about karma, Dharmraj..

Mohini Didi: If you can smile at Dharmraj, in the sense you are not scared, you will say now I am in front of Dharmraj, I don’t know what He is going to do. When you are smiling, that means you are pure, you are honest. I think that He is okay with it.

Question: Okay that means I have to learn how to have a relationship with him in the present, not when we will meet Him at the end. Ok thank you, Didi.

Om Shanti


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