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Merciful Bestower - And A Greatly Cooperative Soul#12

Merciful_Bestower_12 Mohini_Didi October 12, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yeah, wonderful meeting with Baba this morning. Baba is really the Ocean of Knowledge. So many points, so many details, so many blessings and it’s our fortune that He’s our Father, Teacher, Satguru. Even though we have all relationships, these are three very important relationships. Today, Baba gave so many points that we need to apply, we need to experience and become embodiment. Baba also gave so many points on mercy. If you are merciful, you will not have three weaknesses: the first is carelessness, jealousy, and dislike for anyone. It's only when you don't have mercy then there could be in your attitude, dislike towards anyone. Whatever they are, whatever they do, there could be dislike. So, it’s really very good to look into that. Am I merciful? Two aspects that also Baba said are great donors but also cooperation, being a cooperative soul. Sometimes it happens there is a task and it needs to be like Baba said, the stage of tirelessness. If you stay tireless, we are cooperative. So the task will be accomplished, but Baba also said today to be embodiment, embodiment of what? First we are in angelic form, an image of blessings, giving blessings to everyone, tireless, easy yogi, easy effort maker. So it’s this deep connection of embodiment and bestower again. Not only that, but let's say if somebody is doing something because of carelessness. Then I'm an embodiment. The way I look at that soul, the drishti, will help that soul to get courage, to get strength, get task accomplished that means embodiment soul of all these qualities their drishti will help soul and they become cooperative or we are cooperating actually to get the task accomplished.

Every time we listen to Baba like there is a different meaning you can take it. So I liked it very much when Baba said you have to be merciful on whole world, brahmin family, everyone and here Baba is talking of brahmins, in the lokik world there is so much sorrow, unlimited sorrow, for that of course we have to be merciful and bestower but within brahmin family also Baba said the cause of all the weaknesses are these three. So when you see someone's weakness through your drishti even if it's possible through your words Baba loves you, so that soul get little bit like I thought oh, I'm doing something wrong, how can Baba like me? One is to say I like you, this is not, Baba likes you. Baba loves you. Today Baba also said: “receive blessings and give blessings”. So what blessings we give? You are ever happy soul, you always remain happy, even that soul we are seeing is not happy but blessing is to remind that soul not remind and say, oh, you should be happy but as a blessed- image of blessing you are a happy soul. Because there was such discussion no, how do I give blessings to others, how do I receive blessings from others? So I thought that Baba was giving this be embodiment and when you are embodiment then very naturally your vibrations, your drishti is of bestower. Anyone finding anything difficult and looking at you as a easy yogi, easy effort maker, it inspires that soul, that's also cooperation right or there is a situation of upheveal but you stay very very calm and stable and you are consistent in your stage that helps definitely immediately other soul get courage. So there are whole day if we look at, there's so many ways we can be bestower by becoming embodiment. I like this very much when Baba gave us these seven titles now in the Avyakti Signal this is what we have to be embodiment, so that not only we are bestower but world cooperative. Because when there is cooperation, task any task it's not only accomplished but in a very easy way but if no one cooperates right then it becomes heavy, difficult and takes definitely long time right, when there is cooperation happily we do every task together. I like when all of us are able to give our finger, they show even mountains were even lifted. It was not just one Shri Krishna but everyone gave finger of cooperation. So bestower in other words also is cooperation in the task, any task is there just share your hand or if ideas are needed, whatever is needed just be very very cooperative.

So we will be embodiment, we will follow what Baba is saying and of course I like very much when Baba said be embodiment of so many things, no, Baba said but also in Sakar Murli when Baba said: sit on the throne of angelic stage, sit on the throne of consistent stage, stable stage, I thought it's very interesting. So it's not I'm making efforts to become that but I am an angel and I sit in that consciousness that Baba calling thrown and then see what the experiences, maybe that's what Baba meant embodiment of angel that means it's like flying stage Baba said this morning ‘light, double light’. So many qualities of angel will be experienced by many many souls. So I think it's many many beautiful things for understanding or practice, experiment and be a bestower.

Om Shanti!

Questions and Answers

Question: Om Shanti and sister Mohini has just been touching on the points that Baba gave us um in the little clip that we saw when He was speaking about being merciful and telling us that the reasons we are not able to have a merciful heart it's because there is carelessness and there is jealousy and there is dislike and I am thinking these 3 weaknesses of the heart can actually stop us from having mercy for ourselves as well as for others. And then in today's Murli the one that we had for Madhuban, Baba was telling us to hand it over all our burdens and all our weaknesses and all our worries to Him and in order to do that we need determination and if we don't have the determination then we won't be able to hand over all of these things and so sister Mohini uh today I'm bringing to you a serious matter when connected to mercy but I won’t start with the serious matter. I would start with a few days ago in Baba’s Murli, He said to us in order to be merciful, we need to become sticks for the blind, what does it mean to become a stick for the blind in order to be the merciful children of God?

Mohini Didi: No, as a blind person is able to feel the path by moving the stick in the sense that our words like today Baba gave very good example of ‘company and hand’ and He said: My hand is Shrimat. So I think our you know some words which were, which could work like a stick that means that person is able to feel the directions and internally very clear about what has to be done. So I see more stick as Shrimat and, or we could be any blessing we could give that can also become stick for the blind. What you see as?

Question: Well, um usually when you are becoming a stick for the blind, you are the one who is seeing and the one you're helping is not seeing. So for instance if you are at the traffic light or you are on the street and you see a blind person about to cross that road um you would go and offer help and say, can I be of help to you, can I help you cross this road? So you are helping someone because you have the light you can see um to to go to safety. So I was looking at merciful in relation to this how can we, how can people who are enlightened, help other people who are not enlightened in that kind and in that way that would allow them to feel safe with you as you're helping them across because they can't see and so I thought it was reporting back to this whole thing a merciful heart because if I don't have a merciful heart I cannot be a stick for the blind. I won't have the kindness, I wouldn't have the care, I wouldn't um have the first and foremost intention that I need to lead them to safety and so I was just looking at the merciful heart in relation to stick for the blind.

Mohini Didi: But also I feel that if we are embodiment you know then being embodiment there is so much power and vibration that can also become support as a stick for anyone but if I’m not embodiment and the power which that soul could get you know will not be able to experience. So I like very much then Baba keeps saying that you have to be embodiment of blessings, you have to be embodiment of mercy and generosity but be embodiment and then be bestower and also cooperative.

Question: Another I'm building up to this heavy subject I'm going to be asking you about another Murli that I was struck by I think it was yesterday's Murli when we had the night class by Brahma Baba and um Baba was saying, Sakar Baba the nightclass, of course BapDada was saying that to leave the body with a heart failure is it's like death by chocolate, it's very sweet death and um it is like you know just leaving that body in a very sweet way and I thought that was interesting that wasn't it a premonition that Baba was having his own um leaving of the body in which he was remembering the sweetness of that transition. What did you think of that point?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, I think I agree with that because a lot of suffering you know in the sense of you know people getting stroke, people getting heart attack, people you know and then after that it's good because when they leave they could remember Baba or the family is also happy with the presence of that person but the way Brahma Baba left body, I don't know I have that much so much in front of me and also I keep wishing for myself that that's what I would want to live where you do everything and you quietly, soul leaves like an angel has gone. So what Baba is saying is actually that there is no suffering. Someone was sharing with me actually it was a guest of “Call of Time” in Peace Village that it's alright to leave body but his brother for 15 days he said we’re not able to sleep, we haven't been eating, we are only after taking care of him and he said I don't want that to happen because he saw what could happen you know. So I think when soul is in the body, body is not well so many people get involved as to be involved right their life is like only taking care of that person. So I think that what Baba meant is really settle your karmic accounts of the body in such a way that you just leave the body very silently and sweetly without causing any suffering or any lot of effort for your family. Even they can, they will do it because of love and attachment for you.

Question: That's so very interesting because you know whenever we all have to leave the body just is how death this is how birth is auspicious the way that we leave our body is also considered to be auspicious in many ways but this is where the person is asking me the question, the person is asking me to put to you I will put it to you now and there is a deep understanding that everybody has to leave the body but there is an acceptance if there is a natural cause of leaving the body, everyone will say you know it's fine I can accept it and there is a sense of of OK you know whatever acceptance but also a lot of I would call mercy in that sense that the good wishes go with the person and wanting the best for the person in onward journey but there is one way of leaving the body that people seem to not have mercy about and that is death by suicide and where it is a death by suicide it seems as though there are a lot of stigmas people feel very isolated the one who you know died by suicide and the ones who were left behind are left with a lot sometimes guilt, sometimes confusion, sometimes mixed emotions and they are not able to talk about it depending on, what culture they've come from, certain cultures you know refuse to talk about it and when they go to their spiritual counselors in many instances it is viewed as a sin, it is viewed as something that is not accepted by the religion and so he wanted me to ask you that when it is death by suicide, how would a spiritual person respond to that with a merciful heart?

Mohini Didi: When a person is not able to take the stress of the life, difficulties of the life or they see that there is nothing in future that dead ends you know and then they just decide to commit suicide and yeah even it was yesterday or day before when someone called me that they had two suicide recently of their family and or brahmin within, brahmin’s contact souls and they were asking me that how we can help the souls who are you know kind of depressed and hopeless and you know like or feel the pressure many many young people are actually doing it. So yes we have to be, soul has one is to console the family other is to make them explain that soul soul was burdened, soul had lot of heaviness inside and decided instead of living I'd rather not live. So we actually should create something where if we see that soul is seeking some help and we should be able to provide some help in the sense of hope to the soul or some inner power or some objective, some motive, motivate them you know. So I think that yeah we have to look around and whereever help is needed, we should give but after it has happened we will say no, that soul had to go, soul had to go.

Question: That's so beautiful but also isn't it important for us as um you know those who got the spiritual knowledge and deep spiritual understanding that everything is accurate according to drama, isn't it important for us to not judge um not judge the person who decided to die by suicide and not judge the relatives um in terms of what they had done or didn't do or should do. So what advice would you give to to us to people helping those who are dealing with this very delicate way of leaving the body that is still people having to understand it in it's deeper context. What advice would you give to to us helping others in terms of not judging, not having judgmental?

Mohini Didi: Of course we should not do that but also at this time sharing about the immortality of the soul and soul has to play another role, so this might be the right time for them, this could be one of the way they left and then they have to you know take another birth and they will play their role there. So I think we explained to them all about soul and continuity as a journey and also you know that this is the way actually there are some traits no being committing suicide but of course no Baba always say no that shouldn't they shouldn't do, means it's not a good way but if someone has done it then how that soul also have lots of good wishes instead of criticising, commenting, saying things about that soul yeah, she was like that, he was like that you know we shouldn't talk about anything of that soul in the sense of in a negative way. Even if you say soul was very good, was very lovely but send lot of good wishes, so that soul can be comfortabl wherever the soul is even after dying. So we should take care of family but also take care of the soul who has left right.

Question: Yeah, that's that's good and also you know today in the Murli that Baba gave from Madhuban. He was saying that it is so important to apply those three points, the point of Baba, the point of the soul and the point of drama and I'd like to read you something because when this person asked me to ask you this question on the compassion and mercy that should be extended in relation to death by suicide I was thinking, how do I ask you this question without it becoming too heavy and so I read something that I felt really uh describe this situation and what you're saying and what Baba was even saying today handing over the burdens, handing over the worries and applying these three full stops and this is what it says when something like this happens there's always a need to understand why um understanding the circumstances of a death by suicide can sometimes lead us to asking the question why and Baba always tells us don't ask why, just fly um you may 2nd guessed actions wish that you had noticed signs earlier or wonder how you could have acted differently, this need to understand why, may be a difficult path as the circumstances surrounding the loved one’s death could be unclear or not easily known. Some questions may never be answered while you may find other answers that make sense and this is the part I like very much sometimes you will find answers to your questions while at other times you must learn to accept the fact that there are some things no one can know. And I think this is the key to the three full stops when we have to accept things that no one can know, we need to apply those three full stops. So sister Mohini in relation to the merciful heart and in relation to all these different things that are happening, what did you take from Baba’s Murli today that you feel that was very important for us to connect to being merciful but also being the bestower?

Mohini Didi: I think (sorry) yeah, Baba said you should give all the burdens. Baba says you all make lots of promises but it's lack of determination, because of lack of determination you're not able to give Baba and even we know that we should give. So to remain double light is very important but also one of the practice Baba said to become like Baba because Baba is Merciful right, it's always receive blessings and give blessings I like that very much and and I keep thinking how can we do that and maybe our blessings can help that soul or all the souls, if we keep doing that that then I remembered that lot of people say that I don't want anything I just want blessings you know and at that time we don't know what to say right. Be ever happy or be ever healthy or be ever wise or whatever and that is why sometimes I just take out a blessing card and read that card to the soul. Many time I'm sitting at the airport when they say or just bless us you know we don't want anything or they have done something, help something and we say what can we do? No, just blessings are important and when we are embodiment, people ask us for blessings. So we have to be prepared for that. So I feel mercy is not something always like for sorrow or something even those souls you have to be merciful and try to give them a very good blessing and when they remember that blessing, it will help them in their lives too. So I think we have to work more on ourselves to be a embodiment ofl blessing and to be prepared to give blessing not only through thoughts or drishti but also in a proper word and this will help us to remember the blessings you know because sometimes you instantly don't know what to say right and especially they're not brahmins and they're lokik people and so be successful that's your birth-right, you will always be victorious you know so many. So we might have to like Baba’s words are words of blessings. So our words should also become now words of blessings so that's what I'm taking as my homework, to reflect on that, churn on that and see that also as a bestower also merciful.

Question: Thank you that was very beautiful because Baba has tried for one day and then practice it for seven days and so maybe that's something we will do. So thank you so much sister Mohini, this was wonderful it was easier than I thought it was, so beautiful your answers.

Mohini Didi: Actually, what you are saying about you could never know the reason. Recently somebody called and he said person was so happy, was only 45 and then suddenly committed suicide and the family said, we can't understand, he was so happy and everything good family, money, this, that why suddenly you know. So, as you saying that what’s the answer? There is no answer for that definitely there must be some deeply something bothering that soul and they could have carried some sanskars from the past, something is there which they know themselves, like no one else will know. So it does happen and we have to use all three dots, stop it and then you know think about it.

Question: Thank you sister Mohini! Om Shanti.

Mohini Didi: Thank you Gayatriben.

Om Shanti

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